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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. sounds perfect , any one tried it out ? :!!!:
  2. VATICAN CITY — Faced with a church sexual abuse scandal spreading across Europe, Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday apologized directly to victims and their families in Ireland, expressing “shame and remorse” for what he called “sinful and criminal” acts committed by members of the clergy. But the pope did not require that Roman Catholic leaders be disciplined for past mistakes as some victims were hoping, nor did he clarify what critics see as contradictory Vatican rules that they fear allow abuse to continue unpunished. “You have suffered grievously, and I am truly sorry,” the pope said in a long-awaited, eight-page pastoral letter to Irish Catholics. “Your trust has been betrayed and your dignity has been violated.” He also criticized Ireland’s bishops for “grave errors of judgment and failures of leadership.” The letter was written in language that was at once impassioned, personal and sweeping. And the pope did take the relatively rare step of ordering a special apostolic delegation to be sent to investigate abuse in unspecified dioceses in Ireland. But even that decision raised questions among many who wondered what the investigators might unearth beyond what the Irish government found in two wide-ranging and scathing reports released last year. One report found systemic abuse in church-run schools; another said the church and the police in Ireland had systematically colluded in covering up decades of sexual abuse by priests in Dublin. The pope has apologized before for sexual abuse scandals, most notably when meeting with victims in the United States in 2008. But the letter once again showed the difficulties facing Benedict, as a problem that he felt he had already decisively addressed appears to be intensifying, with hundreds of new allegations of sexual abuse surfacing. The crisis also stands to damage Benedict’s central goals of fortifying the church and fighting secularism in Europe. The letter was especially anticipated, coming after weeks of damaging reports in several countries that brought the scandal close not only to the leader of Ireland’s church, but also to the pope himself. Last week, a psychiatrist who treated a priest decades ago in a German archdiocese run by the future pope said he had repeatedly warned that the priest, who was accused of sexually abusing boys, should never work with children again. The priest was re-assigned to parish work almost immediately after his therapy began, and one of Benedict’s deputies at the time has taken responsibility for that decision. Less than five years later, the priest was accused of molesting other boys, and in 1986 was convicted of sexual abuse. The pope did not address that case in his letter to the Irish, nor did he call for Cardinal Sean Brady, the head of the Irish church, to resign. Cardinal Brady said last week that he would step down if the pope asked, after revelations that he took part in a church investigation in 1975 in which two children were forced to sign secrecy oaths. The letter also remained tightly focused on Ireland — to the dismay of many victims’ groups around the world — even as the crisis has widened to include Catholics in Austria, the Netherlands and Germany. “I find that deceitful because we know that this is a global and systemic problem in the global church,” said Colm O’Gorman, the co-founder of a victims’ group who said he was sexually abused by a priest as a teenager in Ireland in the early ’80s. “It’s all about protecting the institution and, above all, its wealth.” “The greatest contribution the pope could have made was to stop the abuse of victims, and he’s not even done that,” he added. In recent years, the Catholic Church in the United States has paid over $2 billion in abuse settlements. In Ireland, some parishes have said they may have to take up a Sunday collection to help fund abuse settlements. For many Catholics, the letter offered a critical test of whether the pope can stem a crisis that has shaken the credibility and authority of the Roman Catholic Church in other parts of the world. Even as Benedict urged Irish clergy to cooperate with civil justice authorities, the abuse scandals have put to the test a Vatican culture of protecting its own even in the face of crimes against civil and canon law. While many Irish Catholics were hoping for concrete measures after the government reports that criticized Vatican norms for dealing with the abuse, Benedict instead offered a prescription for how to renew their faith. He urged all Irish clergy to go on a spiritual retreat and suggested that dioceses set aside special chapels where Catholics could pray for “healing and renewal.” “There’s a strong tendency to approach this as a problem of faith, when it is a problem of church management and a lack of accountability,” said Terrence McKiernan, founder and president of BishopAccountability.org, which tracks church records on abuse cases. Nytimes
  3. How to please your wife Beautiful Reception. After returning from work, school, travel, or whatever has separated you: * Begin with a good greeting. * Start with "Asalaamu Alaikum" and a smile. Salaam is a sunnah and a du'aa for her as well. * Shake her hand and leave bad news for later! Sweet Speech and Enchanting Invitations * Choose words that are positive and avoid negative ones. * Give her your attention when you speak or she speaks. * Speak with clarity and repeat words if necessary until she understands. * Call her with the pet names that she likes, e.g. my sweet-heart, honey, saaliha, etc. Friendliness and Recreation * Spend time talking together. * Share with her good news. * Remember and share your good memories together. Games and Distractions * Joke with her and have a sense of humor. * Play and compete with each other in sports or whatever. * Take her to watch permissible (halal) types of entertainment. * Avoid prohibited (haram) things in your choices of entertainment. Assistance in the Household * Do what you can around the house to help out, especially if she is sick or tired. * The most important thing is making it obvious that you appreciate her hard work. Consultation, (Shurah) specifically in family matters * Give her the feeling that her opinion is important to you. * Consider her opinions carefully. * Be willing to change your opinion for hers if it is better. * Thank her for helping you with her opinions. Visiting Others * Choose well-raised people to build relations with. There is a great reward in visiting relatives and pious people. (Not in wasting time while visiting!) * Pay attention to ensure Islamic manners during visits. * Don't force her to visit with those whom she does not feel comfortable. Conduct During Travel * Offer a warm farewell and good advice. * Ask her to pray for you. * Ask pious relatives and friends to take care of the family in your absence. * Give her enough money for what she might need. * Try to stay in touch with her whether by phone, e-mail, letters, etc. * Return as soon as possible. * Bring her a gift! * Avoid returning at an unexpected time or at night. * Take her with you if possible. Financial Support * The husband needs to be generous within his financial capabilities. He should not be a miser with his money (nor wasteful). * He gets rewards for all what he spends on her sustenance even for a small piece of bread that he feeds her by his hand (hadith). * He is strongly encouraged to give to her before she asks him Smelling Good and Physical Beautification * Follow the Sunnah in removing hair from the groin and underarms. * Always being clean and neat. * Put on perfume for her. Guarding Privacy * Avoid disclosing private information such as bedroom secrets, her personal problems and other private matters. Aiding in the Obedience to Allah * Wake her up in the last third of the night to pray "Qiyam-ul-Layl" (extra prayer done at night with long sujood and ruku'ua). * Teach her what you know of the Qur'an and its tafseer. * Teach her "Dhikr" (ways to remember Allah by the example of the prophet) in the morning and evening. * Encourage her to spend money for the sake of Allah such as in a charity sale. * Take her on Hajj and Umrah when you can afford to do so. Showing Respect for her Family and Friends * Take her to visit her family and relatives, especially her parents. * Invite them to visit her and welcome them. * Give them presents on special occasions. * Help them when needed with money, effort, etc.. * Keep good relations with her family after her death if she dies first. In this case the husband is also encouraged to follow the sunnah and keep giving what she used to give in her life to her friends and family. (Islamic) Kid's Health & Admonition This includes: * The basics of Islam. * Her duties and rights. * Reading and writing. * Encouraging her to attend lessons and halaqahs. * Islamic rules (ahkam) related to women. * Buying Islamic books and tapes for the home library. Admirable Jealousy * Ensure she is wearing proper hijab before leaving house. * Restrict free mixing with non-mahram men. * Avoid excess jealousy. Examples of this are: 1- Analyzing every word and sentence she says and making negative interpretations of what she says. 2- Preventing her from going out of the house when the reasons are just. 3- Preventing her from answering the phone, etc. Patience and Mildness * Problems are expected in every marriage, this is normal. What is wrong is excessive responses and magnifying problems until you have a marital breakdown. * Anger should be shown when she exceeds the boundaries of Allah SWT, by delaying prayers, backbiting, watching prohibited scenes on TV, etc.. * Forgive the mistakes she makes. Pardoning and Appropriate Censure * Account her only for larger mistakes. * Forgive mistakes done to you, but account her for mistakes done in Allah's rights, e.g. delaying prayers, etc.. * Remember all the good she does whenever she makes a mistake. * Remember that all humans err, so try to find excuses for her such as maybe she is tired, sad, having her monthly cycle or that her commitment to Islam is growing. * Avoid attacking her for bad cooking, as the Prophet (pbuh) never blamed any of his wives for this. If he liked the food, he ate it, and if he didn't then he did not eat and did not comment. * Before blaming her, try other indirect approaches that are more subtle than direct accusations. * Refrain from insults and words that may hurt her feelings. * When it becomes necessary to discuss a problem wait until you have privacy from others. * Wait until the anger has subsided a bit can help to keep a control on your words.
  4. Peace activists in many states across America are intended to organize candle light vigils outside government buildings to commemorate the brutal killing of Rachel Corrie who was run over in Gaza by Israeli bulldozers. The 23 year old student from Washington State was part of an international solidarity coalition in Gaza when she was run over trying to block the American-made bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian home. Rachel's 7th anniversary comes as her criminal trial against the bulldozer drivers is underway in Israel and Washington and Tel Aviv are in the midst of a heated contention over Israel's direct violation of the proximity talks and international law. "The timing there is interesting and it is important that enough attention is given to really one of the few people that literally stood in the way of Israel's policies," Yousef Munayyer, the Executive Director of Jerusalem Fund told Press TV's Jihan Hafiz. It's taken 7 years for the Corrie family to reach civil court in Israel. They tried unsuccessfully to sue Caterpillar for the death of their daughter, but finally have the chance to redress Israel's flawed investigation into her death. The Israeli investigation labeled her murder, an accident. International actions are taking place throughout the world to commemorate the Rachel Corrie and honor her final stand against Israeli policy. "You can bulldoze a body but you cannot bulldoze a spirit, the spirit of Rachel lives in us, lives in her parents lives in the people in Gaza," said Ray McGovern, former CIA official. Rachel's death has drawn international attention toward the Palestinian plight in the occupied Palestinian land. This is while the world has turned a blind eye toward the killing of hundreds of Palestinians and the Israeli oppression and suppression. http://www.presstv.com/detail.aspx?id=121038&sectionid=3510203
  5. JERUSALEM — Israeli media reported Monday that the U.S. is pressing Israel to s[Edited Out] a contentious east Jerusalem building project whose approval has touched off the most serious diplomatic feud with Washington in years. Top U.S. officials have lined up in recent days to condemn the Israeli plan to build 1,600 apartments in east Jerusalem, the sector of the holy city that the Palestinians claim for their future capital. The project caused a storm in Washington because it was announced during Vice President Joe Biden's visit to the region last week, badly embarrassing the U.S. and complicating its efforts to restart Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. The Palestinians immediately threatened not to join upcoming U.S.-brokered talks meant to jumpstart negotiations after a 14-month breakdown. U.S. officials have not disclosed what steps they want Israel to take to ease the crisis, and Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev refused to comment Monday. But Israeli newspapers and radio stations said Washington wants the construction project canceled. They also reported that the U.S. wants Israel to make a significant confidence-building gesture toward the Palestinians. Suggestions included releasing hundreds of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails; turning over additional areas of the West Bank to Palestinian control; removing some of the roadblocks hampering the movement of Palestinians and goods in the West Bank; and easing the blockade on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, media reported. Washington, they added, also has demanded that Israel officially declare that talks with the Palestinians will deal with all the conflict's big issues, including final borders, the status of Jerusalem, and the fate of Palestinian refugees who fled or were driven from their homes during the war that followed Israel's 1948 creation. The unusually harsh U.S. criticism has undercut Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's efforts to suggest that the crisis had passed. Israeli newspapers reported Monday that Israel's ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, told Israeli diplomats in a conference call Saturday night that their country's relations with the U.S. haven't been so tense since 1975. The Foreign Ministry had no immediate comment. East Jerusalem, home to Muslim and Jewish holy sites, historically has been the most explosive issue dividing Israelis and Palestinians. Israel annexed the territory after capturing it in the 1967 Mideast war but the Palestinians and the international community have not recognized that move and consider the Jewish neighborhoods Israel has built there to be illegal settlements. Although previous Israeli leaders have agreed to the principle of sharing the disputed holy city, Netanyahu objects to partitioning Jerusalem and wants to keep the city united under Israeli control. He also exempted east Jerusalem from a November order limiting settlement construction for 10 months. The order, issued under intense U.S. pressure, applies only to the West Bank. The Palestinians want the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip to be part of their hoped-for state. Google News
  6. Last week, the conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck called on Christians to leave their churches if they heard any preaching about social or economic justice because, he claimed, those were slogans affiliated with Nazism and Communism. This week, the Rev. Jim Wallis, a liberal evangelical leader in Washington, D.C., called on Christians to leave Glenn Beck. “What he has said attacks the very heart of our Christian faith, and Christians should no longer watch his show,” Mr. Wallis, who heads the antipoverty group Sojourners, wrote on his “God’s Politics” blog. “His show should now be in the same category as Howard Stern.” Mr. Beck, in vilifying churches that promote “social justice,” managed to insult just about every mainline Protestant, Roman Catholic, African-American, Hispanic and Asian congregation in the country — not to mention plenty of evangelical ones. Even Mormon scholars in Mr. Beck’s own church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said in interviews that Mr. Beck seemed ignorant of just how central social justice teaching was to Mormonism. The controversy began when Mr. Beck said on his radio show: “I beg you, look for the words ’social justice’ or ‘economic justice’ on your church Web site. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words. “Am I advising people to leave their church? Yes! If I am going to Jeremiah Wright’s church,” he said, referring to the incendiary black pastor who led the church attended by the Obama family members when they lived in Chicago. “If you have a priest that is pushing social justice, go find another parish. Go alert your bishop and tell them, ‘Excuse me, are you down with this whole social justice thing?’ ” Religious bloggers, from the Rev. James Martin, an editor at the liberal Jesuit magazine America, to Joe Carter, at the conservative magazine First Things, took Mr. Beck’s decree as possibly an attack on Catholic teaching, and definitely an affront to Christianity. Father Martin wrote on the Huffington Post: “It is not enough simply to help the poor, one must address the structures that keep them that way. Standing up for the rights of the poor is not being a Nazi, it’s being Christian. And Communist, as Mr. Beck suggests? It’s hard not to think of the retort of the great apostle of social justice, Dom Helder Camara, archbishop of Recife, ‘When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.’ ” Mr. Beck himself is a convert to Mormonism, a faith that identifies itself as part of the Christian family, but which is nevertheless rejected by many Christians. Two Mormon scholars said in interviews that social justice is integral to Mormon teaching too. Kent P. Jackson, associate dean of religion at Brigham Young University, said in an interview: “My own experience as a believing Latter-day Saint over the course of 60 years is that I have seen social justice in practice in every L.D.S. congregation I’ve been in. People endeavor with all of our frailties and shortcomings to love one another and to lift up other people. So if that’s Beck’s definition of social justice, he and I are definitely not on the same team.” Philip Barlow, the Arrington Professor of Mormon History and Culture at Utah State University, said: “One way to read the Book of Mormon is that it’s a vast tract on social justice. It’s ubiquitous in the Book of Mormon to have the prophetic figures, much like in the Hebrew Bible, calling out those who are insensitive to injustices. “A lot of Latter-day Saints would think that Beck was asking them to leave their own church.” Mr. Barlow said that Mr. Beck’s comments were particularly ill-timed because just this year, the church’s highest authority, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, issued a new “Handbook of Instructions” to church leaders in which they revised the church’s “three-fold mission” and added a fourth mission statement: care for the poor. http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/03/11/christians-urged-to-boycott-glenn-beck/
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