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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salamwalaikum. bros and sisters cant we agree that every muslim has the right to live the best way for their seen? so if a man needs a number of wives then he should be wise in the women he chooses so that they are willing to do this. that is only fair. the women shouldnt be burdend or forced into it and she should be able to have her say in her life and what she wants just as the man. the women has a say in if she wants a husband with another wife and if he gets one then let her divorce so she can better herself instead of bitter herself. if she wills to stay then al hamdulilah. either way is Qadr of Allah (swt) everyone has a different Qadr so you cant speak for the next person.but both men and women have a say in their marriage,and the husband is a 1/2 of her marriage so him remarrying has relevance to her life. so she has a choice when you break it down. but the wrong thing is reactions and exagerations that women do. if a women can be calm and think before acting then she will be fine.But you cant expect success if you take the womens rights and leave the man his.they can choose plain and simple their lives.
  2. salamwalaikum, this is my first time even hearing this argument. anything i ever read was that there were 4 daughters. And Fatimah was the favorite most likely because she was the only to survive. but non the less i never heard anyone having and issue with the number until now. which is interesting. i go with 4 from what i have read they didnt seem like step daughters to me. insha Allah maybe i could remember a book i read or hadith....not going from emotion but from facts i have read, my vote is 4. insha Allah.
  3. As salamwalaikum i dont think this will ever end. the two are almost the same but the main issues are tough to get through, and then both sides end up cursing eachother or damning eachother. there is not going to be an end to this until the end of time insha Allah so we have to deal with it. but since we are aware of the issue then we can change when we get into a conversation and isntead of bashing base it on something different. small drops come together and make oceans.
  4. i think to really understand this topic i would have to know the shia view of the companions. And i dont think i should have to open a new thread since this is on topic. insha Allah. waht is the point of view from shia of these companions? because we know that it is possible to be corrupted but i have never heard a story about any of them being corrupt. any sunni companions that shias say were corrupted please name them with reason for what is being said insha Allah. there are alot of events in history to mention im sure,so hopefully i could get some answers.thanks everyoen for all the help.may Allah (swt) reward you for your efforts.Ameen. umar ibn abdel khattab Abu Bakr (abu Aisha) Uthman ibn affan
  5. why would you say men can be jealous but women cannot? just because men can practice polygyny doesn't mean women cannot be jealous for her husband. she needs to be jealous to let the marriage grow its the amount of jealousy that is the thing. over jealous is bad but jealousy is natural and present in men and women. If he does not want another wife do not worry,and if he does and it is right for him then that leaves you with 2 options leave or stay which is sad if the man knows his wife will leave him and he still does it than he has issues unless you have a bad marriage of course (im not saying that 0 :) if the sister is jealous and in her life circumstances (the card Allah (swt) dealt her) then she doesn't and shouldn't be forced into polygyny by any one since she knows herself and her limits.I do not think any muslim should put another down because they don't practice polygyny because monogamy and polygyny are sunnah. you can do either and in certain cases polygyny is wajib on the male if he is rich and able or certain other reasons you can find in this forum and others.But face it some men don't want another women they are used to the one they have and accustomed to her cooking her over all being in his life and loving him,usually husbands are satisfied with one and would end up a huge unhappy family if they actually went with the advice/ abuse of the people trying to force them into it. Its better to know your limits because Allah (swt) made us all with limits.And Allah(swt) knows our limits and we would not get into something unless Allah(swt) knows that we can handle it.So dont throw around words making people feel bad for not wanting to be a co wife while at the same time supporting polygyny. i would support a sister who married a bro with 3 wives doesnt mean i would get married to a bro with 3 wives. everyone is different its not like she said polygyny is wrong ( authobilah) she said she doesnt want to practice it. anyway every islamic forum on the globe is flooded with this topic...its obviously is an issue that needs to be discussed.insha Allah you will be fine sister.salaam.
  6. most sunnis around today are the saudi salafis and tablighi jammat ( i think from what ive seen) So look at their manhaj's,the saudi salafis support the oppressive rulers who hide behind islam but are not muslim and they defend these people and excuse their sins and allow them to stay in power of a so called islamic country,the tablighi jamaat deal with reforming muslims and some commit bidah. the salafi jadida support the kuffar and are secular muslims even though they seem very islamic but the beard and garment mean more to them than the latter (religion). These are the people coming out with the anti shia stuff. If you speak against any scholar or leader who they take knowledge or pledge allegiance to then they will call you kuwarij even if you are not, that is mainly the saudi salafis and they really dont like any muslim unless they are EXACTLY like them. they use weak proof against shias but when you refute them with evidence they get scared that maybe there little bubble under king fahads butt is about to pop.
  7. As salamwalaikum. and i am a sister hence the name < Masha Allah i will look into what you say. jazakallah khair. i am seeing that almost everything i was told about you was a lie. There is deviation among all schools of thought. But the Ahlul Bayt is indeed an important blood line. There are sufis who are ectreme there are "salafi jadida" who are extreme. there are many people makign islam look very bad so you should know these misconceptions are common. I came to get answers so i appreciate your answers and will look into them.thank you.
  8. I read surah 66 and i know what it says. but if they were so deviant why did the prophet (SAW) stay married to them? from hadith that i have read Aisha (ra) was jealous of the other wives of the Rasullulah (SAW) but never that she would go against Allah (SWT) and his messanger. i would never say she was deviant and i would never say she is cursed.THe issue as far as adultry is in hadith and people said this about her that she was a adulterer. so i think it was more than a " sick imagination". the hadith are not demeaning in my mind they clarify but at the time of the incident i bet it was demeaning until it was settled. I dont beleive these things were just simply made up. why do you say she had a sick mind? what is the sia opinion of Aisha exactly? and what are the accounts in your history which would make you say things like this?
  9. im not sure about the incident at ghadir,maybe it was not clear. Because the Prophet (SAW) would have came right out and stated it. so this i have to look into a little more insha Allah before i can comment. But if that was the case why were the companions in a rift about who would be the succesor? and why do some hadith say that The Prophet (SAW) put ABu Bakr as the Amir of the Mumeenin?This is where i dont know where to go with the info.If i say Abu Bakr (ra) was the caliph then others say he was a corrupted liar. But if Ali (ra) was the real caliph why didnt he stand up and say the messanger of Allah (SAW) appointed me out of the Qadr of Allah (SWT)?
  10. At hussein (ra) service or Allahs (swt) service? it just doesnt make sense. i think people should choose their words better. Karbala was a horrible massacre.But i think people get too excited about this and start saying phrases they shouldnt say. Wether literal or not that slip of the tongue or phrase,makes people think shias comit shirk. I think people should stop saying things like this even though they do not mean it literally it makes people start thinking negative of shias.
  11. As Salaamwalaikum. I have heard people call shias slaves of Ali (ra) but i always thought that was a way of being disrespectful to them so i never said that. But now i am seeing people calling themselves slaves of Ali (ra) and slaves of Hussein(RA) and slave of Hasan (ra) but we are slaves of Allah (SWT) not human beings.We can up hold a human but only so much but cannot give them the status and same level as Allah (SWT) by saying we are slaves to them. Can someone please clarify,i did ask in another thread but the person said open a new one stick to topic. i understand that so i have.This is in no way attacking any one, but it is not right to call your self the slave of a person unless you really are a slave that is different. Salam.
  12. so latom is beating the chest as sign of greif? well masha Allah i can understand that,not the cutting with knives and beating with chains with nails and blades on them.... are you the slave of hussein though? that would be innovation wouldnt it?
  13. well i dont know exact situations as i said i have just started this journey. and i do find it possible that he was like that knowing how king fahad is and he is an oppressive muslim killing alcohol drinking tyrant. so its not far fetched that muawiyah was the same....
  14. this is why when studying you cant just ask questions and believe everything you are told,this is not the only place i am looking for answers im going to there books too. but most books that sunnis give me are weak in the eyes of shia. the hadith are weak they say or most of them so that makes the book not a good reference.
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