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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No brother, that's not enough for me...I need more explanations on it! I know they will go to heaven but I want to know if they'll be directly sent as soon as they die or may wait like us till the day of resurrection..!!
  2. Salam , I badly want to know about Hadiths/ Quranic verses that talk about children who die young. As in, what happens to them (like we have barzakh thing to go through before heaven or hell is decided for us?) , some say they directly go to heaven, and if someone were to provide me with more information, I heard a speaker who said that the children of Shia-e-Ali when they die young and reach heaven, Prophet Ibrahim nurtures them with the milk from Shajar-e-Tooba and takes them all under his guardianship till the day of Resurrection, where they will be reunited with their parents forever. I also heard that innocent children actually act as interceders on the day of judgement for their parents so Allah swt out of His Infinite Mercy reunites the parents with their child in Heaven to compensate for the separation they suffered in this world? And because the child went as a masoom, he will neither be rewarded or punished but will be sent to heaven because Allah is Arrahamur rahemeen..so if the parents dedicate any Surah or anything like you do for those who died after attaining puberty, Allah may elevate their ranks in Jannah?? I am sorry but I seem to have become restless ever since my 6 months old left me..whatever things I have been hearing about don't seem to console me, I feel like people keep telling me all this so that I stop crying..I trust my SC friends more for their knowledge.. .Please please, for the sake of Aal-e-Muhammad, tell me of anything or whatever you know in this matter. I'll be very grateful to you all!
  3. I don't understand what some people here talked about depression stemming from within or the medical details about the matter. When I first read the title I thought there was another brother/ sister who had gone through a similar thing during depression but it seems the OP must know my experience in order to overcome his problem.. I have been very depressed since the past few days and was devoid of prayer rituals as well, it felt like Satans was overpowering me by each passing second..One night, I just got inconsolable and preferred to cry my heart out in loneliness, I wasn't able to sleep for a long time and kept crying about the one I had lost and suddenly got reminded of a Majlis where the lady speaker narrated incidents of our Imam rescuing his Shias...So I sat up, bowed my head low and began calling out "Ya Aba Salehal Mahdi Adrikni" I kept crying and calling out to him to come and help me out of this grief and begged Allah to send His Last Hujjat (with all His Mercy) to my rescue...believe it or not, I didn't see his physical form or any such signs but there was a certain tranquility I felt all of a sudden that assured that my call was responded..Surprisingly I began to feel so much peace that as soon as I lay my head on the pillow, I went to a sound sleep...I may not remember the time when I was a toddler and how mum would console me on her lap and sing me to sleep, but the kind of warmth I felt at that moment was probably closest to the kind of security we used to get in our mother's arms! Hope all goes well for you..I know such times are so difficult that you begin to think if this phase will ever get over or you wonder what God is doing all this while, but remember a teacher is always quite during the test..So be patient (however difficult it may seem) and know that every night transforms into a bright sunny day!!
  4. Yes, you must stand in Salat al Witr and as per my knowledge, it is said that when you ask for your needs right when you're done with qunoot and the other amaal, your needs are definitely granted! Salat al layl is something I keep telling everyone around to perform but unfortunately I mostly miss it :(
  5. Salam, I have a query about doing charity..While I am aware that charity has great rewards in this life and the hereafter, I am not sure if my approach towards is correct or not-hence I seek your opinions in the matter.. The thing is that this city has a huge network of beggars, as in literally, there is a web of stronger people forcing or luring the poor into begging and then there are those so called "professional beggars" who are all fit and proper yet they go asking for alms everywhere. What I mean is I lack the eye to distinguish a proper needy person but in my quest to do something to please my Lord I go with parcels of food (as little as I can afford) during night time and distribute to anyone I come across. The problem begins when my husband and mother are both against it because the people I feed look physically alright, they wear shabby clothes and are unwilling to work out of laziness; now I don't literally understand what am I supposed to do - at some point I wonder that its my niyah that matters but then I feel in this way I am not doing for people who actually need help and my efforts are a waste! Like last thursday night when I went out with the parcels, i didn't find a single beggar in my way back home, then after a bit of searching I found an old man and I did my bit , then three kids came running towards me and I gave them the other packets, now only one packet was left and my eyes were searching for another needy person and I just located a woman in a disheveled burkha -now all these people were physically fit- but nonetheless as I moved some yards ahead, I saw a handicapped Muslim man knocking on the window pane and I was empty handed at that time..it was such a pain that I couldn't do anything for him, perhaps he would have benefited more from what I gave to others..and to add fuel to the fire, my hubby began reprimanding me as to how I wasted my energy by depriving this poor man of his lawful right!!! Please friends, I want to know how do you identify a genuine person in need or maybe if there are other ways I could make sure God's aid, through my sinner hands, could reach the deserving person??
  6. Eid-e-Zehra Mubarak to you all. May we be able to achieve the Ma'refat of Imam Hussain (A.S) and be one of his most lovable Shias!
  7. I am dying for that day to appear...and I am living to become an example of such characteristics! thanks a lot, Habibeh!
  8. Wa / Salam, Looks like I'm not the only one here. Quitting music is a tough thing for sure, I have tried it umpteenth number of times and flunked but then something happened and life was not the same.(sounds quite filmy, eh?) I realized the nothingness, meaninglessness of this life. I feel like cursing myself for not spending that time I devoted to music with my 6 month old baby...Had I known, that after some days, my son would be in the bosoms of earth, all alone, in utmost darkness surrounded by crawling insects, with no oxygen and readying himself for his journey to meet his and my Lord...I would've stopped breathing, forget listening to music! Today I hate music so much that I look at my father (who I love more than myself) with disgust when he listens to music, I get nightmares that I have started listening to music once again n when I wake up, I'm like ,"thank God, it was a dream"...Literally!!! The period of mourning for Imam Hussain (A.S) is getting over and I feel the worst..I am in much love with the purity of my heart that was brought about by the remembrance of my Rabb and His faithful servants!
  9. Blame your own ignorance than calling others "deviant" in their faith..And I am surprised that the Prophet of Allah chose not his (the Prophet's) successors, the Imams, but a poor chap from the online world to RELAY His word? Hahaha!!!
  10. I had a personality make over in college..I was this meek, introvert girl with huge inferiority complex but God introduced me to such amazing friends that they dispelled all my parents fears and turned me into an outgoing and confident persona. I even had enemies back then...lol!! My college experience wasn't very good but I guess all the troubles I faced then were a blessing in disguise, so Alhamdolillah for everything!
  11. So apparently you want us to know is that when you're really hungry, you call Allah to send (oh yes, Allah "sends" THROUGH angels) heavenly food for you and that your momma or wifey have no "power" to fulfill your basic needs, hmmm??
  12. Sometimes when things come out instantly are far more beautiful than what is written after much contemplation :wub:
  13. Whenever I am sad and talk to Him about all my problems, I find a certain tranquility in my heart which proves that there is Someone Who is listening to me; When I am happy, I look up to the sky and realize what a superb Planner He is, When I am saved of some mishap, I can feel that invisible Force who cares a lot. When I think of the times I spent in my mother's womb, I don't remember much except that there was Someone who placed me safely there, nurtured me through my mother's love and delivered me safely in the world to become a part of humanity..Only Allah could do all this,,,So I have a myriad reasons to believe in Him!!!
  14. Not sure about the haraam thing, but I've heard a lot many times that The Prophet (pbuh) cited this camel hump and body fit hijab among one of the signs of the end times..!!
  15. The solution lies within you, man! How about imagining yourself to be standing before your Imam, he doesn't want to look at you at all, doesn't even want to reply your Salam for all the indecent deeds you did (God forbid it happens with anyone) just imagine how are you going to feel at such moment? Or how about thinking of Allah's mercy on you because He did not reveal any of your faults to others thus saved you from public humiliation?? Wouldn't you then surrender to the Most Beautiful Lord of yours for all that love and mercy; and act as He expects you to? Remind yourself that your are a human, He created you even though you did nothing great (for Him) to be born as His most supreme creation..so you ought to offer your thanks and show obedience to Him.. I wonder if my words were of any help, I'm still in a learning process and felt like I could lend my advice (howsoever little it is)
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