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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I suggest shias all over the world plan protest against the execution of Shaikh Al Nimr on a same day, in front of the saudi embassies, in front of the saudi consulates and all over the cities wherever they live. We should present the Al Saud regime for what it is; a ruthless dictatorship which does not give rights to its citizens, siphons of the national wealth of the country for the Saud familly, and persecutes the minorities. This combined with the fact that they interfere through their military, and funding in Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain, and finance terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Paki
  2. I agree with Marbles. He has made the appropriate suggestion, and he was not referring to anyone. You and bradar on the other hand are making personal attacks on him on every post he makes. Bradar has been rude to starlight too. This does not reflect good on your campaign. I voted for starlight after I saw yours and bradar's behaviour here. Look at your words: your territory, worries, smear. Are you thinking about entering politics.
  3. Off course you don't do it for sympathy, but it will not help. Advise: Involve your parents and siblings, even if you are estranged from them. You talk about every thing but never about them.
  4. What about your parents, and siblings. Do they know about your predicament. You seem to be an educated person. You can get a job, may be a teacher at school where you could put your children too. You need to start improving your situation even if it's one step at a time. Opening yourself on net won't do it for you, except for getting some sympathy, which will only make you feel good for a very short period of time.
  5. Somebody must be very heavy.
  6. Try having a light dinner at least 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. Avoid tea, coffee, spicy foods, and any food which might cause you acidity. Exercise your body. How old are you? If what you describe had been going on for long, I would have advised you to consult a physician. I don't think the time period and frequency you described is enough to change your appearance.
  7. Your are missing out on one of the greatest taste ever. Seriously from one shiachatter to another. As marbles said, it is known as king of fruits in the whole of subcontinent. Try the following varieties: Sindhri Safaid Chaunsa Daseri Langra Anwar ratol
  8. CM don't fry yourself. Life is precious.

  9. That's enough marbi. People here are already impressed with you. No need to cut and paste your resume here. All the rest: Cut CM some slack. You know she didn't mean any harm.
  10. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Next best thing after syeds. Dearest, are you saying what I understand, if not then I think you might have said more than you realize. I am sorry but I couldn’t resist.
  11. You are confusing things. You do not need to justify a hukum from Allah. The link cites 13 authentic hadiths on Imam Mahdi (as). Another 9 are cited on which there is no absolute consensus by suni ulema, some may agree, some may not. Just because of one or few fabricated hadiths on the matter, you chose to ignore the consensus of sunni ulema and the various authentic hadiths. Am I missing something from your reasoning here. Why should sufficient proof require absence of fabricated narrations on any matter of fiqh or aqeeda, more so, when there isn't any conflicting narration to the reality of
  12. If you adhere to the teachings of the prophet, and can agree on hadiths about Imam Mahdi (which are also given in the link appended by CM), then it's your own responsibility to prepare yourself for his (as) appearance, and recognize him from the signs mentioned. It's not relevant what individual shias think. Adopt true intention and God will guide whomever he wills.
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