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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i have seen the grave, and NOTHING absolutely NOTHING will help you in it, except one thing complete severance FROM THIS LIFE and any atoms weight of LOVE for dunya is enough to cause you perdition and obliteration in the grave it is one of the HARDEST things to achieve, and NO WILAYET or anything else will help you except this , and you can believe anything you want in fact the people will see the status of Imam Hussein in their grave, or even upon death, and when they see this its a sign that it is TOO LATE and that you are screwed intercession on judgement day is another story, but in the grave, if you have not achieved complete yaqeen you are doomed, and will endure great punishment there is many hadiths about this from the Imams themselves such as the famous one "we fear for our shia during the horrors of the grave and barzakh" and other hadith such as "only a very few will be saved from the horrors of the grave" and from Imam Ali "God relases 72 snakes in the persons grave that if one of them were to get out , all the greenery of the earth would disappear" when it comes tot he grave we are screwed and i dont even know how we are going to endure it or deal with it a famous hadith about the time of Salman Al Farsi's death where he talks to a person in the grave, the person says that it would have been easier to endure in this life , somebody to cut his flesh from his bone piece by piece then the difficulties of the grave and death so good luck to your "welayet of Ali" that is pure ignorance what you have
  2. how do you know you have wilayat of Imam Ali? gave you ever read what are the requirements of being a shia? the hadeeth from imam Jafar Sadiq? the conditions are very extreme, if there is one person who is more pious then you then you are not a shia, you must be the most pious of your nation let alone other things not mentioned, problem is that people THINK they have these things, but unfortunately they will find nothing but disappointment, and in fact this THOUGHT worked against them, because while they were thinking they are safe, they never had the chance to better them selves and work on things the shaitaan has filled the ears of people
  3. there is a hadeeth about one of the Imams, i cant remember which exactly, but his son(the next imam) was in tears during the dying period i.e he mourned for his suffering, but the moment he died, he would stop crying, and they asked him why is this and he replied that he cried during the difficulty of pain of his father, but once he died he was in peace and there was no reason to cry because he entered Heaven and the domain of God and bliss however with Imam Hussein it is a different story, Imam Zaynul Abideen cried whenever he saw somebody drinking water, and it is recommended to cry for Imam Hussein, but it is not crying because of the fact that he left this life, all the Imams wish for death because they wish to return to God and leave this low world, any seeker of God hates this life and wants to leave this life, he/she doesn not want to be away from God and connected to this low place, he/she wishes for death always Imam Ali always wished to be killed for the sake of God and Islam, for the seekers of God it is joy to return back to God for example for Ibn Arabi on his death anniversary the sufi's celebrate and call this day the marriage and return of the bride(the return back to God) , so in some ways it is something to be celebrated that they finally returned back to God and had their wish fulfilled , because if you ask them do they prefer to stay here and not die or return back to God, i am certain they would always answer to return back to God, unless they had some mission to fulfill here which was not fulfilled the Imams and the true seekers of God, wish only to be reunited with god, what is there here for them in this low world? Pleasure? Children? what do they have to seek here in this life? happiness here? this ground is the sowing ground, but the plants grow in the heavens, and the true seekers of God cry to be here and are joyous and happy to leave here and go to truth and bliss, return back to truth away from this miserable place where evil rules and the seekers of dunya seek it out for their pathetic and low pleasures of greed and carnal desires and property , the Imams dont want to be here amongst them
  4. if you ignore the hundreds of hadiths/ayahs regarding it, yes in that case its impossible to discern
  5. you are sugar coating everything again, we are unbelievers and in ignorance a believer knows the difference, a believer knows the difference between doubts and lack of knowledge of truth, and the meaning of knowledge is not that petty information of the mind you read from books, that is like an appetizer compared to the main course which is served to the heart a believer has certainty in God and death , and you would know the truth of truth, and know the difference between faith in the heart and supposed "faith' of the mind and tongue an ignorant person is able to look at all this with comfort and ease
  6. learn about the pain of separation from God, and once you feel it, you wont even care about physical pain, in death once the veil of knowing God is removed, and you see how distant you are from him, that pain alone is enough to obliterate you into oblivion, and no matter how much i talk about it, you will never know how dire it is, and how serious and painful it is, and you will probably forget it with time that i mentioned it, unless you uncover it and see it for your self one thing i hate most about people in this life is how they in their ignorance belittle such big matters, because they are blinded by this life and their own ego and self and they give others false hopes and confuse others with their words, may God guide all such people its not funny what they belittle, and if there is a punishment for such acts may God free them from it be careful what you are doing and saying, you are causing people to put little importance to an important matter and comforting people in ignorance not to mention the confusion you are causing to truth, be very very careful
  7. just make sure not to do anything else over the phone because that can never be halal
  8. and why do you think this? because i am saying what you dont want to hear? the fact that you are not understanding the serious situation of these moments, is proof of your limited understanding of it you know the Imams weepd at these moments, and they were the imams, how many dua mention and talk about this moments, such as Hamza thumali and others, because these moments are hell and they are not hell because everyone must experience hell, but because we die in a state of hell, we are in a state of hell, we are in ignorance and in hell in our current state anyone who thinks dying is easy is beyond delusional, and ignorant if you were able to just remove the veils of heart which are veiling you from your sins and from your distance away from God, that alone would bring you such misery and depression plus spiritual pain that it would be enough to cause you to cry until you are blind and maybe even die from misery, not to mention the other pains of death, and the horrors of the grave but from my experience, the pain of separation from God, is the worst pain we are made by God to be desperate for Him, and if God sets a barrier due to our sins from getting close to him or being separate from him , by even little, it causes us such pain and misery that it kills you and hurts you but most people dont know this, because their veils have blinded them to this truth and they had never once even experienced or got to know God in order to know this
  9. i am not speculating, i am telling you exactly how it is
  10. the problem is that we think we are experiencing mercy here because of our freedom, but the truth is, that the mercy we are getting here is not because of us, and when we die, we are left with what we have earned, its kind of like God removes the training wheels, and if you hadnt learned to ride by then, you fall over to never get up ever again
  11. bro i want to talk with u

  12. The simple answer is that we dont know why EXACTLY he is away from us. Is it us, is it Him, is it the hostile environment, is it all of the above, is it a test to us? Is it something else which only God knows and we cannto comprehend, it could be anything and everything All we do know is that he does help us despite that we dont speak to him directly.
  13. You see the people who have had the privelage to see him, they can see light and the internal manifestation, and Imam Mahdi his light when he was born shone so brightly and so high to the heavens that everyone was awed even the creatures in heaven , and such people who can see the light of the heart, when they see his light, it is obvious it can be no body elses light but the light of Imam Mahdi(AJTF)
  14. I know it hurts us, and it pains us that we cannot see him, and hence we read dua nudba and cry because we are not with him , but we have to be patient How I wonder! Where has farness taken you? bal ayya ar¤in tuqilluka aw thar¡ Or which land or soil is carrying you? Is it on (Mount) Ra¤w¡ or elsewhere on (Mount) Dh¢-±uw¡? It is hard for me that I can see all creatures but I can neither see you nor can I hear any whisper or confidential talk from you! It is hard for me that ordeals encompass you, not me and neither cry nor complaint from me can rally round you! May my soul be ransom for you; for although you are hidden from us, you have never forsaken us. May my soul be ransom for you; for although you are away, you have never been away from us. May my soul be ransom for you; for you are the wish of an eager believing man or woman who mention you and miss you. May my soul be ransom for you; for you are an unmatched pioneer of dignity. May my soul be ransom for you; for you are an unrivaled origin of glory. May my soul be ransom for you; for you are unparalleled center of bounties. May my soul be ransom for you; for you are unequaled in all-inclusive honor. Until when will I be bewildered about you, O my master, and until when? In what kind of statement and in what kind of talk can I describe you? It is hard for me that I can receive answers and words, but you cannot. It is hard for me that I weep for you but the others disappoint you. It is hard for me that what has happened afflict you other than all the others. Is there any helper with whom I may lament and bewail as much as I wish? Is there any aggrieved one whom I can help in grief when he becomes tired? Is there any eye moling out and thus my eye may help it to mol out more? Is there any way to meet you, O son of A¦mad (the Prophet)? Will our day be promised to catch your day and we will thus achieve our hope? When will we be able to join your refreshing springs and we will then be satiated? When will we quench our thirst from your fresh water, because thirst has been too long? When will we accompany you in coming and going so that our eyes will be delighted? When will you see us and we see you spreading the pennon of victory? Can it be that we surround you while you are leading the groups, after you will have filled in the earth with justice, tasted your enemies humiliation and punishment, annihilated the insolent defiant and the deniers of the truth, cut off the roots of the arrogant, eradicated the sources of the wrongdoers, and we keep on saying, “All praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds?”
  15. Evil had had the center stage for centuries now, before Imam Khomeinih made his revolution, Islam was in the peak ignorant stages, people didnt even know what lies and evil they lived in now we are waking up, now everyone is bothered now people see that evil is not the way, and they want change, which is beautiful, but change starts from within each individual, and when we reach that internal change, there will be the external change
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