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In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. India Pakistan cricket loving NATION

  2. :P,,,,,,,,,hello Ranger, Eid Mubarak to you as well.......:) well good , how have you been?

  3. salaam,

    Just curious are you reverted to Islam ?


  4. Hope you have good dieting and spiritual month Insh Allah :)

    remember me in your duas ,

  5. so are you prepared for ramadan ? Ramadhan Mubarak to you :)

  6. First of all shias don't worship rather they follow Ahlulbait(AS),Infact itsProphet of Islam(pubh) who said Qu'ran & Ahlulbait(AS) goes hand in hand one can't separate it. Its the Ahlulbait(AS) who protects the sunnah of Prophet of Islam(pbuh) .

    If you're going to visit tomb of Prophet of Islam, does that mean u are worshipping a grave ? or rather u are showing ur respect loved ones

  7. Salaam, and congrats on following the path of Ahlulbaayt(AS).
    />http://www.zainab.tv/ This site has great eng-sub title videos ......

  8. Everything has a foundation, and the foundation of Islam is love for us, the Ahl al-Bayt.

    The Holy Prophet (s)

  9. Don't you think Sunnah and qu'ran is with Ahlulbayt(AS) and the Ahlulbayt is the protector of sunnah n Qu'ran.

  10. Salaam and Congrats .......

  11. Death of Muwaiyah Mubarak

  12. please have mercy on me :P

  13. i'M just addicted to ur signature icon..........dont ask me why lol

  14. and you really enjoy typing over n over still you murder your keyboard keys while hurting your fingers ? :)

  15. I dont know how ? but I would recommend this site for you...

  16. Thats always every one case "lost between dreams and reality" how to over come this obsession

  17. Salaam,

    Indeed Allah has plan for us all. we should have faith in him no matter what , I believed


  18. Well said "why should i become shia" like ur post keep up

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