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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That's my religion. I hold on to Imam Ali. Don't ask me why. I don't want to misguide or try to guide anymore. I recite Suratal Fatiha time to time and believe in 12 Imams. I ask admins to ban my account. This forum has been unhealthy experience in my life. Don't let me come back.
  2. Objectively, you are suppose to say nothing. You aren't suppose to talk to me.
  3. The reason I feel the argument of evil is so strong, it's not that it's intellectually a valid argument (it's an argument from ignorance) but that we are all emotionally convinced. We all don't want suffering at least major suffering and we also feel we should not want such suffering. We are naturally like that. This argument hits to the home of our empathetic feelings. When we see someone tortured, we wish it did not happen. When we see a child striving, we wish that child didn't go through that. When a girl or women is raped, we wish it didn't happen. When naturally disasters hit, we wish it didn't happen. We are emotionally against suffering. So this argument hits to our natural feelings. However, it is at the end an argument from ignorance. Despite our feelings, for all we know, there is higher purpose that is benevolent in nature, behind all this. And whether we can articulate one or not, is another matter. Remember the argument from design from biology was perhaps the strongest argument in appearance for a Creator. It seem the most strongest. However once a person came up with evolution, this argument from ignorance, was no longer strong. Intuitively we see design, so there must be a designer. Of course, no educated person thinks this is obvious anymore, even if it is true, it's not an obvious fact anymore because of the theory of evolution. The cosmological argument is also "we cannot think of anything that would start the universe except a sentient super powerful being" therefore "God". They are strong for similar reasons. But the argument of evil is even stronger because it hits to our emotions.
  4. Because I hate you and I'm evil (being a kaffer ofcourse), and would love to hear that you're doing miserably :P
  5. I know this makes people a bit uneasy, because they don't want to say God needs his creation. But the truth is, if God decided not to create, he would be going against his morals of grace and love, and would cease being ultimate love/grace/generosity. And if he did that, he would cease to exist, because he would no longer be the ultimate existence or the ultimately greatest possible being. God needs to be good more than we do. In the case of God, not only would the greatest being worthy of existence cease to exist, but nothing would exist. He needs to love in perfect way. While if we do evil and change, we only harm ourselves. In the case of God, if he ceases to love, he would destroy himself as well as all of creation.
  6. Well nothing but God can exist on it's own but needs to be given existence constantly. God is the ultimate being. Whatever he is, is the only thing that can exist on it's own. If God ceases to have power, then he would cease to exist. But in the case of God, being ultimate, he is ultimate love, ultimate power, etc...His benevolence, wisdom, knowledge, is not separate divisions making him up. It's all him. If he ceases to be whom he is, for example, as he is ultimate love, then he would cease to exist. This is because God is the Necessary Being. As he is the greatest possible being, his attributes must be perfect/ultimate. To be ultimate/perfect, they cannot lack perfection. Therefore ultimate love at it's ultimate is also ultimate power and ultimate life force. If his love was part of him, it would not be at ultimate, but rather he must be ultimate love. Therefore if he ceases to love, he would cease to exist.
  7. How you been? Hows raising a baby going for you? Are you happy?
  8. So God can torture a baby for eternity just for fun or the heck of it, and it would not be evil?
  9. I brought the Palestinian issue because it's inconsistent to take oppression/worldly state of Israelites to be divine punishment, but not that of others oppressed. And Jews don't believe they rejected a true Prophet...it hardly makes sense generations later should be punished for crimes of ancestors. The miracles of Jesus is not amongst the people now and there is no historical evidence of such miracles and even arguable no historical evidence of Jesus existing. Why should Jews be punished all because one generation rejected miracles shown to them? It doesn't make sense at all....
  10. As for belief in God, if God is defined be the Creator or the Greatest Being, then most of humanity has believed in in this concept. It's similar to how most of humanity believes in (objective) morality. Humanity differs on the details of (objective) morality but also agree upon key points. In fact, as far as belief in what type of God, it's all linked to our view of morality. Unfortunately most of humanity get's their view of morality distorted by culture and religion as well as other factors. It doesn't make sense to say humans haven't believed in morality just because they were wrong on some of it's details or rejected some it's objective commands. In the same way, it makes no sense to say someone doesn't believe in God just because their idea of the Creator/Ultimate Being differs.
  11. You know it took me 5+ years to realize the words "nothing prevented us from sending signs except that the former people rejected them" means exactly that, and doesn't mean "nothing prevented us from sending the signs but that we would have punished them but out of our mercy didn't want to do so". It will take time to realize what the phrase says. 1) There is only one reason that God didn't send signs up to that point. 2) That reasons is nothing else but that former people rejected them. Adding all sorts of reasons and factors won't do away with the problem of the verse. Even if this was stated to be the reason as you say, it would be inconsistent and enough to raise eyebrows, because all in the past people were sent signs and God's mercy never prevented him? What is he a special God towards Arabs? He is merciful towards them but not towards others? If he can stop his ways of sending signs out of mercy, he can also stop punishing those who reject his signs.... At any rate, on top of that, he ends up sending a miracle (moon miracle).... On top of that, it's saying Quran miracle was not clear enough to warrant punishment, which shows it's not a decisive proof. Yet they are going to be tortured eternally forever in hell, due to rejecting Quran.... All this is inconsistency. Imagine a modern day Prophet comes along and says he confirms all the Prophets of the past. When asked why he isn't sent with miracles, he says it's out of a mercy...previous people were sent miracles God's mercy didn't prevent that from happening....but now God wants to be merciful for a change. Three questions people can pose: 1) Why isn't he merciful to past people and sent them miracles when he knew they would reject? 2) Why is he specially merciful towards us now, what makes us special? 3) Why God can't be extra merciful and send signs and not punish for rejecting? But imagine a modern day Prophet comes and doesn't even say "it's God's mercy I am not sent with signs..." but instead says "it's because it was always rejected in the past by majority of the people!". Would it make sense at all? No. It would like the worse reason you can come up with. But this exactly what Quran states.
  12. I think this question ultimately relates to two debatable parts: 1) Is disbelief in God enough to make someone unrighteous/bad/unjust/evil? 2) If you are unrighteous/unjust/bad/evil, should you be tortured? The answer in Quran seems to me to be yes to both, if you disbelieve in God, it makes you unrighteous/unjust/evil. And if you are bad/unjust/unrighteous, you should be tortured forever (there is verses that show it's forever contrary to what Muslims often claim and contrary to what hadiths say, and I'm not talking about the words "khaleedon" or "Abada", but rather phrases like "and they will never come out of the fire""we will not decrease the punishment"). I believe however these answers are in the negative. Torture is just cold, and there is all sorts of others way to punish that are more reasonable. And should a punishment be eternal is another question. It's different to state it's just, as everyone will argue the other side is the one stuck in plato's cave and there idea of justice is distorted, but should justice in this instance override mercy and compassion? That is the other part of the question to number 2. My honest advice would be once you actually know the answer to these questions, it will be very clear. And my honest opinion is that Muslims believe yes and yes to both these questions simply because their religion teaches so and that they believe their religion is correct. And these questions are existential questions about what it means to be a human. Why? Because our concept of ultimate greatness and ultimate morality is linked to what we believe makes a human great or moral. Ask yourself what you sincerely believe deep inside your heart and listen to the inner messenger of God within the soul. What do you believe about love? What you believe about justice? What do you believe about your fellow humans whom don't believe in God? What do you believe about compassion and mercy?
  13. NadM, I feel you don't address my points and are just making up your own sentences where-ever you want. You can always says "this means this and that" , and say it to mean what you want, but the phrase won't imply it, if the words don't mean that. Case in point for example, you are emphasizing it's God's Mercy that made him prevent sending signs to Mohammad up to that point, but the verse states a completely different statement. All the other factors you mention are also not stated in the phrase. In other words, I can't really argue with you when you are going to say "this means this and that" and put any phrase you want. Doing good has a practical meaning every society has been aware of for a very long time. If are you going to change it to "it's only good when this and that", sure you can solve the contradiction, but it doesn't convince me. It might convince others, I don't know, but I do believe everyone including those whom reject Islam are capable of doing good deeds. This is different then stating they are righteous and not unjust, and I do believe that they can be righteous and not unjust as well, but that's a different topic. If it says "those whom believe not in our ayat", doesn't mean "whom willfully reject our ayat"..sorry but I can't see the conversation going anywhere where you simply make every sentence mean what you want it to mean. Also why are future generations punished for past generations in the case of Bani-Israel example? The point is that generation was not punished. And since when did oppression of others consitute a punishment of God upon a nation? Is God punishing the Palestinians now?
  14. When the disbelievers make such requests, it is only because they are seeking excuses for their disbelief, or to side-track the issue of worshipping only One God and rejecting their false gods 6:36"Only those accept who listen". In the NT, Jesus is reported to have rejected his taunters' request to perform a wonderous sign, precisely due to that reason Mk8:11-13. When a warning sign is manifested through a prophet and the people reject it, their time of respite during which they are given opportunities to mend their evil ways expires and they are destroyed because such manifest sign leaves no more room for speculation.
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