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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. http://www.khanwadeabutalib.com/public/ilm/article/754/58#.U67CBZRdVA1
  2. Astagfurllah, Imam Ali (as) never wished to be anybody's stool. Please show the proof if he had said he wished to be anybody's stool (astagfurllah). He died with the promise of Kaaba that he was successful..
  3. The difference between the last words of Abubakr and Umar wishing to be stool of animals and Imam Ali (as) is who were the truely succesful ones. Imam Ali's at his last time said "By the Lord of the Ka'ba, I have succeeded." Even during his lifetime Imam Ali (as) accepted the Caliphate with the condition that he will not follow the sunnah of "sheikhain". Is that what made him so confident about his success? Al-Hakim narrated - declaring it sahih - from Ibn Mas`ud ® who said the Prophet said: "A man from the dwellers of Paradise is about to come into your sight." Whereupon Abu Bakr came
  4. It is mutawatir reported from many sources and besides Ibne Taymiya has included in his minjaj.
  5. The hadith of ashra mubashara is a forgery because both Umar and AbuBakr wished they were stools of animals. If they were sure of Jannath then why they wished to be stools of animals? Statement of Umar: "I wish I was my family's sheep. They would have fattened me up to the maximum. When they were visited by friends, they would have killed me and roasted part of me, and made qadid (meat cut into strips and dried) from the other part of it, then they would have eaten me, and lastly, they would have relieved me with their bowle evacuation ... I wish I had been all that, rather than a human be
  6. "Loving one another is one-half of wisdom." Nahjul Balagha - Imam Ali (as)
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6N0gs2VZms
  8. (salam) Any comments about this antiwar movie and its message?
  9. (salam) After Obama, it is now the congresss approval to go for war. Now we know it would'nt be a simple thing with almost half the world population erasing out in a nuclear disaster. Let us spread awarness of how to avoid war for Allah loves peacemakers and hates mischiefmakers according to teachings of Quran and Ahlulbayt (as). Let us join that group by doing whatever means to spread awareness of the effects of war. One of which is one of the best antiwar movies. Please recommend it if you like it and and more efforts warrented, which help us in this world and Aqira. http://www.
  10. May Allah bless all who do good deeds, but if he is a salafist and has contributed in killing of innocent people then the Quran says killing one person is equal to killing all people in the world, and you know where he stands.
  11. Sunnis have strange logic. They say for the last generation according to Prophet (pbuh) hadith Imam Mehdi will come and do hidayath (guidance), but did not leave a guide after him for tens of 100s of years. They also believe that one who dies without an Imam dies as ignorant person but do not know who their Imam is.
  12. Adding Doctor in front of name does not necessate one to be a medical doctor, example Dr. Ahmadinejad is an Engineer, who attained his doctrate. Is there not a hadith that we should respect children so what is wrong in calling them Aga or Khanam?
  13. Do not know if Osama was gay but those who call Osama as "Sheikh Osama" are definetely GAYS.
  14. Your comparison to Mutah with Misyar and regarding is prostitution is same as the level of the AlQaida thinking. It is because of abasence of Mutah people have fallen to sins like prostitution and Misyar whatever you call it. FYI, mutah is present in Quran why are you abboragating Allah's permission and what rights you have for the same. If Umar would not have banned Mutah and encouraged tripple Talaq the world would have been safer from sins and crime.
  15. Wahabis have distorted every word in Islam. For them terrorism i.e. killing of civilians is called Jihad. Now Misyar is called Mutah. At least Mutah has rights for a woman and is present in Quran but where did they get Misyar from where a woman has to give up her rights. Those who attribute a form physical body to Allah can come up with anything they want in Islam.
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