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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have a suggestion...from my mother.....work on you first... i know its hard but decide what you want out of the relationship aside from control. look up the book fascinating womanhood, it is not written by a Muslim but it teaches us sisters to use our womanhood to become better ourselves and inspire our husbands to do better too. Ask Allah to place love and compassion between you, and bring happiness and unity into the home. ultimatums do NOT work with men usually! leaving the house is not permitted without the husbands consent so it is not a good idea to stay by a friend unless he doesn't mind. islam is a religion of peace and imam Ali says in nahjul balagha for the Muslims to allow the Christian and Jews to live peacefully in the Muslim lands...if we let our husbands be and attempt to busy ourselves with our own lives perhaps when you talk to him he might value your time and attention more....because you do too!! When he gets home late....be busy and pleasant............get a movie pop some popcorn, get on some comfy but cute pajamas make sure the hair and house is straight.....get off the phone or internet. make sure it is a movie YOU enjoy....Be happy for yourself and the blessings Allah SWT has granted upon you. When he walks in smile, salaams how are you, okay good.....if he is hungry have something great to give him..Then go back to your movie show etc. try not to get mad no matter what...Always keep the conversation light..until you guys become friends again, INSHAALLAH ..be as much like our example Hadhrat Fatima.....No he isn't Imam Ali, but we worry about us first.....we will be ALONE on the day of judgement. Remember why you loved him in the beginning and let yourself love that part of him. if he is being cruel he most likely ease up when you don't give any resistance. Try the book sister! I really hope things work out, inshallah! you and he are in my prayers tonight. Salaams :) You get more bees with honey!!!! :angel:
  2. This picture from a guy with sayyed hassan"s pc in his avatar...oxymoron.... i am a sister and have dealt with the same problem.....he IS telling the truth. but sexiness is from within. look up the book fascinating "womanhood"....has loads of great info about marriage in general. keep up the good work my sister!
  3. ASAWRWB, I look forward to going inshallah.... A year ago Shaikh Usama's name appeared on another programme but he did not attend the function.. Is this a sure thing, inshaallah?
  4. wsalam! I was trying to find the same thing out!
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