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  1. IPL :P Paki players arent allowed as they are no bilateral ties with two country cricket board yet IPL chairmain has said this clearly when he was in KHI last week. Also insisted that Indian cricketing board is not against allowing paki players to play in... Thats why , you can see Paki umpires have been added to IPL 5 Here you other paki guy in IPL 5 ......... http://timesofindia....ow/12648756.cms MOHALI: Former Pakistan all-rounder Azhar Mahmood , who is now a British citizen, has finally got an Indian visa and would be joining his IPL team Kings XI Punjab soon, skipper Adam Gilchrist said. "I have just been told that he has received a visa," Gilchrist, whose side beat Pune Warriors on Thursday, told reporters. Gilchrist, who is also the team's coach, said Mahmood (37) should be joining the side soon and "that would be nice". On Wednesday when Gilchrist had been asked about the status of Mahmood, who was picked up by KXIP at this year's players' auction in joining the team, he had said, "It's up to the government because he is not getting his visa at the moment. "We bought a player we were told was available for every game and we are still unable to access our player. It's not in our hands." Mahmood, who has featured in 21 Tests and 143 ODIs for Pakistan, was bought by KXIP for $200,000 but had not been able to play in the IPL as he had not been given the Indian visa. Earlier, the team management had said Mahmood had himself taken a short break because of domestic reasons. The Punjab team are hoping to bolster their bowling and batting attack with Mahmood's presence as they are also without English pacer Stuart Broad , who has been ruled out because of injury. If Mahmood plays for Punjab, he will be the only former Pakistani player to feature in this season's IPL. ============= Alert GAYLE STORM IN IPL -5 5 sixes and a broken nose of a girl Bangalore: Almost all the Royal Challengers Bangalore fans present at the Chinnaswamy stadium on Tuesday went away with a grin after RCB’s last-ball win over the Pune Warriors. All except a young girl named Tia who had to go home with a broken nose after being hit by a six from the blade of Chris Gayle. Gayle was the star of the match with his 81 off 48 deliveries that set the Bangalore side on course to victory. After a sedate start by his established standards, the West Indian opened up and hit a record eight sixes and 4 fours, with five of the sixes coming in the 13th over by Warriors' Rahul Sharma. One of those high and handsome sixes had the misfortune of landing on the young cricket fan, who was rushed off with her nose bleeding profusely. Gayle was apologetic about the episode and even went to visit Tia after the match was over. He wrote about the incident on his Twitter account @henrygayle: “Visit Tia who got hit by 1 of my 6s, broken nose :( her 1st word to me is to Chill, She's fine! xxx “ Cricketer-turned-commentator Sanjay Manjrekar also had something to say about the incident – “Have decided, my kids will not go to the ground when chris gayle is playing...its just too dangerous :) watch from 1:15 http://youtu.be/U9jvqyM-KwI
  2. Any thing releated to kholi will be replied for your original post , its ur fault :P PS Reply with memes and delete ur text post ^
  3. Why their no escort/security guard with him in first place ? to keep away fans from him ! Any one can get stampede out of craziness......or been hurted if the crowd gather like crazily
  4. ^ well pior to the independence All so called Pakis were known as indians :D Enough of the attiude :D deal with the fact :P
  5. By the way that Orange duck is from India , did you adopted it :D Pakistan ko import kar lai kia ...
  6. You can change it on shiachat ! I am not saying in your real documents such as Passport etc........... @Jugni : varun means very funny according to him Very Funny Ahlulbayt(AS) ? Are they some kind of Joke ! Ghandi bought freedom to India with non-violence he has read and admired Imam Hussain(AS) Heroic effort in Karbala Ghandi said : "If Ever India Want freedom they should follow the footsteps of Imam Hussain(AS)"
  7. aur meri world cup wali treat khaak me gee kia ? I dont know ever since they won world cup , they have gone on Losing trail from no1 to zero ranking. Aye saab tumhari baad dua hain , mujey pata hain ^
  8. Yeah varun , change your Nick name on shiachat because As you said "varun" means very funny , You can't associate this name with Ahlulbayt(AS) as they are Infallible . and Ahlulbayt(AS) are highly respected among shias. I'm sure you have done your research on it !
  9. eheh so stupid channel u should watch them before India vs Pak match ahahaha Times Now and Geo new loll they play the little cricket on Air ahahahah
  10. Jugni whats happening why pakistani fans getting converted to Indian fans ? are u pay less money to them ;) or are you bribing Indian fans to support Pakistan .... Daal mai kuch kaala hain Jugniiiiiii jee this is not expected from your end :D dont bring artifical pakistan fans :P why would a paki fan say "jai hind"
  11. Geo News Updates Its all Jugni fault @ the end of day :P Didnt send her Duck aRMY for his daughter protection ^
  12. In India , Fans will beat up the burn the stadium or stone on the player houses if they wouldn't play well back in old day but every thing get in control with cops coming on scene. But this is CuRRENT Asia Cup King's and I dont blame afridi for this. As , I don't see any escort by cops in the video from/at the airport around him as a protection for Pakistani National Players, No wonder PCB still cant win ICC heart to play International cricket in Pakistan instead of neutral venues like Dubai. No security for its national side to ?
  13. World's best Bowling Side Vs World's Best Batting side. Let the Sachin bat do the talk about Shoaib Akhtar book that he wrote against sachin :P (................ ================= http://timesofindia....ow/12306028.cms
  14. Jungiiiiiiiiiiiii Your briyaaaaaaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is ready Gol gappay
  15. lol^ you are not going live them in peace lol wait till next ICC TWENTY 20 world cup this sept Heres your throphy jUgNI :P extended family of parveen bajee :P
  16. Every one are invited to visit jugni home for dawat ;) she has cooked biryaaaaaani , lets make her do dishwashing stuff after dawaat.
  17. India Pakistan cricket loving NATION

  18. Tem dul kar days are over now.......its Kholi boy days when he score century , India will win :D Fact is : India has defeated Pakistan in Big stages many times including when Pakistan won the World Cup back in 1992 !
  19. Asia Cup final: Giant-killers Bangladesh aim to hunt down Pakistan http://sports.ndtv.c...me-otherstories
  20. http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/the-buck-stops-here/mindset-of-rushdie-is-that-of-a-small-man-says-imran-khan/226916?hp
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