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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam,

    if you read my post it says "i will give you an example that the brother who started this thread gave me" (so i got that example of prophet dawood from the person who started that thread (i dont even remember anymore who it is) but perhaps you can contact him. sorry...if i find a quote i will pass it on to you.

  2. oops sry...u posted it on page no. 2 :)

  3. dear sis...i found this post on "NEED A SUPER DUPER POWERFUL DUA" page......there u posted this comment on page no. 3.....so plz if u could help me out where did u find this??

  4. salaam sis,

    I got your msg. Im not sure what you're referring to (it must have been a long time ago) anyways can you do me a favour and send me the entire post or thread and perhaps it would trigger my memory as to where I got this from. Most of my posts were written a few yrs ago, when i was crazily on the computer and always responding, reading and researching passionately (u...

  5. Prophet Dawood was told that his son would die and so he prayed to Allah to stop the death, but his son still died so he stopped praying. And then he was told "O Prophet Allah, do you not believe that We can give life to the dead?".

    sister plz tell me that in which surah did u find this???it would b so nice of u.

  6. sister , would u tell us that in which surah we can find this aayat ??? it would b so nice of u...
  7. if a girl wants a boy 4 marriage who is not in the path of Allah(SWT) but is muslim. & she wishes him 2 come 2 the right path... & she is pretty confident that after marriage he will become a good muslim if she insists him & encourage him inshaALLAH. the girl firmly believe in Allah(SWT) n depends on HIM alone.so she always pray 2 HIM so that the boy gets mercy n come 2 the right path. n requests Allah 2 4give him.now my question is.... is she doing the right?? should she ask Allah 4 that boy 4 marriage n ask Allah 2 make him a good muslim???
  8. frndsss......could u tell me an answer which i was asked but i couldn't ans....i tried 2 send this question 2 differrent sites...but failed :( . so i am asking u guys that question here....i hope u will help me out 2 give the question ans....:) " IF A WOMAN HAD LOVE RELATION WITH A MAN & LATER SHE REPENTS 4 IT & KEEP NO CONTACT WITH HIM.....BUT PRAY 2 Allah 4 MARRIAGE WITH HIM... THEN IS IT A LAWFULL DESIRE????" wat do u guys think???? :donno:
  9. i am a very simple person n want 2 keep myself simple......bcz i blv that simplicity is the icon of Holy Islam. I love my religion n proud 2 b a Muslim...i love my Allah , love our Prophet(sm), n love everything that is in Islam.want to die with Imaan..n my destiny is Paradise....well...thats almost all abt me:)

  10. if i am wanting something where i hav nothing 2 do widout making dua..thn????
  11. guys i am asking Allah(SWT) 4 that thing which is a really hard thing 2 happen. but i know nothing is hard 4 Allah(SWT) as everything is under the full control of HIM. nothing can b done widout HIS order. i hav done a lots of amal, n now i hav decided 2 do some amal continuously...(DUA YASTASHEER, DUA TAWASSUL, n some other amals....) are these enough 4 me???or i need 2 do more amals????would u plz help me put???if u guys hav any more effective amals or duas????
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