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  1. i never heard this before is this really true?
  2. Stallion

    9 Words

    typical female why cant women just say what they mean?
  3. False (unless you're not the one telling it lol:P) does this thread make any one else's head spin or is it just me? lol
  4. dude seriuosly? this chick is playing you and him to get what she wants women are devious. he is the only "one" you know about. how many more that you dont seriously dude get a clue
  5. get one of THESE you will never be bored again lolz :P i just one the only reason i aint on it now is cuz my lil bro wanted to play so you know being the cool big bro i am i let him have a turn but only after he did my chores :D
  6. like me lolz you guyz are just awesome :P
  7. Stallion

    Shia hadiths

    cool glad you found something you liked :) they just added some more books you might like havent had time to check it out yet i am on their mailing list so i get emails whenever they add new stuff here is the link the email said they had added Sahifa e Masoomeen (as) sounds interesting will have to look later i am suppose to be revising :P http://wilayatmission.com/EnglishBooks.html
  8. Stallion

    Shia hadiths

    this is a good site they have alot going on it seems http://wilayatmission.com/
  9. in case you hadnt noticed i am not sunni and i dont take my iman from enemies of Aimma Masoomeen (as) so i dont really care whether or not the enemies of Aimma Masoomeen (as) say it is halal however the fact that it is "halal" according to them is an even stronger proof that it is totally haram bec whatever the Aimma Masoomeen (as) said was haram they always did the opposite of that people are proud of being the followers of the sunnah of the likes of muawiayah (la) and still have the audacity to call themselves "shia" what is this world coming to Ya Imam (afs) adrikni
  10. i am glad i am not the only one who can read but cant type lol anyways i posted this in another thread so thought i would just copy/paste it here maybe you will take these sources seriously but since they are only sayings of imams (as) and not fatwas of marjas i dont really expect anyone to Amirul Mua'minin said: Prophet (s.a.w) forbade on the day of khaiber the meat of donkeys and mut'ah marriages. (At-tahdheeb 2/186, Al-Istbsaar 2/142 & Wasael Al-Shia 14/144) It was narrated by Abdullah Bin Senan said : I asked Imam Jafar Sadiq about Mut'ah and he said: "Don't filthy (defile) your self with it" (Bihaar Al-Anwar 100/318). Narrated by A'maar: Imam Jafar Sadiq said to me and to Suliman Bin Khaled: "I made Mut'ah Haram on you" (Furoo AlKafi 2/48 & Wasaeel Shia 14/450). Also he (Imam Jafar Sadiq(saw) used to rebuke and warn his companions against mut'ah …… (Furoo 2/44), (Wasael Alshia 1/450) Ali bin Yaqteen asked Imam Ali about Mut'ah and he answered : "What is mutah? and what has that got to do with you? Allah had compensated you with something much better" (he meant legal marraige) (Furoo 2/43), (Wasael Al-shia 14/449). Abdullah Bin Umair said to Imam Mohammad Baqir :Is it acceptable to you that your women, daughters, sisters, daughters of your aunties to do mutah? Abu Ja'far rebuked him when he mentioned his women and daughters of his aunties. (Al-Furoo 2/42 & At-tahdheeb 2/186) The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) said: " Certainly, Allah, Almighty and Glorious, dislikes or curses any man or woman whose intention of divorce or marriage is merely tasting the pleasure of it." Al-Kafi, vol. 6, p. 54
  11. dont worry bro inshaAllah everything will be ok
  12. Stallion


    u guyz are like way smarter than me i didnt know the answer to almost all of these :dry:
  13. dude can i get you to tell my mum that lol she is always on me bout sleeping so much now i can tell her if she doesnt let me sleep she is going to kill me :!!!:
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