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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam alaykum thanks for the add :)

  2. inshallah everyone is well.. well i have question who is dhul qarnayn? cyrus the great or alexander the great
  3. INSHALLAH everyone is well today i had made a video regarding the issue in bahrain inshallah you guys can tell me your opinions!
  4. Inshallah everyone is Good and so are there family i have a question, has anyone memorized the quran or currently in the process and if you have how did you memorize can you lend a brother some tips :) , and if you are in the process how do you hope to suceed and do you have any tips? and if you havent but know a good way in memorizing then please send me some tips :) Wa salaam Adnan
  5. I'm pretty sure the 40 day has no affect in this because he didn't want to yes your rong was going to a party but the best thing you can do is repent about the 40 days you needa ask a marj3a
  6. Bismillah salaam alaykum wr wb Bro I've been there just an advise don't go to parties because your jus getting close to haraam But you can always repent Imam ali said Allah loves the person who feels depressed and guilty about sinning then a person who takes pride in a good deed Just repent surely our lord is merciful But next time just don't go :) But inshallah may Allah forgive all our sins Ameen Wa salaam Adnan
  7. i wish there was one in toronto :( or i prlly wasnt notified yet....
  8. i was wondering all these revolutions that are happening in the middle east are there any hadiths saying these are one of the signs? or no..????
  9. BEST COMMENT ON SHIA CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I dont know about the fatwa... but i do know some followers of ahlulbayt who have deviated..and now follows ahmad al hassan :( and i wouldnt be surprised if it does but remember we were warned about a dajjal from basra.. and ahmad ismail (ahmad al hassan) is that man..
  11. this new group is messed up they try to manufacture there proof over a will of the prophet.. but looking at the chain of narators of the so called will it was actually both weak and has a fabricator in the chain :D
  12. i caught him photoshopping and faking one of his pictures in a debate yesterday..\ may Allah guide him and may Allah guide us too :)
  13. I know this man he does have great vids but unfortunalty he now supports the dajjal of basra :(
  14. MSG to all brothers and sisters islam times isnt reliable and is proven that he is alive... here you go http://en.rian.ru/world/20110210/162538374.html go crazy
  15. its not true its merely a hoax because there is no proof but Allah hu a3lam inshallah he is dead
  16. you pray to Allah we pray to Allah but doesnt mean your gonna enter heaven i mean the christians some of them pray to one god but say he has a son jews pray to Allah its the same god but guess what there rejecting some key thing and you are to you reject our imams and you have the lack of knowledge i ask you why are you ismaili because your parents are one? because its easy? our life isnt suppose to be easy our life is sacrificed for ONE god everything he says we have to do anything his prophet or imams says we gotta be obediant becuase thats an order from Allah Khuda Hafiz Allah Hafiz Fee a
  17. do i know you from paltalk?

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