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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm actually pretty equal, although neither live in America (although I enjoy visiting both sides).
  2. Are you asking in Islamic terms or you just seeking an opinion?
  3. First off, you shouldn't judge before knowing. You're deriving the above on the basis of basically nothing. Put yourself in her shoes, if your wife were to just "disappear" one day without a word, wouldn't you be worried? Wouldn't you try all means to contact you? You act as if she only tried logging into SC to contact him, where the reality is likely she's tried all means. Just the fact that she's so desperate as to seek help from complete faceless strangers if proof enough that she's actually worried about him. Unless of course you're sticking on your original idea that she's trolling. If th
  4. I am recommended to by all people, yet every person hates me. People rely on my guidance to resolve their problems, yet every person hates me. Everyone who has found me has no regretted it, yet every person hates me. I only exist to help, yet every person hates me. Who am I? Made this one myself. Its not anything holy.
  5. All non-najis pets are allowed, as long as you take care of them. Keep in mind that some pets like cat may invalidate your prayer if its hair gets on your clothes. Its hair is of an animal whose meat is not halal and it's haram to wear clothes made from said hair. http://www.al-islam....k/msg00700.html
  6. When I first started fasting, it was unbearable (I was very young, but still). As the days past during Ramadan, I began to get used to it. At the start of each Ramadan, I would experience hunger again for the first few days, but its lasting effect seemed to decrease after each Ramadan I fasted. After several years, I would never be hungry or thirsy during Ramadan, even the first days. In fact, I now skip suhoor altogether and only wake for Salat. Its come to the point where I never get hungry, even when not fasting.
  7. I'd just like to point out that Islam says nothing about alcohol in general being haram, only intoxicants.
  8. Helping an oppressor is a grave sin in Islam, one of the biggest actually. Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s.) says: "When Qiyamat occurs an announcer will call: Where are the unjust, the helpers of Unjust and those like the Unjust? So much so that even if one has procured merely pen and ink for the oppressor to write the order of oppression; all these people would be bundled up in a cage of iron and thrown into Hell." However, there is 2 exceptions. One is if you're under taqiyya. The other is if the role is for peacekeeping or maintaining law and order (like police). Further detail: http://www.najaf
  9. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=strange-but-true-drinking-too-much-water-can-kill
  10. Well, so what if you drink alcohol? You will be punished for drinking it, yes, but how can Allah justly punish you for committing sin AFTER you've consumed it (at which point you won't be fully conscience). If a person gets punished for their alcohol consumption, why should they continually receive extra punishment for something that they couldn't control. Its like getting punished twice for the same crime.
  11. I already stated in the op that the above is wajib. I'm asking where the line is drawn to where the sins you commit to save your life is not permissible to commit (e.g. can you kill someone to save your life?)
  12. That doesn't make any sense. So if its optional, wouldn't that nullify the sin (i.e. no punishment)? If it isn't, wouldn't it be haram to let yourself die? To let yourself die is a sin in itself (i.e. suicide), would this fact be neglected by Allah? And as far as I know of, abstaining from a sin like murder or prostitution doesn't necessarily earn you reward.
  13. I've heard of ahadith where a person may/must commit a sin to save his life. For example, I've heard that one must consume an unlawful food to escape hunger if given the chance. I've also read a hadith where a woman had to fornicate to a man to give her food. My question is, where is the line where sins cannot be committed to save your life? Could one steal to save his/her life? Could one murder a Muslim or non-Muslim to save his/her life? Could one commit shirk to save his/her life? Is there a specific list or a general ruling?
  14. ws You make a good point. However, you fail to account the Islamic perspective that you are not accountable for your actions in a state of unconsciousness (e.g. mental retardation or insanity). If intoxication falls under that category, is really the main stem of the thread. Also, the western example you presented isn't that good. For one, western culture and law allow consumption of alcohol, whereas Islamic law forbids it completely. Secondly, the justice systems greatly vary, one actually applying an infallible divine punishment factor. Thirdly, whether or not the west thinks intoxication pl
  15. We all know that consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden within the fold of Islam, and that it is a punishable offense in an Islamic Court. However, my question isn't about the consumption of alcohol. It's about the aftermath of its consumption, that is, what you do after you consume the toxic. In a hypothetical scenario where one (a Muslim) consumes alcohol (God forbid), for whatever reason, and to the point where he has become intoxicated. At such point, from what I know and have heard about intoxication, the consumer loses his reason or becomes confused and commits acts in which he or
  16. Man, that was my 2nd guess. My 3rd was Will Smith :D
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