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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. @angel oasis Salam, Sister. Welcome back to ShiaChat. If you need help in creating a topic, please see the first post here:


    1. angel oasis

      angel oasis

      Salam and thank yous sister 

  2. angel oasis


    Read Surah al adha
  3. The coming of the hour 

  4. ok islamically but my 12 yr old does not always make rational decisions she still plays so much even at 12 she loves to draw and swim and things she is still a little girl who is innocent in her heart . what would an 80 yr old man possibly want with a 12 yr old Ya Allah only Allah knows and he knows best for all things still i dont feel good for her...
  5. like all the best to you and your journey we all r going thru somethings we all have issues my advice for u my dear is frankly this be close to God and beleive in him he is Al Karreem (all giver) so let is will 4 you come to pass live yr life for him and pray child pray this is the best for you you are wasting precious time with God, wasting time on him give yuor time for God and pray and believe with all that is within you and this will help guarrenteed but you must be patient because he knows what we know not for he sees all things. This could be bad for you since you love him but it could be what is best 4 you getting closer to God in your life and what could be better than getting closer to God 4 he is the Al risq the provider. peace to you and may you come toAllah with submission.
  6. this is just sick minded people for overall respect to the parents of course but what would this 80 yr old man want with a twelve yr old honestly does this man really beleive in Allah my goodness my twelve yr old daughter is sitting beside me as i am posting. sorry but i must correct this statment not to be rude or anything but you know i am a guardian for my children and a teacher for them but i do not own them as they were a gift from Allah as to whom we all belong and shall return to our creator
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