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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. what are you? seriously i know your no Hassan from Watford you chat it

  2. klll play games with me i player ten times better ;)

  3. who are you? i really am lost

  4. how comes?? what group would you usually go with?

  5. no couldent go either,

    heartbroken? dnt wry, jst a name. doesent have to mean anything

  6. its good thing you aint god then, cos how can you make such a statement ''non-syeds are better than syeds'' YOU are not in no position to judge, and if you dont like syeds dont like them. But Syeds are Syeds. And are from the roots of bibi fatima s.a. Just because of the actions and the way a syed lives, does not rule out the fact he is syed. Anyways, this this thread is quite rubbish, since no human has the ability to tell who is good or bad whether their syeds or not. So do us all a favour, you either love them or hate them.......but it shouldent be an issue to you!
  7. nai =( inshallah next year i'll be there =)....did you go?...and you never replied to my question why heartbroken?

  8. oh right relax no need to attack...im good why thank you =)

  9. yea its a free country and you can view who and what whenever you like! so yea im alrite, how about urself

  10. whats the reference to which he would believe that? i personally believe its all a lie
  11. not forgetting, its the most expensive hotel in zainabia !!
  12. try contacting Sheilaa from watford travels http://www.watfordtravel.com/
  13. oh right kwl kwl why'd your username heartbroken btw? what the name of imambargha

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