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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Shialady if you do not mind, may I ask you what is your qualification in Arabic? Or you are just good at it?
  2. Salam, Sis these are sunni books. What would be better is that if you want to spend your time on research download al Kafi english version, because after a while you too will realize that most shias spend their time researching sunni books rather than opening their own shiiite books(btw I am saying this with personal experience too). As far as this topic is concerned it was mentioned in Kafi as well(a bit remotely but it will help clear a lot about hazrat ali's(as) stance).
  3. Salam The following is an excerpt from the book Peshawar nights: TWELVE ARGUMENTS IN SUPPORT OF THE FACT THAT ALI WAS TAKEN TO THE MOSQUE AT THE POINT OF A SWORD Well-Wisher: (1) Abu Ja'far Baladhuri Ahmad Bin Yahya Bin Jabir Baghdadi, one of your reliable traditionists and historians, writes in his History that when Abu Bakr called Ali to swear allegiance, Ali refused. Abu Bakr sent Umar who went with a torch to set fire to Ali's house. Fatima came to the door and said: "O son of Khattab! Have you come to set my house on fire?" He said: "Yes, this is more effective than anything your father did." (2) Izzu'd-Din Ibn Abi'l-Hadid Mu'tazali, and Muhammad Bin Jarir Tabari, narrate that Umar went to the door of Ali's house with Usayd Bin Khuza'i, Salama Bin Aslam and a group of men. Umar then called out, "Come out! Or else I'll set your house on fire!" (3) Ibn Khaziba reports in his Kitab-e-Gharrar from Zaid Bin Aslam, who said: "I was one of those who went with Umar with torches to Fatima's door. When Ali and his men refused to offer allegiance, Umar said to Fatima, "Let whoever is inside come out. Otherwise, I will set the house on fire along with whoever is inside." Ali, Hasan, Husain, Fatima, and a party of the Prophet's companions, and the Bani Hashim were inside. Fatima said: "Would you set my house on fire along with me and my sons?" He said: "Yes, by Allah, if they do not come out and pay allegiance to the caliph of the Prophet." (4) Ibn Abd Rabbih, one of your famous ulema, writes in his Iqdu'l-Farid, Part III, page 63, that Ali and Abbas were sitting in Fatima's house. Abu Bakr told Umar: "Go and bring these people. If they refuse to come, fight them." So Umar came to Fatima's house with torches. Fatima came to the door of the house and said: "Have you come to burn our house?" He said: "Yes..." and so on. (5) Ibn Abi'l-Hadid Mu'tazali in his Shahre Nahju'l-Balagha, Volume I, page 134, quoting from Jauhari's Kitab-e-Saqifa, writes in detail about the affair of the Saqifa-e-Bani Sa'ad. "The Bani Hashim and Ali were assembled in Ali's house. Zubair was also with them since he considered himself one of the Bani Hashim. Ali used to say, 'Zubair was always with us until his sons were grown up. They turned him against us.' Umar went to Fatima's house with a group of men. Usayd and Salma were also with him. Umar asked them to come out and swear allegiance. They refused. Zubair drew his sword and came out. Umar said: 'Get hold of this dog.' Salma Bin Aslam snatched the sword and threw it against the wall. Then they dragged Ali to Abu Bakr. Other Bani Hashim also followed him and were waiting to see what Ali would do. Ali was saying that he was the servant of Allah and the brother of the Holy Prophet. Nobody listened to him. They took him to Abu Bakr, who asked him to take the oath of allegiance to him. Ali said: "I am the most deserving person for this position, and I will not pay allegiance to you. It is incumbent on you to pay allegiance to me. You took this right from the Ansar based on your relationship with the Prophet. I also, on the same ground, protest against you. So be just. If you fear Allah, accept my right, as the Ansar did yours. Otherwise, you should acknowledge that you are intentionally oppressing me.' Umar said: 'We will not leave you until you swear allegiance.' Ali said: 'You have conspired well together. Today you support him, so that tomorrow he may return the caliphate to you. I swear by Allah that I will not comply with your request and will not take the oath of allegiance (to Abu Bakr). He should pay allegiance to me.' Then he turned his face toward the people and said: 'O Muhajirs! Fear Allah. Do not take away the right of authority of Muhammad's family. That right has been ordained by Allah. Do not remove the rightful person from his place. By Allah, we Ahle Bait have greater authority in this matter than you have. There is a man among you who has the knowledge of the Book of Allah (The Qur'an), the Sunna of the Prophet , and the laws of our Religion. I swear by Allah that we possess all these things. So do not follow yourselves lest you should stray from the truth.'" Ali returned home without offering allegiance and secluded himself in his house until Fatima died. Thereafter, he was forced to offer allegiance. (6) Abu Muhammad Abdullah Bin Muslim Bin Qutayba Bin Umar Al-Bahili Dinawari, who was one of your ulema and an official Qazi of the city of Dinawar, writes in his famous Ta'rikhu'l-Khulafate Raghibin wa Daulate Bani Umayya, known as Al-Imama wa's-Siyasa, Volume I, page 13: "When Abu Bakr learned that a group hostile to him had assembled in Ali's house, he sent Umar to them. When Umar shouted to Ali to come out and to swear allegiance to Abu Bakr, they all refused to come out. Umar collected wood and said 'I swear by Allah, Who has my life in His control, either you will come out, or I will set the house with all those in it on fire.' People said: 'O Abu Hafsa! Fatima is also present in the house.' He said: 'Let her be there. I will set fire to the house.' So all of them came out and offered allegiance, except Ali, who said: 'I have taken a vow that until I have compiled the Qur'an, I will neither go out of the house nor will I put on full dress.' Umar did not accept this, but the plaintive lamentation of Fatima and the snubbing by others, forced him to go back to Abu Bakr. Umar urged him to force Ali to swear allegiance. Abu Bakr sent Qanfaz several times to summon Ali, but he was always disappointed. At last Umar, with a group of people went to the door of Fatima's house. When Fatima heard their voices, she cried out 'O my father, Prophet of Allah! What tortures we are subjected to by the son of Khattab and the son of Abi Quhafa!' When the people heard Fatima's lamentation, some went back with their hearts broken, but Umar remained there with some others until finally they dragged Ali from the house. They took Ali to Abu Bakr, and told him to swear allegiance to him. Ali said: 'If I do not swear allegiance what will you do to me?' They said: 'We swear by Allah that we will break your neck.' Ali said: 'Will you kill the servant of Allah and the brother of His Prophet?' Umar said: 'You are not the brother of the Prophet of Allah.' While all this was going on, Abu Bakr kept silent. Umar then asked Abu Bakr whether he (Umar) was not following Abu Bakr's orders in this matter. Abu Bakr said that so long as Fatima was alive he would not force Ali to swear allegiance to him. Ali then managed to reach the grave of the Prophet, where, wailing and crying, he told the Prophet what Aaron had told his brother, Moses, as recorded in the Holy Qur'an: 'Son of my mother! Surely the people reckoned me weak and had well nigh slain me.' (7:150) FATIMA TOLD ABU BAKR AND UMAR THAT SHE CURSED THEM BOTH IN EVERY PRAYER After narrating this affair in detail, Abu Muhammad Abdullah Bin Qutayba says that Ali did not swear allegiance and returned home. Later Abu Bakr and Umar went to Fatima's house to placate her and to seek her pardon. She said: "Allah be my witness that you two have offended me. In every prayer I curse you and will continue cursing you until I see my father and complain against you." (7) Ahmad Bin Abdu'l-Aziz is one of your ulema. Ibn Abi'l-Hadid writes about him in the following words: "He was a man of learning, a traditionist, a great literary figure." He writes in his Kitab-e-Saqifa and Ibn Abi'l-Hadid Mu'tazali also quotes from him in his Sharhe Nahju'l-Balagha, Volume I, page 9, on the authority of Abi'l-Aswad, who said: "A group of the companions and prominent Muhajirin expressed their indignation at Abu Bakr's caliphate and asked why they were not consulted. Also Ali and Zubair expressed their anger, refused to swear allegiance, and retired to Fatima's house. Fatima cried aloud and made solemn entreaties, but to no effect. They took away Ali's and Zubair's swords and hurled them against the wall, breaking them. Then they dragged them to the mosque to force them to swear allegiance." (8) Jauhari reports from Salma Bin Abdu'r-Rahman that when Abu Bakr heard that Ali, Zubair, and a party of the Bani Hashim were assembled in Fatima's house, he sent Umar for them. Umar went to the door of Fatima's house and shouted, "Come out, otherwise, I swear I will set your house on fire!" (9) Jauhari, according to Ibn Abi'l-Hadid in his Sharhe Nahju'l-Balagha, Volume II, page 19, narrates on the authority of Sha'bi: "When Abu Bakr heard about the gathering of the Bani Hashim in Ali's house, he said to Umar: 'Both you and Khalid go and bring Ali and Zubair to me so that they can take the oath of allegiance.' So Umar entered Fatima's house and Khalid stayed outside. Umar said to Zubair 'What is this sword?' He replied, 'I have acquired it for allegiance to Ali.' Umar snatched the sword and hurled it at the stone inside the house and broke it. Then he brought him out to Khalid. He came back into the house, where there were many people, including Miqdad, and all the Bani Hashim. Addressing Ali, he said: 'Get up! I'm taking you to Abu Bakr. You must pay allegiance to him.' Ali refused. Umar dragged him to Khalid. Khalid and Umar forced him along the road which was packed to capacity with men who witnessed this scene. When Fatima saw Umar's behavior, she, along with many women of the Bani Hashim (who had come to console her), came out. They were lamenting and wailing with high-pitched cries. Fatima went to the mosque where she said to Abu Bakr: 'How soon have you sacked the Ahle Bait of the Prophet of Allah. I swear by Allah, I will not talk with Umar until I see Allah.' Fatima showed her extreme disapproval of Abu Bakr and did not speak to him for the rest of her life." (See Sahih Bukhari, Part V and VII). (10) Abu Walid Muhibu'd-Din Muhammad Bin Muhammad Bin Ash-Shahna Al-Hanafi (died 815 A.H.), one of your leading ulema writes in his Rauzatu'l-Manazir Fi Khabaru'l-Awa'il wa'l-Awakhir, in connection with the Saqifa affair: "Umar came to Ali's house prepared to set it on fire with all its inmates. Umar said: 'Enter into what the community has entered.'" (11) Tabari, in his Ta'rikh Volume II, page 443, reports from Ziyad Bin Kalbi that "Talha, Zubair, and some of the Muhajirin were at Ali's house. Umar Bin Khattab went there and demanded that they come out. If they did not, he said, he would set the house on fire." (12) Ibn Shahna, in Hashiyya-e-Kamil of Ibn Athir, Volume XI, page 112, writes in connection with the Saqifa that: "Some of the Prophet's companions, and the Bani Hashim, Zubair, Atba Bin Abi Lahab, Khalid Bin Sa'id Bin As, Miqdad Bin Aswad Kindi, Salman Farsi, Abu Dharr Ghifari, Ammar Bin Yasir, Bara'a Bin Azib, and Ubai Bin Ka'b refused to swear allegiance to Abu Bakr. They assembled in Ali's house. Umar Bin Khattab went there intending to burn down the house. Fatima protested to him. Umar said: 'Enter where all others have entered.'"
  4. I am your worst nightmare :D
  5. Salam Bro, I need to copy all Ahadith from your blog "50+ahadid From Al-khisal To Be Authenticated" as it is really informative, so I need to know why have you chosen those particular Ahadith from the book as I am going to copy them in a Word document and I don't know about the book. And if you got the book on the computer please give me the link and the location of these Ahadith in the book.

    1. sayed khalid sultani

      sayed khalid sultani

      Dear turncoat91 , asalam alikum , sorry for late reply just now i checked my profile ,i collected these ahadid from the book written by sheik suduq , i went through the ahadid there are numerous , but only selected ahadid from prophet mohammad(saww),and why i selected these ahadid ,i think similar to these ahadidh appear in sunni(sahih bukhari,muslim,trimidhi) i guess that is why it make the contents of these ahadidh very strong , but the narrators as identified by brother nader are weak.

  6. Yeah thats what I was saying that to quote the Quranic verse is not sufficient to know what to do, in this case if it is a normal flu then the verse can be used as an excuse not to fast but if the disease is such that it will lead to a really bad situation then the fast is not obligatory but you will have to perform the Qaza fast afterwards.
  7. (salam) Brother Ali you can do as you wish, as for your references we do not follow Muslim and Bukhari Wholly infact the majority of Ahadith are fabricated in them, and the internet and its blogs cannot be relied upon for such advices. As for the verse that has been mentioned I have been repeatedly urging you to stay acquainted with the fatwas of scholars. Khair it is after all your choice. Just ponder over what I have written below: If to an extent I am totally wrong and you keep the fast you will be greatly rewarded as Allah knows your condition better than me, and if to another extent the other brothers wrong and you do not fast because of your flu while it was obligatory on you then technically you can never make up for the fast that is left in the month of Ramadan or if you break your fast when you are not permitted to then you have the penalty to pay.
  8. Brother Ali if you need further help understanding Islamic Laws I'll be more than happy to help, all I do is take advice of scholars in well known matters as Islam in certain matters is well known by people who have been studying it for ages so please don't go on people's "opinions" on verses of Quran and Hadith and choose the right route to gain knowledge which according to logic is the scholars

    1. Ali Musaaa :)

      Ali Musaaa :)

      Thank you brother :)

      I will take you up on your offer inshAllah when I have any issues or questions I will refer them to you which are related to Islamic Law. It's hard for me to do everything right as soon as I became a Muslim and I think I need to do what my brothers told me at the Masjid on the weekend, and too take it one step at a time and not jump into things straight away. Thank you for your help brother :) much appreciated :)

  9. Brother Ali my advice to you is use at least two alarms if one is not enough to wake you up, and wake about an hour or a half before the start of the fast so that you can eat satisfactorily. Indeed Allah does not intend hardship but sometimes human beings need to practice means by which they can control their carnal desires (salam) Have you consulted an Aalim?Brother Ali once you find out more about Islam you'll get to know the scholars who actually have knowledge one of the revered scholars is Ayatullah Sistani, the following is a question asked on his official site: Question 12– I am suffering from physical weakness and poor health when fasting during the whole year and am unable to practice my daily work properly while fasting, and I stay in psychological constriction till the end of the month and I don’t have the Islamic ruling because I am an engineer and my work involves engineering projects. Answer 12– It is not permissible to break the fast just for the weakness except if it harms you or causes an illness or unbearable awkwardness. But if working while fasting is the cause to that weakness, then one should change the working hours or reduce them or search for another job etc. So unless there is something serious at risk or you have a background of dangerous illnesses with deadly side effects you are obliged to continue.(my advice get busy doing something other than just sitting and thinking of eating) btw here is the site link for general questions regarding fasting: http://www.sistani.org/index.php?p=287042&id=99
  10. (salam) Considering your age you are a young and healthy person with no serious or fatal illnesses. Now that set and done, you have to keep the fast because you had the intention of keeping the fast before you slept and if you eat there is a penalty for it (to be specific it is 60 days of fasting out which the first 30 days must be consecutive fast or some say 60 consecutive, or you could feed 60 poor people a two time meal). Sorry brother/sister you are wrong please consult a knowledgable person or namely a marja before giving such opinions. As for your verse you need to understand what type of illness is referred to, as brother Ali has only complained of flu/cough/sneeze which is normal for an average human being
  11. (salam) The first part is intriguing and requires some research i'll try to find an answer whereas for the second Q.... no comment
  12. Pray the daily farz salat in a regular manner with their nawafil, pray ikhlas after salaat once in each direction (right, left, front, back, up, down) The point being that if you practice the most important article of a Muslim's life and understand it properly you won't feel the need to be afraid of death at such extreme measures, such that it hinders yours normal life to such a point that you are worrying about your future.
  13. (salam) For a claim to be denied in our own books it must first be mentioned in the books of the Mukhalif so instead you should ask that person to support his claim so that you can refute it. As far as I have studied there is no such claim of an event as specific as Hazrat Ali(as) praying behind Abu Bakr in Sunni references. (yes the claim of 'Bayt' of Hazrat Ali(as) to Abu Bakr is another matter and if you need references to understand that event then I can provide proof for our view, but to stay with the topic i'll wait for your reply.)
  14. Salam did you get the mail?

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