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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams, Once someone from my school (in a younger year than me) found a phone. Even though I was not friends with him, I advised him to search through the contacts to get hold of the original owner and his/her family. Also, by the way this boy was talking (the finder), he knew who the owner was. Nevertheless a week later I heard that he sold that phone off to someone else, which was a real shame. I'd say that you should whatever you can to return the phone to its owner. Look through contacts, don't look through personal files on there, and don't use any features on there that the owner would not want you to use i.e. mobile internet that adds money to the bill.
  2. Salaam Alaikum brothers and sisters, I want to share a very handy link with you. It iswww.QuranExplorer.com. On clicking the "Launch Quran Explorer" link, an online Quran is presented. It features translations, scripts, various reciters, playback buttons and a lot more. I find it particularly useful to have a pause after every verse is recited, so that I may then recite that same verse in time for the next. This "application" helps me a lot in my fluency, speed and memorisation. I hope this may interest you :) Wasalam
  3. I'm on my Xbox 360 playing mass effect 2 battlefield bad company 2 at the moment. Just waiting on splinter cell conviction, red dead redemption, halo reach and lost planet 2 :P I like sims 3 too :)
  4. Salaam Alaikum,

    I can help you out with your project if you wish, it looks really interesting. I have some experience in Flash, Photoshop etc and I can make PDFs too.

    I'd love to help :)

  5. The fact that Allah is Just, pretty much answers it. I don't that He would leave people like them unrewarded., but they might be somewhere inbetween heaven and hell.
  6. Salaam alaikum brothers and sisters, Although not new to the forums themselves, I have just signed up as I wanted to contribute towards such an amazing site :) Question: Why do sunnis believe the birthdate of our Prophet pbuh to be on Monday 12 of Rabbi ul awal? Us shias believe it to be on the 17th of Rabbi ul awal, and we go according to his family. Surely the family of The Prophet would not get it wrong!
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