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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Aliya

    Sister Aliya

    (salam) thanks, br. Poiuyt. Hope you had a happy birthday as well! was it Eid for you as well? May Allah (SWT) bless you and keep you safe always, your sister, Aliya
  2. ally

    I Can Only Say 'SUBHANALLAH'

  3. (salam) thanks so much, bro. salaams to you and yours, and insha'Allah we'll catch up soon. May Allah (SWT) protect you always
  4. Salam,

    Happy Birthday, dear mod! ^_^


  5. ^ yes, but is it worse to be kafir or manafiq? at least kafirs are open about their feelings. manafiqs do much more damage.
  6. Sher.babu was not banned for the track of debate, but ONLY because he was back with a new ID after being banned (which is an automatically bannable offense, even when otherwise abiding by forum rules). I was careful to ONLY delete HIS posts and those that ONLY replied to HIS posts. I did not delete others. there isn't a double standard, as ANY member who has been banned and come back with a new ID is banned straight away. I do take the extra time to delete their posts, as a deterrent to them returning under new guises to continue their arguments, in hopes that they will see the futility, and N
  7. sher.babu is banned. if one suspects that ghulam nabi has returned in another giuse, as he has several times now, PLEASE report him, and to save your own time and energy DO NOT engage in dialogue with him, as his posts, and others' replies thereto are being deleted.
  8. please do not make topics aimed at banned members. they will not be able to respond, since a banned member coming back with a new ID is an automatically bannable offense.
  9. sher.babu is banned AGAIN. thread cleaned up of his posts and replies, so as to discourage him from returning with yet another ID.
  10. Sher.Babu is ghulamnabi banned again. therefore thread closed.
  11. my question to the defenders of Umar: where is it stated that obedience to the Prophet (pbuh) is CONDITIONAL? therefore, whether he (pbuh) was losing consciousness or not is NOT a reason/excuse to NOT OBEY HIS (pbuh) REQUEST.
  12. OP is banned member banned again. Insha'Allah dialogue can continue in his absence.
  13. ^ good catch. he's banned once again!
  14. ^ I think ppl might've missed this. as for the rest, the superiority of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is NOT the topic of this thread. please get back on topic, or this thread will be 'cleaned up' (i.e. off topic posts will be split or deleted).
  15. Sarah (as) was ahlul bayt because she was the mother of prophets (as) (note she was not referred to in this way in Qur'an until it was revealed she would become a mother). it was the bond of motherhood that made her ahlul bayt not marriage, since marriage is potentially temporary (breakable by divorce). More info can be found here about why Sarah (as) is ahlul bayt http://www.al-islam.org/encyclopedia/chapter1a/11.html
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