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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is alot to discuss here, if you cant see what the message is which is relevant to everyone in this century, then id reconsider what you just said.
  2. Shut the lights, shut the door, contemplate, make a plan, and turn your laziness into productivity. Achieve all your goals, and exceed them. With such a plan, you will grasp all the wealth of this world, become famous, and become the envy of the nations. At that very point, shut the lights, shut the door, contemplate…… “Surely we are Allah’s and to him we shall surely return”- Quran. The Irony of Life is so prevalent yet we are ignorant. “and every soul shall taste death”
  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL Yer, appaerntly my last name is al Khalili, which comes from a turkish background if that helps..
  4. Thank you all VERY MUCH. I am now going to make dua for all of you, for the fulfillemnent of your well intentional goals, and your health, and the health of your families. Salama alaikom PS- the dua and ziyarat ashura is like cold water on my heart :)
  5. What??? Why on earth would he be accountable if HE CLEARLY wrote that it was a view pertaining to Sayidd Fadhlallah?? If the op ignores that Preacher wrote it is a view pertaining to Sayidd Fadhallah, then it is not Preachers responsibility, becase he provided the relevant facts.
  6. This is transparent ignorance. Subsequent to Preachers statement, he wrote that it is a view upheld by Sayyid Fadhallulah. Why do you ignore that? Clearly, he mentioned that it is a fatwa pertaining to Fadhallah. And as a response, Basim wrote the view upheld by Sayed Sistani. Note that Basim, scrutinised Preacher because he mentioned a view, and said that he must provide all fatwas. This is a strong contradiction ahahha. Why is it that he can get away with not providing all the fatawii whilst Preacher is scruitinised. If you tell me that you are not attacking him based on what he said but rat
  7. Salamz This is the problem with this website, everybody attacks eachother, without valid ground. Who are you, to attack Theunknownpreacher, all he did was manifest his marjaas views, it is not his responsiblity to provide a list of all the marajaa, because he dosent pertain to them. The Marjaa Fadhallah IS a shia school of thought and respected by the other marajjaa. Unknwonpreacher didnt in any way suggest that the rulings of this marjaa is universal to all shiites. I dont see how Unknown preacher did anything wrong, please delve into contemplation into what you have said to this man, and le
  8. meh, i find latmiyat extremely motivatonal and inspirational, especially in the gym aahha ;)
  9. I have been expelled from University because i mucked around too much last year and failed 7/8 of my subjects. Iam extremely regretful of this and am in alot of pain every single day. There is a system called appeal, which means you can appeal the universities decision of exclusion. I have sent in a very comprehensive appeal, and am VERY enthusiastic to start uni, in fact i dont think anything can stop me now from getting Top marks if i were to be resubmitted. The thing is that because its a law degree, i hear the rules of appeal are more stringent. What duas, prayers or islamic acts can i pe
  10. Priest who faked cancer resurfaces MATTHEW BENNS February 7, 2010 Father Abourjaily...delusions. A CATHOLIC priest who lied about having cancer to raise money from his Sydney flock has been quietly moved to work in the church in Perth. Father Richard Abourjaily was branded "delusional" by the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, and suspended from his duties at All Hallows parish church at Five Dock when his lies were uncovered. The priest told parishioners he had prostate cancer and used money they gave him to take a trip to Lourdes in France to seek a "miracle cure". The lying pr
  11. hehehhe, high shot manifesting 'power' and a 'proud' moment, with monumental music OOPS music is haram, i mean drums :P:P
  12. Well, its a desire which is extremely hard for the unmarried ones, hence why marriage redeems 50 percent of deen i guess....... I mean, living in the West is so hard, everything alludes to our desires, and it is so damn easy to follow onto them, all it takes is a conversation. Yet, marriage at a young age is also hard, because Uni is so so intense and stressful, and most 18-20 year old mens cant afford to open up a house for his bride. lol, and if we were to migrate... we would face the risk of war... But, i guess if it was easy, then everyone would be in heaven...
  13. Salamz Iam also a white kid living in the west. And i attend a university where it is dominated by jews, yes jews. In fact 60 percent of my colleagues are in fact jews. How do you think i feel? I go to uni, and have made friends with everyone, yes they drink, yes they go clubbing, yes every minute of their lifes is spent doing haram. But, i still chat to them, and when they speak about their haram things they do, i smile, because i pity them and feel superiority. My friend, there is certainly something wrong with you, it is a trait, which many are jealous of, including me. I wish i was as rel
  14. why dont you put latmiya'at? quran, or a lecture....
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