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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. also, try turning the turbah over so that the smooth side is facing up.
  2. love your posts in that "ali (as) was black" thread. glad to be able to call you my brother/sister (whichver you are lol)

  3. for someone who claims to have nothing further to say, you sure do have a lot to say.
  4. it's crazy! they were saying that of the 9.63 seconds, he spent like 6 seconds in the air.
  5. bro, you've asked about marijuana in like 3 different threads... it's not allowed. the answer isnt going to change if you keep asking.
  6. i dont have a clip of the fight, and i'm no boxing expert, but it did seem a little bit biased. i mean, at that level of competition, you cant go from 0 warnings to a disqualification in 56 seconds.. but obviously, their not going to admit a bias. maybe in a few weeks/months when it no longer matters, they'll admit it was a bad judgement call by the ref. http://ca.reuters.com/article/sportsNews/idCABRE8701SZ20120801
  7. iranian flag bearer Ali Mazaheri got disqualified by a biased ref today.... seemed like a very political ploy. disqualify the flag bearer who was definitely a medal contender to symbolize knocking down iran's flag.
  8. i've never used the site, but i have a few books from this publisher http://www.ansariyan.ir/
  9. just personal opinion: there's no way He (ajtf) is already married. a wife has needs, how would her needs be met? it would be unjust of a husband to marry, but never be with his wife. and since our Imam (ajtf) is clearly not unjust, such a scenario cannot be. Surely He (ajtf) will get married upon his return. After all, He is human, and human beings have sexual urges and needs. (not to say that's all marriage is good for...)
  10. so??! which was teh one verse in the quran? you have left us all waiting! lol

  11. Names do change though from language to language... Isn't the Prophet Muhammad's (saww) name in heaven Ahmad?
  12. that keep calm and carry on video was pretty interesting! thanks!! i'd always wondered where and how it started after i started seeing it and parodies of it on tshirts everywhere!

  13. thanks! that makes sense.. because last night, either on an iranian tv show or Ahlulbayt Tv (i forget which), it mentioned that many marja do consider it to break your fast, but Sistani doesnt... which kind of surprised me, because he's one of the more strict marjas.
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