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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Aleykum,

    I am announcing a new forum!


    Register, Start topics, Reply to others, and Make friends.

    A website not only for the followers of the Shirazi family, but for all of the Shia!

  2. Salam Aleykum sis,

    I agree with your signature.

    How are you and how's fasting coming a long? I hope everything is fine.

  3. Asalaamu alaikum

    May Allah bless you and family this Ramadhan!

  4. Devooout, Salam Alaikoom, where are you sister? I miss your posts!

    Ma3a al salama

  5. Quantity means nothing in Islam. If you believe the majority are right in matters of religion, why are you shia when the majority are sunni?
  6. It's nothing *I* mean, it's out there... Check out muharram 2009 lectures by Sheikh Hamza Sodagar. His 'theme' is Al Mahdi(aj) :lol:
  7. only the righteous ones can recognise him, I presume. I think it'd be easy to recognise him since He will seek to remove injustice. I heard that there is a hadith which says that alot of his own shi3a will fight him and not believe him to be THE Mahdi. Makes you think.
  8. great achievement!! :D I'm glad no one said "Iranian humanoid robot: Iran prepares for Al Mahdi". Had I heard such bull, well..only Allah(swt) knows what I would have done lol.
  9. Well, whatever Uncle google did or did not do, truth is truth. Reminds me very much of "Don't look at who said what, look at what is being said". khair anyway As for the 2nd part of your post: Abu bakr's islamic qualifications were much higher than these 'scholars/experts of today'. He had the sources of knowledge right infront of him (namely, The prophet(pbuh&hf) and imam Ali(as)) yet, that didn't stop him from usurping the right of an innocent. how can today's 'expertise' in islam stop a man from punishing an innocent lady? Or how can today's expertise in Islam stop a man from being corrupt by power?. Yes, it's not something you should bank on. copy + pasting articles and pages from a book won't convince the biased.
  10. Lol, are you an only child? they're usually the ones who believe everything's about them. No offence, it's a really sincere question and I apologise if I sound mean or anything, wallah! Anyway as for my signature. It was in honour(or should I say disgrace) of 4th of july. It is NO day which should be celebrated, if anything, it should be an official, worldwide mourning day because of the oppression the Indians(the indigenous) of America faced. And for the white Americans living in 2010 to even allow their MINDS to believe that they won't have to pay for the actions their socalled 'founding fathers'(should I say human slayers?) carried out is beyond my imagination. Bless their hearts for amusing me. Especially during july each year. So no, the signature has nothing to do with you, it just highlights a portion of American oppression which is often forgotten. Do I forget it? HELL NO. So I thought I'd remind a few more. It's all political, my dear. @Soroush, Ohh my, so this whole 'knowledge of the judge' business is bull and unislamic? Actually, is the 'knowledge of the judge' even related to islam, where? Lol, I like the effort you put into that above post. Unfortunately, hearts harder than stone will not allow knowledge to sink in. (I find it funny that only 4 people post in this thread...3, cause mine is offtopic most of the time lol while that Israel Aid Flotilla thread is getting rampaged)
  11. Of course I am. I'm for justice no matter who it's for or against. If Iran falls on the wrong side of the equation then so be it, I'm against certain Iranian acts/leaders who allow the acts. Just because I'm COMPLETELYYYY against Israel, does not mean I'm for Iran and thus ignore all faults of Iran. I'm no sheep.
  12. I see the dumb are multiplying quickly... Next thing you know, they'll say the only thing Africa got is vuvuzelas.
  13. People tend to be a tad over-dramatic when love and marriage are concerned. I heard a fantastic lecture on it not too long ago and it goes something like this: If you are true to yourself, and true to Allah(swt) then you will end up with the person who is right for you, not necessarily the person you want. I see the issue is that the male in the family are abit "traditional" here and we all expect it. Females are usually more forgiving and accepting when it comes to cultures than males are, especially when a brother is concerned. To be bluntly honest here: They view white girls as girls you have as girlfriends, one night stands, flirt with, but they're not OUR wife material. Their upbringing wasn't our upbringing, whereas a white girl might want equality in cooking and cleaning, a eastern girl knows her responsibilities. It has nothing to do with oppression, it is simply culture. Likewise, whereas a white man will expect his wife to pay bills, an Arab/eastern man would feel degraded if his wife paid the bills. You just have to understand Lebanese culture and BE YOURSELF. Don't try to be someone you think they might like, because they will like it, you will get married but how long can you hold up an appearance? not long and you'd be a hypocrite. So be yourself and if it doesn't work out then there is a reason for it. When you do get married (whether with this guy or not) you'll thank Allah(swt) for the previous 'failed' attempts. So as someone else said: Let nature take it's course but put in an effort --> be yourself. Whenever you see them/meet them, don't put up an act. If they don't like you then, darling, that's just life. We can't please everyone. (and it's abit harder on the Lebanese front because their girls are sooooooo gorgeous, MashAllah :P)
  14. ^^ Communism? Sure reminds me of their propaganda lol. LIke Kim Jong-Il announcing that North Korea won the WORLD CUP xD (salam) Firstly, thanx for the kind words. I'm hardly a revolutionary poster but I try to be honest. As for the quote above, I definately agree. Trust me, when I first began this whole study on religion thing and chose my path, I was sooooo pro-Iran. They were great, their revolution was great, their justice-system was great! Then I came to realise that what the book says and what the people do are two very very different and contradictive things. Like I said, power corrupts and the best example of the corruption are the Iranian leaders who have long forgotten the idea that Islam is to emerge victorious..not the iranian flag. I have been on a anti-Iran crusade for a while now, just because this nation is too great to go down (which it will if people don't wake up and force the government to change). I wouldn't say I can influence alot of people, but those that I can, I hope I've managed to atleast make them QUESTION certain actions. Since this is about executions without evidence etc then it is important to know abit of background information: http://www.amnesty.org/en/news-and-updates/news/iran-must-halt-imminent-execution-kurdish-man-20091110 Quite frankly, I see my tongue to be too precious because it utters praise for Allah(swt) constantly, to be praising oppressors who rule Iran and execute innocents, thus take a life. To me it seems that they're following the ruling system of Muawiya(la) who was the one who allowed killings of muslims.
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