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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, i read your post related to mutah with virgin ... Can you tell me the fatwa of Ayatollah Waheed-i-Khurasaani regarding mutah with virgin without the fatherpermission??

  2. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. well ur specific question was answered: If they dont ask or make it a condition, there is no obligation 4 u to tell what u arent asked. There's only the matter of specifically being asked. Now if the partners specifically ask, or specifically make it a condition, you are allowed to hide it (avoid answering it) but you may not marry that person, because they have inadvertedly made it a condition. the ulama and in specific the office of Hujjat ul Islam Seestani has stated this (that u don't have to tell if you are not asked), and Hujjat ul Islam Khmaeyni even says a girl should try to disguise
  4. you have the right to be told, and they have the right to withhold it if it is not asked, so it is not necessary to state it if you aren't asked about it at all.....you have the right to know but no you don't have the right to be told....
  5. nevermind.. i just found the arabic and you're right, it is only for ehtiat e wajib.
  6. can you guys show me evidence for this? (like who says it, where it says you can only do it for ehtiat e wajib and not ehtiat?) Guys, this is what makes me so mad... I emailed the office three times about this and they said it was ok!! There's so much miscommunication!
  7. You mean it can't be done (the switching) when it says 'ehtiat'? LIke, out of ehtiat this must be done? I emailed the office three times (in succession) and they said that in this case, I could do ruju'. Can you show me where it says you can't (for ehtiat)?
  8. (salam) If you read in your Marja's bio that he is the 'Alam (the most knowledgable), but he states certain things are wajib out of ehtiat etc, is it ok to follow another marja'? Or are you obligated to go with your marja's 'ehtiat' ruling because he is the most knowledgable? I emailed my marja' and he said I could do ruju (change) to another marja', and I asked him to who and he named Ayatollah Tabrizi. But I know that when the office replies, they sometimes send conflicting answers, or don't read the whole question through. Can you change?
  9. Salam guys Two nights ago, in our masjed , there was a fifteen-year old boy passing around tea.. He suddenly collapsed towards the end of the gathering; he's been diagnosed with having three brain tumours.. He's a really good young boy, helpful and polite and last night again we were told that his condition isn't good and I just wanted to sincerely ask that you take five or ten minutes and pray for him. Please recite seven surat al - hamd's and please pray for his safety. The young brother needs our help. I am unsure of his last name, but his fist name is Davood. thanx
  10. but if your marja' says you can do the switch, the ruju' , then khalas you don't need to worry about it?
  11. Salam, Im not sure about Islam, but usually in the middle-east, kids aren't the ones who are supposed to be served first. It's the adults (the guests) who are served first, and the kids are supposed to stay quiet and seated until they're served. Usually, the men sit apart from the women and the head of the family (the dad) guest is the first to be served, followed by the mom, etc.
  12. but we see even pious muslims sinning in things like gheebah or sometimes having a harsh tongue, despite being generally pious and refraining from the major sins. Are they still considered just?
  13. I don't like christmas songs but I do like carols. My favourite carol is Oh Glorious Night.. that's really beautiful.
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