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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Men are the head and leader of the family. A wife has to obey the husband. Allah if allowed prostration to any other than he would have told wife to prostate before husband. If this is not followed strictly than we would have a very unstable family. Wife dictates and becomes the leader than a husband becomes worse than a gigoloo. The effect goes directly to the children whose basis for finding solution on life problems turns from wisdom to emotional basis.
  2. I think the hadith is very correct. Its like Allah toId Iblis to prostrate before Adam. Its not the prostation that we do to the creator. If only women follow that hadith than we would find peace at home.
  3. there have been situation where women take pics of other women secretly and u find the pics appearing everywhere :) I think when the fiqh says to cover those parts upto the knees is pretty understandable.
  4. i forgot u can not message becoz u havee not reached 50 posts. if u can make your contact information from private to anyone can send u a message

  5. thanks brothers and sisters for concern. they are tracking him.
  6. I have put my email contact open for anyone. Come to my page and look in contact information and than mail me

  7. amr bil maaroof


    I have been receiving strange mails from some members about my id and isp. They dont sound peaceful to me. I have reported that to the relevant authorities about it. My cousin was kidnapped with the same sort of things. I just want to know if any of you have experienced anything like that here?
  8. Sorry bro for interuption. But you have misunderstood the laws of Allah. U dont obey your parents only if they force you to do haram deeds. I dont think any muslim parents would do that.
  9. I have one but its not textile its paper. If u want send me your address Innshallah i will try to send you.
  10. Culture , Tradition and Religion are all different from one another kido. They are all necessary and essential for the well being of society. I don blame you becooz there is no culture in the west where u live.
  11. Do not say what u do , all the people do it. Those who do not marry early do that. People who discourage early marriage are the culprits. Alhamdullilah I married early and I have never done it. And for your information to play with private parts is haram. The private parts are that part of the body over which only your legal marriage partner has rights. And to play with it is like self marriage. Imam Ali punished a young man for that crime and married him off. I fully agree with u bro.
  12. A virgin girl does not need such checking. Cysts develop mostly in sexual active women. And I never said that if necessary she should not do it. As a post said that if its necessary she should do it in a responsible manner.A man wanting a virgin girl is supposed to be old fashion to you? A girl protects her virginity uptill her marriage. Do u want shaytan to cast doubts, suspicious and unnecessary worries for her? Its not the question of backwardnmess or old fashionness as u two mentioned. You have to look at the reality on the ground. Be practical guys. Both of you sound like the girl is going to die if she does not go for a checkup. She doesnt have any problem. Does she. And if she has. Is it wrong to take advice from some close family?
  13. why not wear hand gloves when u r supposed to expect handshake? therefore u dont break the law and dont be rude at the same time. provided the one who offers hand shake is sincere
  14. Strictly dont do it. U only do it if u have serious problem. And take advice of parents or elder brother or sister ( very close trustworthy family members) before u do it. Make sure a professional is consulted so u dont damage.
  15. i strongly feel they people have asked for it themselves
  16. if u call her beautiful than u have not seen my wife :)
  17. Another major error from Fadhlullah. Sistani says its not allowed for females also becoz its marriage with hands. Logical point.
  18. Some things the prophet did but he discouraged us from doing.
  19. Is that too much. Hijab is a very important issue. A husband is responsible and partner in sin if his wife does not observe proper hijab and spreads fitna in society Some sins are not supposede to be forgiven.
  20. if the wives were the purified ahllulbait than how come they sinned?
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