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  1. Inshallah we will pray, but dua alone is not the way. Work hard and get the knowledge, no point getting in, if you arent actually good enough.
  2. Im not so sure about that. In Ayatollah Khoie book of al bayan fee tasfisr al Qur'an, he has several chapters on this issue. He points out that the 7 letters, ahruf, is a Sunni concept which we do not find in our reports. He points out several instances where the Imams AS corrected people speech or reciting the Qur'an. The view that the Qur'an was revealed in more than oe form, is flatly rejected by Ayatollah Khoie, and he presents so much evidence, that it is really beyond doubt. The view that it was changed, is certainly true to a point, however, the change is in two forms, abrogation, eg intentional and the second is in meaning, eg people have been mislead by hadith that such and such a verse was revealed about such a situation.
  3. I once thought along those lines. I also thought of something quite interesting. Imagine if a person is in heaven, and he wishes to be a God and create a universe and hold people to account for what they did in their lifetimes. Would heaven be a way to make us Gods of our own universe?
  4. In simple linguistic terms it means authority of the Leader Ali, may God bless him.
  5. is this a question or statement ? what is going on here?
  6. This assumes that the Qur'an was not standardised prior to Uthman, is that your position?
  7. Uthman did not standardise the Qur'an, he simply mass produced it. Where did you get this idea that the lower text was erased at a particular point for a particular reason? You do realise the nature of the lower text right? and the lower text modified? As for your comment about the text, I think this has been addressed on the previous 8 pages. However, suffice to say the lower text is clearly not an attempt to write a "Qur'an". I think you might be best going over the previous pages, as it seems you don’t understand the nature of the text.
  8. I used to think like that. Then I found out how many attempted regime changes the Americans have tried, and how much meddling goes on. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_involvement_in_regime_change Made me realise that the powers that be arent going to leave us alone.
  9. I have often thought this. When we said God created the universe for example, why was it done then, and not before?
  10. usual conspiracy theory rubbish targeted at our scholars. No doubt there is a zionist hand behind it.
  11. When you say you want clarification by "acutal syed scholars" do you mean scholars have to be syed before you take them seriously?
  12. No, they will not, as its a title that is earned. If you follow them as a family without merit, then that is a form of shirk.
  13. Marja is a title that you earn. Its like me saying who will be the next engineer in a family of children? It depends which child studies and then gets the qualification.
  14. Angels do not have free will, they are like gravity, they are part of the system and they can not do except what Allah orders. Jinns have free will, and therefore can be good or bad. Humans have free will, and also can therefore be good or bad.
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