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  1. I had a dream that i was sleeping on my fiance's bed an a bat came leeping at me out of nowhere. th bat kept trying to attack me until i got a hold of its wings, i did not want to hurt it so i chucked it back an ran into the bathroom door. As i was trying to close the bathroom door, the bat came flying in the bathroom and i kept hitting it away from me, the next thing i saw was my fiance's cat staring at me in the bathoom. The dream was quite wierd, it changed to a completely different scenery - i was 7 months pregnant with my fiances child and gave birth to this child but i had a haram-baby cos we are not married in real life. For some reason, in this dream, i remembered myself when i was staring at this baby ( i was also prematured and my mother gave birth to me at 7 months). Then in the dream, staright after i gave birth to my first child, i was pregnant with my second. My second child in this dream reminded me of my older sister. -- Throughout the dream, i was pregnant but never gave birth to this child? and i kept thinking about my sister in this dream.. Th scenery changed for the third time and i dreamt that i was in a dark place filled with sand. There were some graves there and an old friend of mine was in the dream.. he was in the dream but he was amongst the dead! he was walking towards me when all of a sudden a skeleton came tumbelling down from the grave. i woke up feeling sad and scared. i have no idea what this dream might be but i am currently depressed and willing to undertake any advice given to me. please help me interprete this dream as this could be a message from the almighty. thank you.

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