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  1. There's a thread for a possible solution: Although personally, I think it's not 100% accurate.
  2. http://www.menshealt...ealth_remedies/
  3. I'd really appreciate it if you had some respect. If not for the Sunnis, then for the rules. I don't know if you're being sarcastic or trying to stir disunity, but sending lanat to the above individuals is against the rules.
  4. Don't marry the man you love, but love the man you marry.
  5. What does that have to do with Muta'a?
  6. Actually, both events had a similar pattern. In the case of Musa (as), the prophet of the people was ordered to leave them for a total of 40 days. This relates to the death of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Both prophets left behind a person to look after his followers in his leave. Harun (as) for Musa (as), and Ali (as) for Muhammad (pbuh). In the case of Musa, Samiri deluded the people into worshiping the calf. In the case of Muhammad, Abu Bakr deluded the people to acknowledge him as the rightful caliph. in both cases, the majority accepted the misguidance. The difference here is, Musa (as) came back, whereas the Prophet (pbuh) didn't. Musa (as) straightened out the misguidance, the Prophet (pbuh) didn't. Also, I didn't equate them to idol worshipers, but misguided masses. I never even addressed Sunnis in my posts, but the followers of Abu Bakr after the death of the Prophet (pbuh). Of course it is, I even acknowledged it. But to assume that they are right is incorrect. Forgive me for misunderstanding you, but your question "Why did majority of Prophet's followers who followed and had access to him when he was alive chose to become sunnis after this death?" seemed to be rhetorical. Touche. But I was trying to make a point. Masses agreeing on something doesn't necessarily make it the right thing. The only right path is chosen by God, which is why the school of Ahlulbayt (as) stresses the need for Divinely selected Imams.
  7. Oh lol, I didn't understand the question. Ya, Prophet Dawood (as) was in the back of my mind, but you didn't mention iron and first to stitch armor, which made me misunderstand your question. Regular Prayers, 2 (Imam + one person). Friday Prayers, 5 (Imam + 4 people). So, answer is A. What is the name of the person who refused Prophethood when offered? Provide reason. (hint: Surah in Quran is named after him)
  8. +1 Like to add that these people love their Imam (as), otherwise they wouldn't go to such lengths to remember him. You shouldn't criticize them.
  9. You shouldn't read anti-Iranian propaganda. Most people hate Iranians, of course they'll exaggerate events to make Iran look like terrorists. Do your homework before accusing our 'Ulema of atrocities. Also, keep in mind that he's a fallible man.
  10. I think it's very relevant to the topic at hand. History tends to repeat itself. The MAJORITY of Musa's followers took the calf as a god just a month after the departure of Musa (as), even when another prophet was present (i.e. Harun (as)). It raises the question as to how so many people who saw what might have been the biggest signs of God (a wooden stick turning into a giant serpent and the splitting of a sea) could simply let go of these facts and go back to their original pagan practices? What's worse, even when he came back, they demanded to see God. Sahih Hadith isn't factual events? And shouldn't you be using aql? First of all, Sunnism didn't exist at that time. It became official later on. The majority chose to follow Abu Bakr and Umar over Ali (as). Remember when I said history tends to repeat itself? Well, here's the relevance to the calf incident. But the circumstances are a little different in this case. Most of them were forced to give bayah by the sword. Also, it's relevant to point out that being a follower of the current caliph had many advantages. Only the true believers wouldn't stoop so low as to forgo their obligations for material gain. Majority =/= correct. In most cases, it's not. Hypocrisy existed in the Ummah, it's no surprise that the majority went to follow Abu Bakr and Umar. Also, by saying your argument is powerful doesn't necessarily make it powerful. In fact, it's quite weak.
  11. Wow... I can't believe you guys are letting this guy insult you. It's obligatory when traveling in Ramadan to break your fast. Traveling in Ramadan isn't made haram. The ruling stands that it's makrooh if you travel just to break your fast. If you Sunnis have a different standpoint, you should take it to someone who gives a damn about Sunni fiqh (you know, someone who is a Sunni). Video of some random person proves...?? Nothing. If the OP would like to directly tackle this issue, then he should do it more appropriately. These are the rulings of the 'Ulema on traveling: http://www.islam-law.../travelfiqh.htm . If the OP wants to provide some authentic ahadith on the issue, I'm willing to listen. Otherwise, he's being a child and trying to cause disunity. Oh and in case the OP isn't very knowledgeable of fiqh, makrooh means it's disliked, i.e. you shouldn't do it, but there's no restriction on it.
  12. Money does have its advantages, as Marbles was quick to point out, but it also has its disadvantages. As I view it, it's unjust to be rich while poor people still exist in the world. Anyway, money tends to make people forget about their faith; it's somewhat a double-edged sword. You might develop greed and arrogance, and you might forsake Allah سبحانه وتعالى, thinking you aren't in need of his mercy. If you are rich, you have more responsibilities, and ultimately, a more difficult/complex life. I prefer a simple life where you get paid little for your hard work, and happily thank Allah (swt) for it.
  13. Jay

    New Look

    I hope they get new skins. This one is just plain awful.
  14. I wanna say the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Correct me if I'm wrong. Give list of these ayat (write them out).
  15. Alhamdulillah good. But let's not get off topic.
  16. I believe the fatwa is its better to do them as soon as possible, but can do them anytime, even without a reason. I'll have to look it up. Inshallah, I will post ruling when I find it. Edit: The correct ruling: 1715. If a person deliberately ignores observing qadha till the time left is short, and during that short time he develops an excuse, he has to give qadha and as a precaution, give one mudd of food to poor for each day. Similarly, if after the excuse is over, he firmly decides to give qadha, but is unable to do so because of some fresh excuse during that short time, he will follow the above rule. You can go here for more rulings: http://islamic-laws.com/fast_rules.htm#Obligatory_Qadha_Fast_and_Kaffarah_ Inshallah I'll post more when I find the rulings.
  17. That's a simple one, brother: whatever the Ahlulbayt(as) do, it's the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh). Continuously, we are the only school to remember Ahlulbayt (as) as the true successors, and we must defend and protect their truth. They are the essence of Shi'ism. On the other hand, the Prophet (pbuh) is honored by all and accepted as the seal of the Prophets (pbuh). It's pointless to argue the position of this against Muslims who believe the same thing. Don't get me wrong, the Prophet(pbuh) is greater than the whole of humanity, including his Ahlulbayt (as), but Ahlulbayt(as) deserve to be praised, loved, and remembered. Who else would love them if not their followers and believers? Some people blow themselves up to murder others, but most Muslims say this is against Islam. I don't see how what you said represents Shi'ism. The problem here isn't the fact that people do these so-called pagan acts, but the unwillingness for those to understand the reasons behind them. If you loved Imam Hussain (as) half as much as those Shi'is, then you wouldn't criticize them. People show their love in different ways. A Christian is taught throughout his life that Islam is false and you should stay away from it. How can Allah (swt) justly punish him if he didn't have the chance to understand Islam? The fact that these suspicious claims are brought up is enough reason for a man with an open mind to research these claims, and allow himself the honor of knowing the truth. Allah (swt) has given everyone logic and reasoning. If they refuse to use these components of their brain to decide for themselves who's right, they are rejecting the truth. It's not unjust for Allah (swt) to punish the Rejectors, those who knowingly put their fingers in their ears to reject the truth. How can one decide a religion is wrong by mere claims? And if they do, they do not deserve to know the truth, and deserve all the punishments in the afterlife. My brother, the claims such as above are the ones brought upon by the enemies of Ahlulbayt (as). They have no value in the face of the truth, so our enemies can only use it on those who are not the followers of the truth. If you truly think this is the practice of Shi'ism, then I challenge you to bring me your proof. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourself. If you look above, even as I'm typing, I remembered to put salawat after the mention of our beloved Prophet (pbuh), and you will find little who don't. But isn't it Ahlul Sunnah who refuse to send salawat on Ahlulbayt, even when the Prophet(pbuh) specifically ordered them to? Narrated Ka'b bin Ujra: It was said, "O Allah's Apostle! We know how to greet you, but how to invoke Allah for you?" The Prophet said, "Say: O Allah! Send your blessings/greetings (Salawat) on Muhammad and his family, the same way as You sent Your blessings/greetings on Abraham's family. You are indeed worthy of all praise, full of glory.'" Sahih al-Bukhari 6.320 You are wrong brother, these aren't the reasons why people aren't reverting to Shi'ism. These are lies set by the enemies of Ahlulbayt(as) to deceive people from the truth. The truth of the matter is, people aren't finding the truth because they do not want to. There is always enough light for one who wants to see. Those who don't want to see, don't. My brother, do not look at Shi'ism as only Ahlulbayt(as) without the Prophet(pbuh), this is what our enemies want you to think. In truth, we are the perfect balance, and we love and honor our Prophet(pbuh) and his Ahlulbayt(as) more than any sect in Islam. \ Praises to Allah (swt) for your reversion, and may Allah (swt) guide and protect you. And may Allah (swt) guide all those who want to see, and destroy all those who reject the truth and spread lies.
  18. Jazakallah khair for explaining. I would like to retract my earlier statements, brother, and apologize for not understanding. It makes more sense now. Mashallah, your persistence to pray perfectly is beautiful, brother. May Allah (swt) reward you for your patience and may he accept your prayers. Inshallah you will be free of problems.
  19. This sounds strangely familiar... oh yeah, The day "dreams" prove a religion right is the day pigs fly.
  20. This was pretty much the only Middle Eastern MMO game I could find: http://rappelz.gamepower7.com/ I had played it once or twice, it was pretty interesting. But you need to understand arabic. I really like it cause its Muslim-friendly. They went to the lengths of dressing half-naked female pictures, clothes, and characters, and even removing the many references to Christianity.
  21. You'd think that'd be enough. Follow the laws of Allah (swt) before you can understand the wisdom behind them.
  22. Your prayer times are absurd and unrealistic. How does it take you 30 minutes to finish 2 rak'ats? I mean if you add in that you prayed other mustahab prayers, tasbih, read duas, and maybe even some Quran, I'd believe you. But you just said "Minimum Time It Takes Me To Pray - Fajr: 30 Minutes". And this is minimum? I don't mean to criticize, but 30 minutes is a huge margin, even if you recite slowly. Yes, praying fast is bad, but praying this slow is frankly a waste of time. Fajr prayer should take 5-6 minutes at most, and even that's being generous. Sorry, I'm gonna have to agree with others...
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