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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. They should ban noses, they're also triangular.
  2. God is not a parent, and we aren't children. Punishment isn't unjust, it's a price to pay. It's unjust for Allah (swt) to punish you for doing something you didn't know, but if you are well aware of the consequences, it's perfectly just for him to execute the punishment. If anything, it's unjust for him NOT to punish you, because you deliberately disobeyed him. In life, our intelligence is our parent, and our desire is our child. You take responsibility for what your child does. That is the difference. You are the parent for your child and God is the parent for your child's parent. The differ
  3. Aren't they too big? They should fit 1024×768. Also, I can't seem to click on them. Are they just posters or do they redirect to website?
  4. Most of the negative imagery of our Prophet (pbuh) sourced by our enemies comes from Sunni Ahadith (blatant fabrications from the Ummayads). It's sad that Shi'ism isn't tapped much by non-Muslim criticism, we would have a stronger voice. Hopefully it'll get noticed more in the future.
  5. Imam Jafar As-Saddiq (as). How did Adam's (as) personality change when he ate the fruit? a. He became more hostile toward Eve. b. He felt shame of not wearing clothes. c. He became nicer to animals. d. He felt the need for justice. e. He couldn't face Allah (swt) anymore.
  6. I think by "Shaytan" they mean burglars and other criminals (not Jinn). Shaytan doesn't necessarily mean the devil.
  7. Jay

    Game Threads

    Can't you make a separate sub-forum for game threads? It'd be much more organized.
  8. Question is simple, why is the world full of problems today? Previous prophets who would teach their ummah religion and would perfect society until one person or a group of people would misguide the people. If the Prophet (pbuh) was the prophet for all humanity, why is humanity so immoral and irreligious? At what point were the people misguided?
  9. Maybe you shouldn't label them vampires, but sick? It sounds much more realistic and Islamically accepting.
  10. You know, brother, I always loved literature, in fact, I want to become a writer. I love the idea of spreading indirect messages through a story. I've even got a story of my own, although it's less fantasy-bound, almost realistic. It's more related to the current era, injustice, and Imam Mehdi عجّل اللّه فرجه الشريف.
  11. Okay, Kam. I give in. I love you, man. (now where's my money)
  12. Let's be realistic... how would an artist know the face of a man who died hundreds of years before him?
  13. In their defense, the search system isn't functioning.
  14. Jay

    Chat Room?

    The site has been taken over by Wahhabi Hackers and are trying to blind their Shi'i opposition by having really light-colored skins on the forum. They also removed the Chatroom to try to break the unity and cause chaos.
  15. I am indifferent with you all. Except you, Mohsin. You cool, brah.
  16. Did you ever try explaining the concept of Hijab and the rights of women in Islam? Did you explain to her about modesty, manners, and sacrifice? You should pursue this matter a little more logically. Gradually teach her about the idea of Hijab without resorting to rulings. What I mean is, instead of saying this is against Islam and you shouldn't do that, tell her benefits of doing these things. For instance, while observing Hijab, men won't look at you as a sexual target, but as an intellectual human being. It rids you of the burden to constantly please men and his desires. Women aren't tools
  17. And they shouldn't go to Hell because...? Just because they had a bad life doesn't mean their bad deeds shouldn't be accounted for. A thief is a thief no matter how poor or needy he is. However, JimJam makes a good point. If they're just ignorant souls who don't see the light of Islam, they cannot be punished for their ignorance.
  18. I think you're a bit over exaggerating: "Worst of lives from beginning to end, full of pain, misery, mental torture and physical weakness and sickness". It doesn't matter how poor or rich you are, your life is full of tests. What might seem horrible to you is an everyday experience to them. Allah (swt) doesn't test people on things they cannot handle. I hate people who think it's their job to represent others without even meeting or getting to know them. Most of the time, you carelessly look at the negatives without even looking at the people and their lives. I'd rather be poor and well manner
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