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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You're assuming God needs to interfere; why? God has no obligation to interfere within the affairs of men, even in vices. If he does, he denies free will to that person committing the crime. Thus, on judgment day, Hitler would be questioned as to why he did this and that, and Hitler can argue that he didn't have complete free will. Without free will, there is no test. And to those comparing the holocaust to the Pharaoh: remember, the Pharaoh DID persecute the children of Israel. God didn't stop him from starting the persecution, but he let Moses free them from the persecution. In the same way
  2. Jay

    How Times Changed

    Well the woman is dressed more modestly, so it's not all bad.
  3. Religion is not represented by its followers. To help you understand, here's an example: Lets say a man named Yahya the Bartender, for whatever reason, killed another man in your name. However, you didn't want him to kill that man. By your argument, you were responsible for the death because the person claimed he followed you. The reality is, you are not responsible because that person does not represent you. The only person that represents you is you. Likewise, the only person, thing, or idea that represents a religion is the religion itself, i.e. the actual scriptures, laws, and sources of t
  4. The question is flawed. I'm with him on certain issues and against him on others. You can't be 100% with or against someone.
  5. I believe that morality through concepts alone is flawed. There's no binding that can chain you to a concept. Religion chains you to morality out of fear of Hell. Likewise, state laws chain you to morality through the fear of legal consequences. To organize and follow a concept of morality, there must be fear of punishment in its transgression. Otherwise it would be too unstable. Even if someone without any religious faith creates a perfect moral system for himself and forces himself to follow it, it still is unstable. To violate your moral beliefs believing that no one will judge you for it i
  6. http://www.al-islam.org/organizations/aalimnetwork/msg00349.html QUESTION: Is it haram to join the police or armed forces of a non Shia' government - can someone join the police or military of their respective country? ANSWER: It is not haram to join the police. As for the armed forces, it will be haram especially when it is mobilised against Muslims or an Islamic state.
  7. That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. These monsters never fail to surprise me at how low they can sink. I don't even think Shaytan (la) would've anticipated how dreadful such humans can be.
  8. Does anyone else ever think that the conflict in Syria is the same conflict that will bring out the Sufyani (according to narration)? Just something I've been pondering.
  9. That's somewhat the root of the question. My professor, who has taught many Muslim students this book, has gotten the impression that Islam views the character negatively (i.e. what she did was haram). I'm currently studying in college :)
  10. My English class has been analysing Fyodor Dostoyevsky's translated novel Crime and Punishment. My professor has asked of me and a few fellow Muslim classmates to form an opinion of the character Sonya in the book. He was very specific, questioning the moral stance of Islam on the occupation of Sonya (a prostitute). He feels that Muslims in his experience teaching the novel have felt she is not the sympathetic character Dostoyevsky presents her as. I would like to seek the opinion of my Muslim brothers and sisters about Sonya. For those of you who haven't read the novel, a quick summary of Son
  11. I think the point of the article was to bring about the point that white collar workers can't represent the blue collar majority simply because they lack the knowledge and experience of said white collar workers. Basically, majority should not be represented by minority. As for the other comments; they're somewhat irrelevant to the topic. I don't disagree, but it doesn't exactly try to analyse/refute the article. The video was funny though.
  12. Doesn't this just give the prisoner a prolonged life? There's no possible way to memorize the entire quran in his condition at his age.
  13. I'm supposed to read and analyse this article for my Political Science class. I just wanted to see the opinion of SC on it. (Keep in mind, the target audience for the article is voting americans)
  14. Is it a coincidence that the problems that Prophets of the past had to face are somehow slowly coming to be a reality of the modern world? Why is it that such modern "civilized" social issues were deemed uncivilized in the most uncivilized times in history? If you think about it, many of the problems that the Prophets had dealt with are coming back from the dead. It might be just me, but history seems to be circular and the problems of the past are recycling themselves in the modern and coming era.
  15. It looks like us Muslims aren't forgotten by our Jewish and Christian brothers :)
  16. The thought of being able to visit Imam Ali in Najaf everyday is enough motivation to never leave...
  17. It amazes me how one can take something as beautiful as that as just make it ugly. Wahhabis sure have some weird talents like that. Sometimes I try to imagine myself in the shoes of different people and try to understand their viewpoints... wahhabis are sort of special in that I can never fully understand what they think. They act religious, and try to appeal to a religious audience, yet they do things like this and... its hard to understand how a logical person could net this result. I guess they really are just stupid. Blind faith does that I guess :/
  18. Googled "Islam Is" viewed suggestions: Islam is the light baby sounded interesting. Searched that. Got weird non-viral video on youtube (6k hits). Dunno how they script the suggestions, but that just seemed odd to randomly pop up in suggestions.
  19. False If the "truth" was "false", how would you describe "false"?
  20. The answer really ties into our purpose on this earth: were here to be tested, not nurtured. God didn't put us on earth to enjoy life w/out any hardships (that priviledge is for the afterlife). He puts these hardships not to punish you but to test you. Through hardships, our true selves come out. The veils we've created for ourselves are shattered when faced w/ hardship. Also, what make these things "evil"? Poverty makes us look for Allah (swt) and strength our bond w/ him. Disease makes us review our past and repent our sins. Miscarriages show us the importance of life and gives motivation to
  21. If life, we often find ourselves not doing things that we are obliged to do, such as chores, prayer, work, studying, etc. This is mostly due to the lack of motivation we have. Motivation is what drives us to do things we don't want to do. Of course, life isn't as simple as doing what we should do and not doing what we don't have to do. One cannot simply do something he doesn't want to do without motivation. It isn't logical. This puts us in a sort of dilemma. Where do we get motivation? What makes us pray, do chores, work, and study? If we should lack motivation, where would we look for it?
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