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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. At least it was controlled to an extent... no endless wars, poor people were fed, the world overall was better. There is no perfect society, but there sure as hell is a failing society, i.e. one that doesn't strive for perfection or the betterment of the human race, instead devolving it. In math, reaching the number infinity is an impossibility. However, approaching infinity is a common mathematical term. If infinity was perfection, then no one can reach it. But if a society were to approach it, then the world would find itself steadily evolving for the better, as every attempt takes us closer
  2. The problem with slavery in the modern era and a theoretical Islamic State is that there aren't really any slaves. Islam puts very strict rulings on how to enslave someone, thus greatly limiting any legal slave trade momentum. The only reason slavery was popular in the past is because people didn't follow Islamic laws (pre and post Islam). Conversely, the only reason its not popular today is because of movements made against it by the west. The idea of a slave is quite barbaric when looked at through a secular or western point of view. However, a slave in the Islamic perspective is a completel
  3. That's nothing compared to the dishes I clean. And i'm a man.
  4. Is this even Islamically legal? If building that mosque is causing that much disunity and hatred, doesn't that contradict the purpose of Islam (to bring peace and harmony to the community and the liking)? Obviously that place isn't for Muslims.
  5. I don't see how being a woman makes any differences. The law simply states to not break the ties of near kin (i.e. close relatives like parents/siblings/uncles/aunts/first cousins/etc). It doesn't ask to be their friends, just makes sure to keep in touch. Calling your aunt once in a while to see how she's doing isn't that difficult :) Some traditions: Imam Sajjad (a.s.) says: "There are two actions, towards which, a step taken is liked by Allah more than anything else. One is the step taken to join a row formed in the name of Allah (for Jehad or Namaz); the second is the one taken to extend
  6. Jay


    More iraqi dialect: goom: get up tayh Allah hathek: may Allah bring misfortune to you ikl khara: ...inappropriate to translate chy: tea timen: rice shmadreeny: i don't know shbeek: whats wrong with you gus: shwarma incheb: shut up ilbacher: tomorrow GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL HADEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: goal
  7. Jay


    Arabic: transliteration: translation when: where cattle: murderer shy: tea hello: sweet/pretty shut: ocean shatter: smart hummer: stupid/donkey cut: cat
  8. Just take the example of the west when they tried to emancipate slavery. Not only did it start a huge civil war, but also made society despise black people and become discriminatory against them for over a century. Slavery was a huge thing in Arabia back in those days. Abolishing it completely could've caused many problems for the Prophet (pbuh), as it did for the west. Without abolishing it completly, the Prophet (pbuh) made it difficult to own a slave. The word slave in English is a hated and resented word. The word "slave" in Arabic, Abd, is considered the holiest state of a Muslim, and is
  9. SD, I know you. You would hate to get that job. Because every minute of that job you'd be thinking "Is this haram? Why am I doing this? Was I suppose to do that?" Be happy with a job you've earned then feel guilty and depressed with a job you've forged. :)
  10. You've either not met many Sunnis or met too many westernized Shi'a. There are a few young Shi'a and many older Shi'a I've met who are the exact opposite of what you speak. My mother reads the Quran every day (for many hours too) and has memorized a handful of the verses. My father used to lead Jama'ah prayer for our family of 5 when we were young. He also lead Jama'ah prayer at a local Muslim community center (he's not an Imam, but was considered most qualified). Very few practicing Shi'as I've seen neglect to pray on time. If you've never visted a rural or Shi'i third-world country such as s
  11. Its an Islamic obligation to keep in touch with your relatives. "But if you held command, you were sure to make mischief in the land and cut off the ties of kinship. Those it is whom Allah has cursed, so He has made them deaf and blinded their eyes." (Surah Muhammad, Ayat No.22-23) Its the 7th greatest sin actually, worse than homosexuality and fornication http://www.najaf.org/english/book/37/08.htm
  12. C'mon don't be so literal. He obviously meant the Islamic Deity (i.e. attributes of Allah)
  13. This should answer all your question: http://www.najaf.org/english/book/2/inside/53.htm In summary, anything that is used for recreational gathering is haram.
  14. The term "Shia" was ascribed to the partisans of Imam Ali (as) by the Prophet (pbuh). The word itself means partisan or follower, but the creed of Shi'ism adopted itfrom the Shia of Ali. The Messenger of Allah said to Ali: "Glad tiding O Ali! Verily you and your companions and your Shia (followers) will be in Paradise."
  15. ^"not a physical thing". Think more speech-related. That probably gave it away :unsure:
  16. I wonder how families with parents who are cousins would respond to this thread lol.
  17. This game is boring if no one is going to be original and just post numbers
  18. Ya, this thread is bound to hurt people. Should be locked, can't cause anything but problems.
  19. Surely We have created everything with fate. (Al-Qamar Surah, 49) Stop being boring, post original pics or facts about your number.
  20. I'll give you some hints: 1) starts with an "a", 2) usually given to people in need of help, 3) not a physical thing
  21. (if you don't get it, he's the 43rd president)
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