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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    EricCartman reacted to notme in Homosexual ‘marriages’   
    Could it be that people who self-identify as homosexual are more likely to commit suicide, regardless of whether they are in a committed relationship or not? 
    Usually homosexuals are not religious, and often they are not accepted by their families or communities, so they are more likely to despair than the average person. I have sympathy for individuals who suffer from this condition, though I'd never advocate committing homosexual acts. 
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    EricCartman reacted to DigitalUmmah in The SC Revert Support Network   
    Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as)
    Shiachat is the biggest shia forum on planet earth. There is a huge cross section of shia members here. 
    Reverts are often isolated/ missing out due to lack of social interaction/ support from fellow shia. If you look at sunni, they have a "buddy" system, are inclusive and supportive and encouraging. many reverts I have spoken to (whether non muslim to shia or non shia to shia) feel socially isolated from hussaynias etc. 
    I think we should set up an SC Support network for reverts. 
    List your geographic location, skills, what you are willing to do/ not willing to do
    Please be wary of any male - 99% will only talk to you to try and get to do mutah with you, promise you the world and deliver on nothing. but not me though, I'm different. so give me your digits innit (I joke I joke)
    Please, please do not assume that being shia makes anyones behaviour or intentions any better than non shias. 
    list what you feel you are missing out on/ what you feel you need support with, and we will see what we can do for you. 
    Location - Manchester, UK
    Skills - well connected with shia community in UK, can introduce you to both male and female groups of shia in similar age group etc to yourself. Generally well connected through my family to all kinds of people that can make all kinds of things happen. Fairly mobile so always happy to jump in my car and meet up for a meal and a chat (if you are a brother). also I can arrange for you to begin (free) formal hawza lessons through the Majalis Ulema Shia Europe in either Manchester, Birmingham or Watford if you are so inclined (so you don't have to go live in Iran or Iraq)
    what I am not willing to do - arrange your marriage. STOP ASKING ME, PEOPLE. 
    can an established reputable member please give me a character reference? I'm not a pervert or a deviant and am only doing this to try and help my brothers and sisters in wilayat. 
    anyone else want to volunteer?
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    EricCartman reacted to notme in Favorite Color? POLL   
    I don't have a favorite, but most of the time I like purple and green. 
    But my four year old wants to know why red is the color of death and violence, and also the color of love. I think she's a genius to ask such a question, but I couldn't/didn't answer.
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    EricCartman reacted to Ruq in Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]   
    Dont you hate when banana skins lie to you? I reckon the most trustworthy of bananas is Fyffes.
    =( dont say that. He's Waveys understudy for ShiaChat mascot.
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    EricCartman reacted to LeftCoastMom in People's court   
    @starlight makes people feel this is a safer space than a lot of other places. She tries hard to keep the peace and not add too much pepper to the pot in a lot of conversations. 
    ( I don't remember what campaign promises she made...lol...too focused on the ones in meatspace these days)
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    EricCartman reacted to starlight in People's court   
    Thank you everyone for the kind words. @shiaman14 @EricCartman @notme @Heavenly_Silk @LeftCoastMom  @Sarah2016
    I am not perfect, I make mistakes but I promise I try my best to be fair to everyone. @Abbas. I think it was great idea to start this thread. I am very open to suggestions and criticism and will try to improve myself based upon your feedback so please don't hold back.... start firing  
    Thank you.
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    EricCartman reacted to notme in People's court   
    I have to jump in to support @starlight! She's doing an outstanding job, she works consistently hard, she's knowledgeable, and as far as I can tell is always fair and patient. I think she's one of our best current mods. 
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    EricCartman reacted to Heavenly_Silk in People's court   
    I have to say @starlight has become a really good friend, mentor and someone who I can turn to whenever I need. I want to thank her for everything she has done for me. Keep it up sis! 
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    EricCartman reacted to Ruq in Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]   
    This is how you hug a granny:
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    EricCartman reacted to Don'tMakeAس in Pokemon Go   
    I think this is the biggest trend we missed while the website was down. How's the pikachu-hunting going for all of you out there?
    TBH, I haven't actually played much, I'm only level 5- not even on a team yet- and with about 25-ish pokemon. Just got my first egg yesterday. The game has been very glitchy for me so far, with server crashes almost every day. The 'nearby box' hasn't changed from three footsteps even once in the two weeks I've been playing the game; it seems like I had the glitch before it even existed. Things are so bad, I'm thinking about downloading one of those illegal Pokemaps.
    Gotta catch 'em all! 
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    EricCartman reacted to The Green Knight in Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]   
    Hmph.. if it was my job I would have fixed SC during only a few number of toilet breaks, in contrast to a fortnight you have taken admins. Old slackers. =/
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    EricCartman reacted to Ali in ShiaChat.com Outage (July 10 - 21, 2016)   
    Salam Alaikum everyone!

    First off, we’d like to welcome you all back to ShiaChat.com.  It’s been a hectic 10 days of trying to restore service but we’re excited to be back online.
    As some of you may know, and for those who are technically inclined, we had a secondary hard drive failure that had been lurking for a few weeks unnoticed and then ended up with a primary hard drive failure which also resulted in a RAID failure – so for a moment, we had no data except for an old backup.  It took a few days to salvage backups and live data, a couple of days for our service providers to rebuild the server, and another couple of days to install the forums, restore backups and perform a complete test to see what data loss, if any, we encountered.
    Luckily (yet to be confirmed), it seems like the data loss is very minimal and localized with the blogs which is why you only see 18 blogs instead of the 60+ from before.  We’re also addressing a few small technical glitches with the vendor, we don’t expect these to be serious.
    For the time being, please continue to use the site as usual and report any new unreported issues in our “Test” thread:

    In the past 15 years that ShiaChat has been serving the online community, we’ve been through many challenges including crashes, technical glitches, hacking, attacks and even a well organized domain theft but we continued to come back stronger.  We are working on multiple risk assessments and mitigation strategies to ensure what happened will never be repeated again and we thank you for your ongoing support.  We as Admins are not completely free of blame since we can always do a better job in monitoring the site and ensuring optimal performance and reliability but at the end of the day we are all volunteers with busy personal lives and are only trying our best with your support.
    As always, a special thanks to brother Ya Aba 3abdillah for working behind the scenes once again to bring us back to life.
    ShiaChat.com Administration Team
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    EricCartman reacted to Ali in ShiaChat.com Outage (July 10 - 21, 2016)   
    On a side note, we do have a Facebook page that we keep up to date during outages or major issues:
    Its a public page and there are about 6000 members already:
    I suggest book marking it.
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    EricCartman reacted to Chaotic Muslem in Death toll for Baghdad Ramadan attack now 172   
    The hadith from Amirul Mo'menin
    تقبل الفتن كقطع الليل المظلم يتبع بعضها بعضا كلما رتقت من جانب فتقت من جانب
    Tribulations will come consecutively , each as dark night, one upon the other, whenever one side of them is fixed, another side burst 
    It just shows how much it hurt them to lose Fallujah. They even said that if Fallujah to fall, Baghdad will be burned 
    It also shows that inside Baghdad, there is another Fallujah.
    Pray for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi. 
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    EricCartman reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in Death toll for Baghdad Ramadan attack now 172   
    Dont blame sunnis for this, sunnis are muslims and the one that kills humans like this is not muslim so therefor he cannot be sunni either.
    We all have a personal responsibility in our way of behavior towards other people and hatred only breeds hatred. If you see a sunni then you should treat him the way our Imams have thought us to treat them. The best dawah is correct akhlaaq.
    I do not think most people that consider themselves sunnis know much about the religion of islam to begin with nor its history, they might pray and do other wajib acts the way they have been raised but they know little, inshaAllah we can inform them of that which their saudi funded sheikhs try to withhold from them. But the worst thing we can do is to go into mindless anger towards everyone that considers themselves a sunni. Like Imam Ali(as) said: The one that angers you, controls you.
    Make no mistake I do not seek unity with sunnis, I seek to make everyone shia because I am convinced that it is the truth and so I seek to make unity with truth.
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    EricCartman reacted to NooralHussain in Death toll for Baghdad Ramadan attack now 172   
    No they won't because the attack didn't happen on whites. (: Rather they're blaming Islam for the attack(as always) and not ISIS. Such ignorants. 
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    EricCartman reacted to Noor al Batul in Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]   
    For few, the night of the 19th already passed, for majority (I assume) it's tonight. Don't forget to pray for the reappearance of al-Hujjah [ajf], and for all the believers and innocents around the world who are suffering injustices and any other calamity, during these blessed nights. May Allah accept your Amaals and your du'as bi haqqe Ameer'ul Mumineen [a.] (who's martyrdom is here, filling our hearts with grief and our eyes with tears ) 

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    EricCartman reacted to King in Game of Thrones   
    The nudity isn't for the perverts, it is just there to make noise and encourage reactions on social media etc, it is pretty needless and even most non-muslims would rather not have to sit through those scenes, it is pretty easy to skip them if you are watching online  The violence serves the same purpose and I would guess quite a significant chunk of the audience do not mind it at all.  I personally can't stand it.
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    EricCartman reacted to Danish14 in ستارے-سیارے-اور-اُن-کی-چال   
    I'm in kindergarten you mistook me as 4th grade. 
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    EricCartman reacted to hasanhh in Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    How do you catch a pedestrian?
    With a self-driving car.
    from a news report.
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    EricCartman reacted to insearchoflight in World Largest Pilgrimage   
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    EricCartman reacted to skylight2 in Official 2015 Cricket World Cup Thread   
    This was not a match. This was an epic battle. This is proof that Pakistan can win epics! 
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    EricCartman reacted to The Green Knight in If King Abdullah Is Dead, Why Hasnt Al Qaim Come?   
    From the top of my mind:
    The hadith of two eclipses in the month of Ramadhan.
    The hadith of comet in the sky before reappearance.
    The hadith of voice coming from the sky being heard all over the world.
    The emergence of Mr. Sufyani.
    These are some other last moments signs of reappearance. However another hadith should be noted which says that "events and calamities will occur in rapid succession, as if when the string of a rosary breaks and the beads drop from it in rapid succession". Allah can send him in anytime and the signs are for the benefit and early warning of believers, while the reappearance is not instead depending on signs. If Allah wills He can compress these events beyond our expectations.
    @Orion Pax: Here is yet another grain of information on how to identify him. The Qadianis who mistook Mirza for Mahdi, if there were any such, were obviously oblivious of all the hadiths on the matter.

    So if someone announces to be a Mahdi I will first check where he is because hadiths say he will appear in Hijaz. Then I can check other signs. Is it a evil Wahabi in Zakir Nalaik's TV show and of Indian ethnicity, baring his teeth as he announces this? That should be a no-brainer, right? Because Mahdi is "ibn Rasool Allah" (pbuh). You should expect the same qualities in character and nobility of blood in him. He will be beautiful, terrifying, eloquent, straight forward, merciful, just, uncompromising, someone "not of this world", some we have never seen or met before in the flesh. He will have the mandate of God and His support and that of the Angels and all good creatures. He will bring us a Islam that people have lost over the centuries and become unfamiliar with (hadith). Therefore again we need to arm ourselves with knowledge. Knowledge is power. It is necessary.
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    EricCartman reacted to King in Official 2015 Cricket World Cup Thread   
    Yes it is always a mental issue with Pakistan, every world cup game against India I have witnessed, Pakistan has always thrown it away from a winning position.  Today the issue was simply rotating the strike, all Ahmad Shahzad had to do was just milk the singles just like Sohail was doing and hit the occasional boundary off the bad delivery.  This is something most Pakistanis are just incapable of, even Misbah at times and certainly YK, being experienced players there is simply no excuse.  I have watched quite a few of Kohli's centuries, and he has never blown me away with masterful stroke-play, he simply hits the bad balls away and mostly just keeps rotating the strike extremely well.  Sohail played a perfect innings until he got out, he was pretty much the only bright spot for Pakistan out of that batting performance. 
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    EricCartman reacted to Haydar Husayn in How Excited Is Haydar Husayn About Being A Mod?   
    Go onto my profile and search through the links there. You will have enough reading material for and against it to last you a long time.
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