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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, It appears that you are not deeply versed with the edicts of living in a non-Muslim land, from the authentic hadith of or Prophet and Imams. You are actually incorrect in pretty much every sentence you said, unfortunately. I wish you good luck in the future and hope all is well with you. - Friendly Guy
  2. Salaam, You are combining several different topics into one. A system for governance is different than a system for religious guidance in personal matters. This is also different than whether a representative of an Imam can be infallible. That topic, again, is different from corrective actions the Imams have made, or the current Imam can/has made to correct fallible representative. The concept of Ulul Amr rests with the power of the Amr of Allah, and that also is a different topic than representatives or deputies of the Imam. Finally, your last point rests on the notion that Imam Mahdi is not
  3. Salaam, Inshallah all is well with you. Your rejection of the four deputies, and indeed all the deputies that the Imams have ever assigned, directly contradicts the hadith of our Imams. First, Imam Hasan Al Askari publicly utilized the first deputy, Hazrat Usman b.. Saeed-e-Amri, as his own representative, and to send funds (khums) to him with the full understanding that delivering funds to him, was the same as delivering them to Imam Hasan Al Askari. Hazrat Usman b.. Saeed-e-Amri did so in the guise of Taqiyyah In fact, after Imam Hasan Askari became shaheed, his brother Jafar claimed the I
  4. Salaam, I think there is a system to ensure "QA" for the Maraja, but its not as formal. If one marja makes incorrect rulings or acts, then other scholars, of equal, higher, or lower stature will call them out and say so. Whether its valid or not, that is exactly what is happening with Syed Fadlallah. - Friendly Guy
  5. Salaam, Everyday someone asks about this topic, can we just sticky an FAQ? Its the same quesiton over and over, and I think it would be a service to the community to post links to marjas webpages, etc. Thoughts? - Fg
  6. What page do you want scanned? - rahat I dont know why you think that, its not like that whatsoever. Its a purely factual book that lists 10 proofs of successorship, 10 miracles, family trees and a little bit more for each and every imam. - rahat
  7. Many Prophets, including Prophet Isa, were sent with specific messages and teachings that took into account particular circumstances of a community that may or may not be applicable universally. For example: Islam teaches us to love people even if they are not in our family, and there are hadith about how to treat strangers when they are in need. However, such rules would be illogical when applied to Prophet Adam's time - as there are no strangers, and everyone was in the same family. In the same way, there are some rules from previous Prophets - while correct, proper, and true, that have no
  8. As long as you believe the leader of the salaat knows the proper arabic pronounciation of the necessary part, is Adil, Shia, sane, and of legitimate birth you may follow him in salaat. I don't think smoking negates any of those, also please be aware that certain Maraja in the last 30 years have allowed some forms of smoking, provided that addiction has already occurred and stopping smoking would cause more harm than it would prevent. - Fg
  9. Salaam, I'm not sure how much biology you konw, but swine and pig species are a major reservoir of xenobiotic diseases. In fact, pigs have a biologically unique ability to combine different viruses, and then be a source of illness for humans. That is likely one of the reasons why pigs are forbidden to Muslims. - FG
  10. I don't think a poll has ever been done, but my understanding is that the vast majority of Shias in the world today follow Ayatollah Sistani
  11. haha awesome super specific reply. thanks jondab
  12. Salaam Alaikum, I'm afraid many of the people here are not answering your question. I am not expert, but the general process is that you must attend the hawzah and complete various levels of scholarship, if I'm not mistaken there are 3 in total, but I forget their names. To become an "ayatollah", as many put it, you will have to not only get to the dars al kharij level of studies, you will have to complete it, and then achieve the scholarly level where you can, and actually do, start teaching it. It is common that many people never actually reach this level, but for those who do, it has typic
  13. Salaam, From my knowledge, none of the individuals in this MC organization have any affiliation with any Maraja, in Iran or otherwise - so I'm not sure why they would talk about Iran/WF so much - and as the brother mentioned, allow false statements to come out of their mouths that dont match what ht scholars in Qum are saying. Secondly, I'm sure many MC people are 'upset' about this article - but was anything factually incorrect? Did they tell any lies? - FG
  14. Salaam, I too strongly and ardently recommend against taking a child of such an age on Hajj. However if you are absolutely resolute, I recommend - for the physically strenuous aspects - you sit out, and appoint your husband as your "representative" to perform those acts on your behalf. It'll mean that he has to do some things twice, but it is the vastly safer option than you taking your baby on all the physically taxing acts of Hajj. - FG
  15. Taqleed is not wajib by itself, but is one of three wajib options 1. Obtain the degree of ijtihad, thus that you are capable of distinguishing Islamic law from false narrations and ideas. 2. Perform ihtiyaat, and follow the strictest of all available rulings in every circumstnace. 3. Perform taqleed of one who has the degree of ijtehad in matters of fiqh. I don't know why some people think thats so illogical. Of course you have to follow he or she who is more knowledgeable about you in Islam, even if it doesn't make sense. If you disagree refer to the story of Prophet Musa and Prophet Khidr,
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