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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My opinion is that she will be mentioned in history books. Her courage has made a positive impression even on forums where there is much dislike of Muslims. Non-Muslims aren't very used to individual Muslims having a voice of their own.
  2. Ok, so i'm going to have to ask on a main part of the forum for an answer? :S
  3. Very impressive! You are correct on both counts. I do like Yeats very much.
  4. I have been reading the forums for a while, very interesting to see the differences with the Sunni forums. I have a question which I would rather use PM for, but I haven't made the required number of posts so I am going to post it here where hopefully few will see it as I do not wish to offend anyone: There is an article doing the internet rounds about the Ayatollah having non-penetrative sex with a 4 year old girl. There are also supporting statements, allegedly by the Ayatollah, which allow Shias to have non-penetrative sex with females of any age, such as rubbing the penis on a female baby
  5. Yes. The only way to use the pm services is by having 50 posts.

  6. Hiya, any chance of getting the ability to PM please? Or is posting 50 times the only option? Thank you. I want to PM an Admin btw over a possibly sensitive issue.

  7. Hi, I wanted to put a question to a moderator/admin, but couldn't find the Messenger option when clicking my name top left (as per Help page instructions). How do I access the PM ability please?
  8. has set their status

  9. I don't think he has any intention of putting his energy into banning it. He just wants to draw the Mein Kampf parallel as a stunt to highlight his views on Islam.
  10. Lots of interesting posts in this thread. It seems Geert is tarring all Muslims with the same brush. Would I be correct in my understanding that it is the Salafi view that he is projecting onto all Muslims? I can't imagine a Sufi, for instance, being particularly prone to violence, but I think it would be a small step for a Salafi. Of course any sect will have its maniacs, but Salafis seem to practically demand that you adopt a hateful maniac viewpoint. Or am I incorrect?
  11. Atheists might argue that just because one does not know how something happened does not mean it cannot have happened. Quite often complexity arises from simple processes; for a couple of examples: (1) the simple law of gravity can explain why planets are spherical, why they orbit suns, etc etc. (2) the fairly simple ideas of evolution (eg. small differences in behaviour or physical characteristics between members of a species can result in differences in procreation success and thus, via genes, subsequent generations differ from older generations) can explain complex biological organisms. I'l
  12. Thank you to both of you, that's very helpful. Yes I see I was assuming, incorrectly, that an Imam for shias is the same as Imam from sunnis. Now I know better :) Onwards!
  13. Ok so I will be reading this forum with the following understanding, please correct me if wrong. Shias believe that Abu Bakr should not have been the successor to Muhammed, instead, you think successorship should be passed down Muhammed's family (initially to Ali) or to Imams (appointed by Allah or Muhammed, I don't know which?). Shias also do not accept the Haddith of some of Muhammed's Companions. These are the main differences, or rather, where differences spring from. I know from ummah.com that your consideration of the Imams as Saints means some Sunnis say you are out of Islam. Can the
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