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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ÅÝíãíÑÇáíÊí Above is what someone has given me but it doesn't look stylized.
  2. Hello all, Putting our differences aside, i love kufi writings. I love all the curves and stylings. I already have several tattoos with kufi or semi-kufi writing. Example: As most (i'm sure) can read, that say Eternity. I am no longer in touch with the gentleman that created that piece for me. I want to add "ephemerality" (means the property of lasting for a very short time) in the same style of writing to my right inner wrist. Help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  3. Sorry for late response but i just came back from a business trip. You are straying away from topic. Where did i mention you should base your life on men from hundred of years ago? Atheism is too base you life on logic. Not what you have been preached to. Regardless of their financial intentions, Saudis rules with an iron fist. What if i don't king saudi as my king? what if i don't want to wear islamic clothes? See you are looking at it with such narrow minded view. Millions of people stood up for revolution because Shah was incompetent and ignored the poor (not entirely but still). What you saw was people brought in fro areas where higher education is non-existent. A free trip to capital where you will get food and pouch of juice? Why would a villager say no? Majority ruling over minority and squashing their freedom. There is no dent that corporates have a very strong influence in American life but you are 100% free to deny them and live a life free of corporate intervention. But in Iran you can't live a life free of Islamic Republic propaganda. You still haven't told me where you are from. If America is ever to fall into the hands if majority, i for one will not endure and will do all i can to fight it. Individual freedom of entire nation which equals death of personal freedoms. Something like Iran and north Korea. Sounds reasonable eh?. Spiritual foundation is delusion of a group. There is no proof for "Spiritual foundation" but in a country such US you are free to believe in it but not free to impose it. IF majority was to rule segregation in US would've never been abolished. Brown man has explored all of his options? All 170+ nations on earth are sovereign nations. Show me one nation that is both controlled by another and is a dictatorshoip. Saudi Arabia might have strong ties with US but Saudis themselves choose to treat their women like animals. Turkey wanted to outlaw Adultery but thanks to European union they refrained from doing so. You are correct, unfortunately. We have 16% free thinkers in US and easily 60% hardcore Christians who can be worst than hardcore Muslims at times. This has to be joke. Only 30-40 years AIDS was a death sentences.Thanks to human advancement, today most of cases are treated and cured. Thanks to human advances many contagious and fatal illness have been wiped out from many societies. I didn't see any god offer any hand. Let's be real here, can we? Humanism (as you put it) is not really an "ism". It's what we are. I am not on attack when i criticize. You perceive it as an attack because it comes to you as a threat. I don't hold any beliefe to question. I use simply logic and reason. 1 + 1 = 2 is a universal logic. Claiming a women was magically impregnated is a universal myth. Preached and believed withot questioning. It's called indoctrination. Who gave us the brain to think of ideas? Unless you are saying we humans also created the human brain as well? Hmmm...is that why humanity didn't achieve anything during the dark ages where the church ruled? Is that why Muslim countries are among the least developed unless they have a relationship with the west? Humanity advances based on power of it's own mind and it's scientists. 96% of the scientists in United States are Atheist. Your god tells you your woman has to wear cover. The more humanity steps away from expired religions, the more it finds freedom and fluidity. There was a time where arabs were know to deny women their rights. But nowadays countries such as Kuwait are giving that freedom back to women. Individual freedom > majority power. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8317921.stm because by your very statement humanity has flaws, and pure water can never come out of impure water. Can perfection come out of something with flaws? I don't think so, which is why I would rather follow the laws of God than the laws of men. Because God is perfect, and mankind is oppressive and inherently regressive. Which is why that even if I didn't have a religion per se (which I do of course), I would at least believe in the importance of some kind of divine revelation, just by my very own intutition, that we are blessed to have, and we all take for granted. No one is taking anything from the east now but i hardly see any progress.
  4. I'm gonna put aside figurative speech and talk about the real deal. I don't know about sudden rush to Christianity, but i do agree with rush to other religions you mentioned. This rushed has been more among middle/upper class. Reason: All the mentioned religions promote peace, zen, calmness, equality and a different approach. The average middle class individual lives a busy life. Traffic, meetings, deadlines, bills, media and etc. take a toll on a human and if you are a kind that just needs a comfort zone, these religions gladly provide it to you. Some just love the lack of rules and restrictions in these religions but still want to belong to a cult. The other big factor is trend. It's cool to have zen house with Asian melodies in back ground. Back in the day it was cool to be Rastafarian. This might sound ridiculous but it is very true. see my friend. There is no brown, white, purple, yellow, red, black, white man. We are all humans. All equal homo-sapients, however we enjoy a vast variety in our race unlike other mammals. The reason you see so many Atheist in say western Europe or north America is due to individual freedom granted by our great forefathers and constitution. You are free to choose your way. in 99% of third world you are not given such right, In countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and etc. You are forced to be within the faith of the family you are from. No matter how wrong it might be. Otherwise death is your choice. The "brown" man never got the chance to explore it's options. Most of east's history is ruled by autocracy and dictatorship. King Saudi is the biggest dictator on the plant. Iran's regime is pure dictatorship. Where are you from if i may ask? I myself am of half Persian and half dutch decent but a proud American. Undress yourself and stand in front of a mirror. Are you any different than me? Heart? pair of eyes, ears, kidney? legs and hands? I am O+ blood type and can donate every part of my body to you. No ancient ideological belief can stop or overrule that. No god made it possible for us to advance so far, humanity did. Humanity struggled to get to where it is today. all -ism that you have mentioned have major flaws. Communism = idol worship. Nationalism = the source of segregation. Liberalism = you can't always be liberal with all aspects. Globalization = humanity does not have enough knowledge to accomplish this. Materialism = media. Ideas and principals are man made. Logic is when you can distinguish good from bad. Humanity has had more flaws than perfection. What western countries have achieved (personal freedom and citizen's welfare) is barely a glimpse of how humanity can treat itself but for some reason has lagged greatly.
  5. I'm not here to convince not convert anyone. Such thing can only be done on personal terms. You are gravely wrong about the part the i made bold. Excluding Canada, North America is a very religious section of the world. Here in US you can find the most hardcore believers. What i believe is equality. A world w/o religion can unite many. What i believe is personal freedom and allowing mythical laws to limit your life. What i believe is advancement and clinging to thousand year old laws. Christianity for centuries killed or muffled free thinkers such as Galileo only for us to find how wrong religion was and how right the human was. Islam has for centuries put women in second place. Judaism has for thousands of years claimed that Jews are the chosen ones (race superiority and segregation anyone?), but when a Hitler, a devout Catholic, killed six millions no god helped the "chosen one". You ask and you shall receive.
  6. It's a comical mischief. I have come to know that even when i am at my nicest some theist still manage to get blood in their stool. :) You have not answered my question but ok. 1. Not limiting myself to a set of laws and rules created thousands of years ago, where as now we have is much understanding about this world than people did back then. 2. I have not seen any sign of a supreme being. Any advancement has been made by intellectual and good humans. 3. Religion were good for their time i fully understand and embrace that. When Jesus came romans were beyond cruel to the people. When Muhammad came the Arabian peninsula was over run with filth and crime. Muhammad came and set rules that halped them become better than before. But since their time, religion have done nothing to humanity but segregate it and hold it back. There many more reason but there were three from the top of my head.
  7. Just a fairy tale made up by uneducated men to serve their interest. Such ignorance is blatant. Dogs have been known to save humanity lives many times. Dogs help blinds to walk, they help severely ill kids in hospitals to forget about their illness for at least a short while. Dogs have helped find people in hiati and other natural disaster. If there was such place as heaven, the only animal that really deserves to be there are dogs. Please think before hitting the submit button.
  8. IF true, this just is another evidence of Islam belittling, segregating and differentiating women. All dogmatic religions are founded by men. Hence how their god is always a "he". Women are capable to make decisions just as good or ever better than men. Women are never infused with testosterone. Ali was a man from 1400 years ago. You can't really apply all of his saying to this time and day.
  9. It's amazing how you one guys asks a questioned and other answer so assured and convincingly. Are all thing shia based on guesstimates?
  10. Hello, I came across this board and just felt obligated to join. I will make sure to respectfully boil your blood :shaytan: and prove you wrong on every occasion i can. I will show respect to all members and will not personally attack anyone and expect the same amount of respect in return. I will criticize all religions (not only Islam). I however have one question: rules say no "Blasphemy". How can i debate if I am not allowed to express disagreement? I would imagine muslim would consider any disagreement with islam a "Blasphemous" act. Let me know, please.
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