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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. But according to some hadiths I've heard, he'd be hunchback, with only 1 eye functioning. I got the idea from this site: http://www.ataphijau.com/2008/02/11/a-brief-story-of-dajjal/ -He is a human being -Blind in right eye- the eyeball floating like grape, unstable, twitching in the socket -left eye, green in colour like glass (glasses from the time of Prophet s.a.w. is green because of the chemical element in it) -White reddish skin complexion -Forehead protruded and neck very wide -His back tend to be curved because of the powerful built muscles (like a hunchback) -His feet is wide set apart
  2. Personally, I love celebrating Ahlulbayt's Birthdays (Especially Imam Hasan (as) since his birthday is the same as mine, though I celebrate his Birth, not mine). If you look at the Christian Faith, you see Christmas is a big time and everybody is jolly and whatnot, but in Islam, we don't celebrate Christmas. Sometimes Muslim Children get sad on Christmas, seeing all their Christian Friends get presents, while they get nothing. To compensate, we have our own celebrations (i.e. the 14 Infallibles' Birthdays). 14 > 1, so our children don't bother us about it. Plus, it's a time of respect. On t
  3. I just can't get rid of the feeling that the Dajjal will look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. What do you guys think?
  4. It might be their actual name instead of their title (as a descendant of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)). But Idk, it could be just your community. Sayeda is a title given to Supreme Women of Islam.
  5. Most Sayeds are Shia, but some are Sunni. Sayeds generally are the offspring of Ahlulbayt (as), so of course they will be Shia. Some got lost in the path and turned to Sunni Islam, and so did their family, etc. And the "Sayeda" title only goes to supreme women of Islam (Fatima, Zainab, Sukaina, etc. (as)). For the female Sayed, they are called Ilwiya.
  6. Anyone who says "Ali'yoon Wali Allah" is from Shi'ite Ali Anyone who says "Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa aale Muhammad" is from Shi'ite Ali (as) Anyone who believes in the infallible Imams (as) is from Shi'ite Ali Anyone who has shed tears for Allah (swt), his Messenger (pbuh), and the Family of Allah's Messenger (as) is from Shi'ite Ali (as) Anyone who witnesses calamity and still has his heart with Allah (swt), his Messenger (pbuh), and the Family of Allah's Messenger (as) is from Shi'ite Ali Anyone who witnesses evil and corruption and still sees a day where the Promised One will rid
  7. (wasalam) Mashallah! This is very beautiful! Keep up the good work.
  8. Makes me sad to think "half of his words are empty, while the other half are half full."
  9. A Sayed is someone who is a descendant of The Holy Prophet (pbuh), but some Scholars include anyone from Banu Hashim (Like descendants of Al-Abbas (as)). The female "Sayed" is Ilwiya (3lwiya) in Arabic. To become a Sayed, your father has to be a Sayed. If your mother is an 3lwiya, but your father isn't a Sayed, you are not considered a Sayed/3lwiya (Though I think some Scholars differ). The lineage of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is considered the best of Sayeds. Sayed, in Arabic, means Master. A person who is a Sayed is generally respected, and is usually more religious than non-Sayeds (Though not
  10. The real Shia of Ali (as) are those members who stood up against the Tyrant Yazid on the 10th of Muharram. And those who remember that event are the ones who are also the Shia of Ali (as).
  11. ^ The true test is to believe in the unseen If a man believes with his eyes, and not with his heart, he doesn't deserve heaven. Atheists have come up with many theories that make it seem that there is no God. 1.) The Big Bang Theory: Though I don't completely disagree with this theory, it still has a lot of unresolved questions. Like: How did it start? Where did such a burst of energy come from? And how is it possible that this "expansion" created the universe? Of course, there is many other questions like: At one point in time, there had to be no energy in the world. Energy doesn't randomly p
  12. (wasalam) First of all, Aisha was not part of Ahlulbayt (as). Ahlulbayt are 14 members: The Holy Prophet , his daughter, Fatima, and the 12 Imams (The best of blessings and peace be upon them all). They attain attributes above a normal man, including knowledge and infallibility from Allah (swt) . Aisha has none of these given attributes. In many sources, both Sunni and Shia, she is seen doing things a wife of The Prophet (sawa) shouldn't. The famous verse, 33:33 in the Quran states: And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former Times of Ignorance;
  13. The link is broken I love Ammar Nakshawani's lectures. To tell you the truth, even though it's in english, I always cry at the end of his lectures. He really touches me with his talk on Imam al-Hussain (as). He has taught me much ^^
  14. Torture is a pointless method. The planter will likely give a false location which would let the bomb time expire. Torture has never been a good method. The tortured could easily lie, leaving you optionless and wastes valuable time. The planter will likely want something in return (money, information, immunity, etc.), since I doubt he planted a bomb just for fun. This will give you an accurate location. The only other case I can think of is a Wahhabi, who in nature, only wants to kill, with no alternative. An hour isn't enough time to search for the bomb nor enough time to evacuate everyone. I
  15. (wasalam) The major signs of his reappearance have not yet occurred (Sufyani being the biggest one) You shouldn't believe everything you read, brother.
  16. 1.The dark of night will not be deemed necessary for the commitment of sins. Has already happened- bank robberies, burglars, gangs, etc. 2.Extravagant mansions will be constructed. Britain, Netherlands, even United States. People rich and hog all the money. 3.Singers will be considered respectable. Michael Jackson = Millions cried of his Death. Imam Hussein = 99.99% of the world either doesn't care or doesn't know Singers today make so much money and everyone wants to be one and respects bands, etc. 4.War shall be prevalent . For the US alone in the past 100 years WW1 (1917-1918) WW2 (1941
  17. I dunno where I heard this, but I think the sun will rise from the west just before the Day of Judgment and the sun will continue this process till Judgment Day Also, when the sun rises from the west, all Dua will not be accepted. I can't back these up since I dunno the source. I just remember it from somewhere. Can't say if it's true or not.
  18. This is a very beautiful example of the power of Allah The Quran is the impossible turned to possible. Barek Allah Feek, brother. Your work is appreciated.
  19. I'm seeking a sit where i can download all (Or most) of Bassim Karabalaei's latmiyat / work.
  20. Man, the answers of Imams are so perfect. I wish I would have the privilege of finding a man who will answer anything I ask.
  21. What does Alif La Meem (Çáã) mean in the first aya of Surat Al-Baqara?
  22. What language does the Prophet Adam (as) speak? I had a theory that he spoke Arabic, but my Father said he didn't. I asked what language he spoke, and he said he didn't know, but he knew it was not Arabic. It's a question I've been thinking about.
  23. Anyone know a good, slow Quran reader other then adbulbasit?
  24. A mistake in Shia.. I've got one We don't share our knowledge oh Ahlulbayt (as) and Islam in general. Especially to the West. As far as the West knows, were terrorist/suicide bombers.
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