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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Coward You loose as always. Why delete my posts. If I was derailing than why delete the proofs. Let the readers decide. Once a Paki always a Paki. :) Mod's Note: Welcome to the Mods Preview. None of your posts will appear until they are approved by a moderator.
  2. If you are hungry you eat food. Eat halaal food. Abstain is not the answer.
  3. LOL He is on payroll to keep the site active.
  4. Is duniya me koi tera Apnaa to kya begaana na ho Kisi ka pyaar kya tu berukhi ko tarse
  5. Little knowledge is dangerous sister. Were the parents of Imam Ali (as) alive when he married Bibi Fatema (as)?
  6. If she gave birth to a shia than there must be some good in her.
  7. Because compared to muslims there are more people in Christianity who value humanity. Allah's greatest worship is humanity towards fellow human beings.
  8. Alahamdullilah I am married and we are very happy. Here is the reference you asked for. And it is authentic Narrated to us Ali bin Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Abi Abdillah al-Barqi: Narrated my father, from his grandfather Ahmad bin Abi Abdillah, from his father, from Muhammad bin Abi Omair, from more than one person from the Truthful Ja'far bin Muhammad from his father, from his forefathers, peace be on them. One of the companions of Amirul-mu'mineen [as] complained to him about his women. He [imam Ali as] thus stood to address the public saying: - ÍÏËäÇ Úáí Èä ÃÍãÏ Èä ÚÈÏ Çááå Èä ÃÍãÏ È
  9. I think its time to put this hadith of Imam Ali (as) O people, obey not the women in any case, nor trust them with money, nor let them be in charge of the children, for if they are left to do what pleases them, they will lead (you) to troubles and transgress the rights of the lords. We found them to be unhesitating when they are in need, impatient when their (sexual) lust is at peak, wasteful spending is part of them even if they are old, and self-admiration follows them even at their senior age. They don't appreciate the plenty (that they possess) when they are prevented (from acquiring) the
  10. Lets see how many of wise people giving advices to dump old parents feel when it happens to them. The old people prefer company of their loved ones and not be taken to old people,s home or be left alone. You raise a son and when you need his company in frail and old age you find him gone to enjoy his youthful life with his wife. That is cruelty in the eyes of Allah. Totally irresponsible. It is easy to say I will seperate my son when he is married. You can say that at a young age but your opinion will definitely change when you are old frail and weak. All the children especially sons should
  11. If you leave your mom and she becomes unhappy than you will remain miserable here and hereafter. You can have another wife but not another mother. You are going to have a child soon. I hope he/she does the same to you.
  12. From what I know, u can recite as many nikah as you want. Secondly shia nikah recitation is different from sunni. Refer to Sistani taudhihul masael, its very few words and easy. You can recite it yourself with your wife. You dont need witness. Sunni fiqh need witness.
  13. Prepare yourself for the punishment of Allah
  14. If by rukhsati you mean to have a sexual contact with your husband than saturday is an inauspicious day for that. There are many times and days when sexual contact is not advisable as per many hadiths of prophet.
  15. You are equally responsible in the eyes of Allah. Try everything sincerely to stop her from aborting. Even if it means to marry her.
  16. Thanks to Dear Sister Shermin and all those who supported me, no use to advice stubborn person. Let him/her to his own fate. @ bi_ithnillaah I know pretty well when to make generalization. You cannot change my opinion on Pakis and Hawzas. Good luck to you for your hawza studies.
  17. ^ If Ali had divorced than she can get married. Because in Allah's eyes she is no longer the wife of the prophet.
  18. I feel u should not marry this man. And make it clear to him. The second man study him before you decide to marry him. Welcome to Islam ( A Just religion) :)
  19. When an ordinary man dies his wife is no longer his, she can marry elsewhere. But the prophet's (saw) wives were to remain his wives as long as they lived. So it was necessary for someone trustworthy to be the prophets wakil after his death.
  20. There is nothing strange about it. In today's times if a person wants to divorce his wife he can give authority to pronounce divorce to another man (jurist)
  21. Thanks Placid I think it is not right for me to judge u based on my religion and vice versa. My Imam Ali (as) has said that he can judge people as per their books
  22. Because of person like you, non muslims throw mud on my prophet.
  23. this is sad. we are putting nazis dresses. he killed many innocents.
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