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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. By your rational of "all powerful" meaning that God just does what you expect him to do, your going to have a hard time justifying the crucifixion. I would propose to you this Nathan, why do we have so little of what preceded Jesus? from the Christian point of view, all the books, prophets etc, why has so little been preserved?
  2. No. Tell them to ignore that and get on with their life. Focus on their prayer, fasting, charity and kindness to family and others.
  3. Im asking him, Im not making a statement, its a question. Is he a qualified scholar? or does he refer to one, if so whom?
  4. Are you a qualified scholar, or do you take advice from one? if so who?
  5. I disagree. We need to not cause our own destruction. If we let the isis take over, or a western puppet, then we could either be massacred or be in a dungeon. Hence why the Imams AS made deals with people like muawiya etc, not because they thought they were great, but the alternative would be worse.
  6. He is a dictator and oppressor. However he is better than a western puppet or a wahabi head chopper. Many Muslims make this make of saying, I don’t support Assad because of x y and z. Ok, but what is the alternative? someone worse? We have to be pragmatic and say, we need a safe and organised Syria, therefore we can pick the best available leader. Most in the Syria conflict were tricked into thinking there is this magical perfect leader just waiting to come into power. Of course there is isnt.
  7. Not really. the whole wahabi world, Israel and the west wanted to crush Syria, Iraq , Lebanon and Iran, and they lost. The truth is not decided by numbers anyway. They can hit their head all day long, it wont change anything.
  8. or perhaps they are an aspect of us, eg our greed, jealously etc.
  9. This maybe useful for you : https://www.medinaminds.com/tafsir/
  10. Thats very speculative. For someone who claims to be a quranist, can you show us how you possibly reached these views from the Qur'an?
  11. Inshallah we will pray, but dua alone is not the way. Work hard and get the knowledge, no point getting in, if you arent actually good enough.
  12. Im not so sure about that. In Ayatollah Khoie book of al bayan fee tasfisr al Qur'an, he has several chapters on this issue. He points out that the 7 letters, ahruf, is a Sunni concept which we do not find in our reports. He points out several instances where the Imams AS corrected people speech or reciting the Qur'an. The view that the Qur'an was revealed in more than oe form, is flatly rejected by Ayatollah Khoie, and he presents so much evidence, that it is really beyond doubt. The view that it was changed, is certainly true to a point, however, the change is in two forms, abrogation, eg intentional and the second is in meaning, eg people have been mislead by hadith that such and such a verse was revealed about such a situation.
  13. I once thought along those lines. I also thought of something quite interesting. Imagine if a person is in heaven, and he wishes to be a God and create a universe and hold people to account for what they did in their lifetimes. Would heaven be a way to make us Gods of our own universe?
  14. In simple linguistic terms it means authority of the Leader Ali, may God bless him.
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