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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I guess the shia need to visualise what they worship day and night long, abit like the idolaters whereas drawing images of the prophet & noble companions is prohibited in mainstream islam...
  2. MrZareen No matter how bizarre their actions are, they are insignificant compared to the sin of shirk and nifaaq. So don't waste your time because anyone guilty of shirk in this life (sunni or shia) has been promised the Fire! "They are those for whom there is nothing in the Hereafter but Fire; and vain are the deeds they did therein. And of no effect is that which they used to do." [11:16]
  3. Readers what he's saying is that just like the shia's many sunni's indulge in the veneration of saints, graves and pious dead folk. He has no problem with the sunni's who are this way inclined. However he can not stand the sight of those who speak out against and prohibit these types of polytheistic and superstitious beliefs. It is clear from his attitude that the raafidi shia are easily able to make their beliefs fair seeming to the sunni's who have rejected monotheistic Islam. These sunni's often lack any islamic knowledge and they share many traits of the mushrikeen giving a portion of
  4. What the shia believe in, is one thing. What is apparent from their actions when they visit the tombs of their imams is another. Can anyone honestly say from looking at the videos i posted that they depict the correct implementation of tawassul that is permitted in our religion??? Shall we compare how the hindu's behave in their temples and make a direct comparison between their actions and that of the shia?
  5. Ninja why haven't you answered my previous question - i hope you haven't picked up the habit of hiiding your beliefs...
  6. Can i ask you a question to clarify something - do you supplicate to the Prophet (pbuh) and ask him for your needs or do you supplicate to Allah and ask him to answer your supplications through the Prophet (pbuh)?
  7. LOL Brother is this hadeeth sahih? Which shia hadeeth book can i find it in?
  8. Before you run to the madaahib to justify your paganistic tendancies could you please elaborate on when the sahabaa used to seek counsel, forgiveness and tawassul at the grave of the Prophet (pbuh). During the Caliphate of ‘Umar (ra) at times of drought, ‘he would take ‘Abbas, the uncle of the Prophet (pbuh) as a means to supplicate on behalf of the residents of medina for rain, and he would say : “ Allah, before we used to take the Prophet (pbuh) as our intermediary, and now we take the uncle of Prophet (pbuh) as our intermediary” This show that Sahabah never took the deceased and absent as
  9. Growing up with my mate Bob (not his real name) an imami shia - he was adamant that he was somehow from the descendants of our noble Prophet (pbuh). I would quite often question his claims and i had numerous reasons for my reservations (something i won't be discussing on this forum) but he failed to ever bring me any proof of his noble lineage. What i'de like to know is, do we have any Sayyids among our midst. How do we know you guys are genuine and can you prove it? Also do you get any preferential treatment from your contemporaries as a result?
  10. See i can only speak for myself and being close to a shia community i know how they operate. See when i was young i learnt alot about shiaism through my relatives and friends but when i started to investigate about why my friends would dissappear every so often i was genuinely intrigued. However SC definately ignores these practises whereas they truly exist. Like many shia believe they are connected to the lineage of the Prophet (pbuh) and this comes with many strings attached. Hmm i just got the idea of my next topic...
  11. So can we say that the belief of the shia about make waseela of their imaams is the reason Qom, Najaf, Karbala are so Holy as was being discussed in another post here
  12. I have first hand knowledge about shia entrusting their affairs when they become difficult with the imams, saints and pious who are all deceased. I convinced my aunt who is shia to make hajj last year after so many years of visitations to tombs around the world. So bro i do try
  13. The point is that when you ask, ask the One who is capable of granting you your supplication. Not the ones who were subject to problems, calamities and had no control over the affairs. Like Ali (ra) who said in Nahj ul Balagha letter 15: Whenever Imam Ali (a) faced an enemy he invoked Allah in the following words O Lord! Our hearts seek Your Protection, our faces turn to You, our eyes look towards You, our feet move towards Your path and our bodies sincerely submit to Your command. O Lord! Hidden hostilities and concealed spite are exposed, hearts are boiling over with envy and malice. O Lor
  14. Ninja why are you trying to justify shirk, haven't you seen the heretic behaviour that goes on in the tombs of saints and the so called wali's of Allah? Can you honestly say that this is within the boundaries of the shariah? No bro i'm just a bit taken back by the casual approach of the SC community to this subject.... ok we got our differences but i can't believe shia could be so casual about shirk taking place... Its like you guys don;t give a damn.. These are the rights of Allah so all muslims should be concerned about them - not just sunni's
  15. Ahlus sunnah have never denied the principles of shafaa and tawassul but you guys have manipulated them to nourish your paganistic tendencies... No one has commented on the video in post 16 and it is clear from the vid that the shi'i people were not using the imams as a means to God but were explicitly asking the imams to solve their worries, cure them and were pleading with the tomb of Imam Rida as one would plead with Allah to grant ones supplications. Also look how these pathetic shia are using advancements in technology to facilitate their shirk - the Imam Rida Hotline! This is probably
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