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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams sis

    Im thinking of opening a onlne hijab site - can you offer any advice or recommend any wholesalers?

  2. The problem is they dont have kids sizes......
  3. Salam alaikum, I am looking for clothing such as shirts for children with "ya hussain" or other things written on them, black of course. I am more speciically looking for a black boys dishdasha..... any clue where I can find these??Thanks in advance.
  4. Salam alaikum, My husband is planning on taking us to Iraq for Ashura this year..INSHALLAH. I have 2 children... 4 and 2(soon to be 5 and 3) and I am a convert... so i dont speak arabic( a few words).. i can understand a lot though. My kids speak mainly english but understand arabic and speak somewhat. Will we have trouble when we go? If they hear us speaking english will we get ino trouble? Wewont be travelng a lot... just from my husband town(rumetha) to karbala. Any suggestions? also where can i get an overhead abaya? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. My ideal happy life is one where my husband and children are happy. When they are happy I am happy. I cannot be happy if they r not happy.
  6. The americans arent going to want to come home!!!lol I wonder if anyone has a figure on how many american soldiers are now living in Iraq?
  7. So according to sistani.....is tuesday eid for usa? His site is down and i cant find any info.
  8. the islamic butcher featured in the article is the meat store we buy from!! cool
  9. i read it when i was like 13. I remember it was creepy....but dont remember a lot....
  10. Salam alaikum, There are many muslims here in USA who are investing money with people who will then use the money to buy goods or property.....They usually make a contract...lets say i give the man 10,000 and in one year i will get my money back plus another 5,000...as is written in the contract. Is this haram or halal and does anyone have any documentation to show on this? If it is haram why is everyone saying it is halal?
  11. well when i was pregnant with my daughter i ate espresso coffee grinds with a spoon. I couldn't stop....i ate it all the time. Then when i had her it stopped. I dont think there is much you can do to stop the craving.
  12. as everyone has said....olive oil is #1. Trust me...i worked at a salon and there is nothing better than olive oil(though they wont tell you that cause they want your money!!) Simply massage it into your scalp and also work it through all your hair....root to tip.....leave it on for at least an hour but you can also leave it overnight...the longer the better. Then when you shampoo DO NOT WET YOUR HAIR......apply shampoo to the dry hair and work it thourhg...then rinse. If you wet your hair first with the oil in it it will be very hard to get out. Also...don shampoo too much....once a week
  13. salams, ok so for everyone who is wondering i will post a few pics of the swimsuit.
  14. they make a thing called watersocks to cover the feet...you can buy them at walmart. How can you swim in front of nahmahrams???? how can you walk in front of them? What if you drop something and have to bend down to pick it up? Perhaps we should all just sit at home to prevent any nahmahram from looking at us??? give me a break please!!! Listen we are muslim women and that doesnt mean we cant enjoy life. I love to swim and i will be swimming my a** off literally this summer..lol I ordered the long shirt with the pants and the shirt goes almost down to the knee. The pants are very loose.
  15. here is the link https://splas004.secure.omnis.com/store/index.php they are having a sale right now and have a new line coming out in june. I got my complete outfit for around 103.00 compared to ahiida which is almost 300.00.
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