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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi /salaam everyone I am new to Shia Islam, I married someone who is Shia. Please tell me how do I learn the Shia way of prayer and the fiqu of shia islam? I almost feel as if I am starting over. Is there something on Youtube that I can watch or follow that can teach me? I am curious about the morg, (clay tablets) and (tasbih) and the prayers I am learning how to use a chador but it's hard. thanks
  2. First of all clearly you are having some real depression and you should seek mental health care. Second you cannot control what your parents do, I know you love them but they are doing their own thing right now. Focus on what makes you happy. You must have friends. If you don't go to the mosque. Some masjids have a better ratio of people your age than others, so check a few out. Find a good fit, get to know the young adults programs at your mosque. Keep checking in here.
  3. Salaam Chetori I am new to Shia religion my husband is Persian. I have all these quesitons if someone doesn't mind helping me. 1. What is nargis and how does one prevent it 2. What are the things that keep Irani men happy Thanks :donno:
  4. Salaam And thank you for posting the links. I printed them all out. Leda
  5. sorry for so many posts... hope you don't mind.

  6. for her. Or does the girl need permission from her parents to go into this timed and temporary marriage? But she really can't do that.. atleast not at this stage, she's got to complete her studies but also wants to be able to talk to the guy and keep him there as a close friend for now, and when it's the right time she'll reveal it to her family.

    Whats the best solution for this situation?

  7. understanding.

    These two people are really serious about eachother and they know that they want to be with eachother in the future, but the girl can't bring it up to her family just yet as they wont take her seriously and she doesn't want to be doing anything behind her parents back but also she wants to be really sure about this guy and be positive that he is actually the right on...

  8. religious and saw that it was really wrong to be talking to this guy ( he was the only guy she spoke to) so she decided to stop talking to him but they guy realised that he had feelings for her and wanted to be with her so they both owned up to eachother and they now want to marry eachother.

    The thing is the girls family are really strict on nationality and will not accept anyone un...

  9. Salaam everyone,

    Allow me to describe a scenario that I'm stuck on & need to advice my friend about the topic.

    There is this 20 year old boy and a 19 year old girl and they are not the same nationality but both are muslim. A year ago they both used to talk normally with no silly flirting but they were both really good friends and eventually the girl started becoming mo...

  10. salaam i read one of ur comments in another topic relating to muttah marriage. I'm new to this & i've created my own topic but I don't really know if it's actually posted and if people can view it.

    So i was wondering if you could kindly take some time into giving me a couple of suggestiongs into my situation that i wrote up...

  11. bigg

    pls visit:

    and invite anyone u feel usefull. Many thanx

  12. I think you are stuck in a conundrum. Porn in and of itself is harmless fun. Your father is a man who still has interest in "sex" and you don't know, nor do you want to know what goes on with him personally, perhaps he has turned to porn to prevent sinning with other women. Although some would say Porn is a sin in its own way. I say its the lesser of a few evil. Also many people look at porn because its there, and its different and it gives the viewer a rush. At his age he can pretty much make decisions for himself, he doesn't need you to do that for him. Your mother should be left out o
  13. As Salaamu Alaikum Ramadan Mubarak You did not mention to what degree you are affected. If it is all under your clothing, who cares? If it is in patches on your hands, so what? However if it is on your face then its a problem. There is make up designed specifically for people with vitilago. Depending of course on how much of you is affected. Typically it is just used on the face and hands. I would not undertake looking for someone to marry with vitilago, because you will pass this on to your child because both of you will have the genes for whatever it is that causes this problem. I woul
  14. Sister, any man who demands that you change your Hijab is not worth your time. Forget him and move on. If he loved you, he would simply purchase you lovely things to wear and not say a thing that would hurt your self esteem. If you think that he will stop being a selfish person once you are married, think again. This is NOT love. Run for your life. And wear whatever Hijab you like. Don't be desparate so many sisters are so desparate to marry they put up with anything. He is not a good man. Trust me, and he doesn't deserve you. :Hijabi: :shaytan:
  15. 1. First of all, if two people marry, the logistics should be discussed prior to the marriage. Who brings in what money. If this isn't done, you have problems down the road. If the husband suddenly isn't bringing in money either he is gambling or whoring or something. If I were the wife, I would not simply take up the slack, he'd have to answer for his failure and remedy it. This is not Islam. You see, so often women don't know their religion and allow men to do things that they should not. Once the couple is older the woman should take care of herself she owes the man nothing and if th
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