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  1. I made the riddle up. Basically, I looked around my room and first thing I saw was my backpack, so I worked backwards. Btw, stupid answers = most riddle answers :P
  2. Yep. It burdens intellectuals because they carry so many books, in contrast to the ignorant who don't. It helps people lost in the woods survive. You can't go on vacations, trips, or anywhere for that matter without a bag. And finally, bags store things (eat them).
  3. Okay, everyone gives me piggy backs. Final clue, this one should give it away.
  4. No to both. Another hint? Or you guys think you can solve?
  5. Lol nope Hint: my most abundant habitat is schools.
  6. Ooh nice answer but no. Bit more materalistic (and knowledge doesn't eat things or puke :P) Want hint??
  7. I'll do one more, gimme a min. Okay I got one: I am a weighty burden for the intellectuals and a light one for the ignorant. I help the lost people survive. Without me, you cannot go on an adventure. When I eat something, it stays safe until I puke it out What am I?
  8. Allah (swt) is not the cause of all death nor does he rest on the arms of mankind. Nice try though.
  9. I am the cause of all death. I am the sustainer of all life. I cannot die. Nothing affects me, yet everything is affected by me. My home rests on the arms of man. Who am I?
  10. I wasn't implying that. I used stronger in terms of the grading ladder, without specifying a grading for either case. I simply said one is higher in the grading ladder. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. Salam and welcome to SC. I think a major contributor to the survivability of the Shi'a madhab is the concept of Khums. Khums, being a simple Islamic tax, allowed a religious school (hawza) to prosper without the need of governmental aid or outside influence. This gave scholars more breathing room to understand and interpret the madhab fully, and teach their findings to students. Ultimately, it creates a self-sustaining system that is not influenced by outside groups, thus governments or influence groups don't control the religion and can't twist it to suit their needs (which is the case for Sunni Islam and many other faiths). This allowed the religion to survive spiritually. Taqiyya has already been stated above. Simple; we're right. For the same reason you chose Shi'a Islam, the media chose to belittle our existence. Think of it this way: they know were right, but obviously can't admit. Because they know were right, they must keep you from finding out. It seems like an arrogant way to look at things, but its my theory on it. In the Prophet's (pbuh) time, people would belittle him, mock him, etc. because they know he's right. And because of this, they try to keep others from finding out. Why? Because they're affraid they'd lose their power otherwise. Edit: The above can be proven by looking at how the media (in Islamic countries) look at Shi'ism. They have so much animosity against the Shi'ite Madhab that they completely disregard their own. In fact, if you look closely, you'll see that their entire faith is based on the contrast of Shi'ism. A great example is their interpretation of Hadith Al-Thaqalain, being: The Messenger of God (pbuh) said: 'O people I have left in you that which if you adhere to you will never go astray: The Book of God and the members of my House.' Most Sunni scholars will accept the hadith as: "...The Book of God and my Sunnah" instead of the former. The problem here is the former is much stronger in terms of hadith grading. Here's a video to help reflect of what I mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC4okSn2-ns&feature=channel_video_title
  12. Basically, I want you to post your methods or suggestions that help you focus during your prayer and avoid temptations like thoughts, distractions, urges, etc. to help others better their prayer and get closer to Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Focus is important in prayer, so it's our job to make sure we focus when reaching out to God. For me, I check how much I've focused during my prayer when I finished, by trying to remember every part of the prayer I just finished. If I don't remember a part, I know I wasn't focusing much. My Method: My method of focusing that I like the best is thinking the first word before acting. A very simple method where before you do any part of prayer, force yourself to think the very first word of that specific part. For example, when reciting al-Fatiha during prayer, you'd first, in your mind, say the first word, i.e. bissim. Then you orally say the entire verse, Bissimillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem. You continue to the next verse, in which case you'd say in your mind the first word of that verse, al-hamd. You then finish that verse and repeat the process for all verses that follow. Do this for every individual act of prayer, including ruku` and sujud. What this does is it forces your mind to think of the next word, ultimately preventing it from wandering to different thoughts that would prevent you from focusing on your prayer. It forces you to focus on your prayer. Share your methods now.
  13. I looked at the maker of the video (ShiaRevealed) and walked away.
  14. I'm pretty sure the decorations (i.e. gold, marble, etc.) were donations. It's not like an Islamic Government (who is responsible for the people) built these great shrines while letting its people starve. If I had money, the first thing I'd do, as a Shi'i, would be to glorify Ahlulbayt (as) (naturally). Your argument is invalid simply because there's no one to blame. Who would it be haram on? The people who wanted to glorify the tombs of the greatest beings to walk the Earth? The visitors of said beings? And addressing the poverty thing: I hear this excuse a lot and it's a really stupid excuse. Even if those shrines didn't exist, there would still be the same amount of poverty. Poverty is everywhere. No one is responsible for poverty except messed up governments.
  15. Abortion is absolutely haram in any case except if it will physically harm the mother without it. You need to take responsibility for your actions; that child is yours, even if it's illegitimate.
  16. "Potential candidates"? It's not an election, Imamate was destined before humans were even created.
  17. Jay


    I wish for world peace.
  18. I find the Muslima hypocritical. She leaves her home to cause trouble, yells at a police officer, gets arrested, and endangers other Muslims at the scene, all to protect her rights to wear a Hijab? She should learn some akhlaq and modesty before fighting for the right to wear Hijab in an amusement park. Frankly, I'm not too sure about Muslimas going on rides either.
  19. So we ban everyone who says khums is not wajib because they're disrespected a scholar?
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