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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That is quite reasonable to say after India is out of Asia Cup :P ^ ,but if India was in finals then INDIAN fans would want iNdia to win the cup :D aja Don't repeat my diagloues against me ........find new dialogues and dont get carried away lol
  2. Pakistan deserve more than Bangladesh :P Bangladesh win match once a year just like doing Hajj once a year ! paki fans praising pak not to win the cup :P (some mental disability)
  3. Jugni baad naam huwi Indian team Kholi terai liye :P Jugni one video for you to enjoy now : http://youtu.be/B0-5zBKoTcs Mods: After Finals please closed this thread..dont want to see ppl bothering Jugni Shes A CRICKETING FAN some ppl have been giving her Islamic lessons lollllllllll
  4. Shoaib wasn't in form in first place in the World Cup , thats why he was made to sit on bench . Beside Wahab Riyaaz did great damage to Indian team during World Cup semi-final 5 wickets for 46 some thing ?
  5. Jugni got IPL color team of cheer leaders birds ^ :P Come on chat p.s
  6. I forgot to mentioned eariler Indian squad got carried away with sachin 100th . as its said by great cricketer commentator of why India didnt do well that time. Match wasn't that convincing with sri lanka they were just helping bangladesh get through just like formality :P any how....sooo Its time for Pakistan to WIN THE ASIA CUP :P Jugni jee phir ICC world cup twenty Twenty milengaye.............september mai Praveen Kumar pay kuch comments maro ......I like the way you react about him :D
  7. lol I dont deny you , what you say on Dhoni is partly right . but if the team doesnt perfom well . He will blame the team .he dont take tension , rather he gives tension to his team mates . but i am not sure if he has praised apponents team , just like Misbah did. I haven't heard any such thing with him. but he was Disappointed when Pakistan scored 330 runs you know. Lets see ppl arent hopeful with sri lanka as they will go any way..... lets see what happen tomorrow. Ajmal is the leading 1no ODI and Test match bowler.... so yeah ...... and yes u know I thought Afridi would have done some dhamka with his bat in last overs but he didnt nor with bowling? I didn't get to see his game changer magic moments, the man who led Pak to semi finals ...He could have made some difference.
  8. Dhoni is awwsome :D Saeed Ajmal complain has been done by England , Austrailia and now India is complain about his bowling attaack.............though it hasnt been a offical call yet to ICC ;) =========== Lets hear what Misbah ul Haq , says the haq about Indian peformance
  9. CUP lay na tho champions say la na ....ahah Bangladesh is easy target any way........except Indian team got carried away with sachin 100th :P Like me or not wooo hoo wooo I gave loads of run to paki batsman without me they wouldnt have gone to 330 :Pand all your happiness 223 not out partnership in for pak innings lol Jugniiiiiiiiiiiii ehehe Dhaka:Less than three weeks after his heroic effort against Sri Lanka at Hobart, Virat Kohli yesterday produced yet another special knock to keep India alive in the Asia Cup. Kohli smashed a career-best 183 as India achieved the stiff 330-run target with 13 balls to spare in the first India-Pakistan encounter since last year's World Cup semi-final. In a do-or-die tie for Mahendra Singh Dhoni's men, it was once again Kohli who stood tall with his third century in four matches -- an explosive knock studded with 22 fours and a six. Kohli said that he would rate this innings alongside his Hobart gem when he scored 133 as India chased down Sri Lanka's target of 321 in just 36.4 overs. "I would rate this knock and Hobart equally. To be able to chase 330 against this quality of a bowling attack is satisfying," Kohli told reporters after the victory. Neutralising Ajmal Kohli scored 36 off 29 balls against star off-spinner Saeed Ajmal -- the No 1 ranked bowler in both Test and ODI rankings. So, what did he do to neutralise the Ajmal effect? "I saw a lot of videos before the match. He has plenty of variations. I wanted to be ready for the doosra, the straighter one, and all those variations. He is a world-class bowler. I have played against him before. Rohit (Sharma) and I had discussed the importance of facing him before the match. I am glad that our plans worked out," he said. When asked if he was targetting Sachin Tendulkar's record of hundred international tons, a bemused Kohli said: "That would be mission impossible. I am only on 11 right now (12 tons including Tests). I am pretty sure that I will never be able to break his record." Loving the No 3 slot "I thought about reaching the double hundred once during the knock. But those thoughts vanished quickly. I knew I had to stay out there for the team to win. I have started valuing my wicket a lot more. There was a time when I used to throw it away in the 30s and 40s. I am absolutely loving the responsibility of batting at No 3," added the 23-year-old. Hold your breath, India fans! Despite India's victory yesterday, they are not assured of a berth in Thursday's Asia Cup final. Hosts Bangladesh can make a backdoor entry with a win over Sri Lanka tomorrow.
  10. This is a sad video I came across...... :cry: http://youtu.be/5wD0JQilH84 Please this is a game one lose or one win dont run emotions high and get heart attack :mad:
  11. She dont want India to be in finals.......thats what Pakistan is hoping for..................I hope Malingaaa sling shot play against bangladesh.. This match is unique............. India won by 6 wickets (with 13 balls remaining) MeN in Blue did it again ! Mission Accompolished.... Man to be credited Yonus to make pakistan make near by 330 aatleast during last overs Where is afridi in form ? The main game changer . :P Afridi is no more an asset to Pakistan ? :
  12. Just to inform India is Defending champions of Asia Cup for SIX TIMES ..........in the ASIA CUP HISTORY. and Pak Has won only once , ..How ever this gonna be change after sri lanka vs Bangladesh match.lets see who comes in final. Jugni jee , u should dedicate your happiness to Praveen Kumar ..............who made pakistan score 330 runs :P and I told u find a diplomatic rishta with virat kholi ;) Jugnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiii where are uuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  13. Now the match is into IPL phase ..................keep your screen on to watch big shots , I still cant belive this guy playing well Rohit sharma....... My God Raina , Dhoni and pathan brothers yet to have some fire left................ Lets see who is the chris gayle of this match Jugn u cant hate him offcourse ^ :P
  14. To marbles: Do u realize the fact , when ever sachin doesnt score 100 , it means India win ;) Its a good luck for India . if he doesnt score 100 the better :D Doesnt make difference , no other cricket team or individual will break his record ! So he didnt even score much in World Cup finals .........some where 33 runs ???????? India won ........... :P To ya mola: Yaar , I didnt know what to say..................You follow your religion I follow my religion . go read qul kafrioon........
  15. its a game ^^^^^^^^ technically hes master of cricket ...............chill dont mix religion n politics in game stuff ...Just enjoy the moments ! dont tell me 6 is haraam shot in cricket and 4 is halal shot
  16. For all the haters of Sachin-The God of Cricket........ Jawad, from Pakistan: "Historically speaking, now that Sachin didn't get a 100, Pakistan has a lesser chance of winning this match
  17. Jugni come on chat . Praveeen kumar is your man ......... :) he has given so many runs to pakistan .....u should have it him on your signature :P
  18. To Kirmani : You haven't done any technical analysis of the team. India only relies on Batting line up. Bowling is not upto the mark ! The higher the team score , the better India can manage to win. Pakistan on other hand,well have to win this cup as they are playing better . For they have advantages working towards them both sri lanka and India doesnt have other senior key players in the squads. If it all cricket matches are fixed then i guess..theres no point in game spirit
  19. lol varun.... chill man.. Jugni has crush on Indian team guys , she dont want to admit it :P, some Indian bowlers saw jugni duck on feild.....so u know Count down Begins 12 hrs from now
  20. ^Its not about India losing or pak winning vice versa . Its really gonna be a bigger game.... because most of the players in Indian team squad are still securing their places in the team . With recent promotion of virat kholi as vice capitain. gambhir is piss off , :P so technically India will be desperate to win
  21. Indian fans are not hiding their faces in SHAME :P , we know to win , we also know bear the loss . its call sporting spirit :) we dont cry like paki fans over gol gappay India and sri lanka team are not strong this time :P they have left many key players injured !!!! O SACHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN GOT LOADS OF SALUTES FROM FORMER PAKI players :P ahaha shame on some paki fans cant even acknolwedge his greateness
  22. 100/100's The KING OF CRICKET Cricket records are synonymous with Sachin Tendulkar and the Master Blaster has amassed innumerable laurels in his two decades of international cricket. During this journey, he has scored 100 hundreds and over 32,000 runs. A look at the legend himself as he reaches his 100th international ton, against Bangladesh.
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