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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Langar


    I didn’t say it’s okay, but from a jurisprudential perspective having desires isn’t haram and you’re not judged on your thoughts (except in rare cases like suspicion). You’ll only be judged and held accountable for your actions, don’t get them mixed up. Having lustful thoughts is bad but unless you act upon them you’re not judged for them. Labelling someone as a sinner before they’ve even committed a sin is unjust and you’ll end up pushing people away from God and Islam before they can understand what they’re going through and how they can deal with it. Instead of shunning people who need our help how about we lend a non-judgemental ear and supportive hand.
  2. Langar


    Keep him close, don't make him feel like he doesn't belong. As long as he doesn't act upon his desires he hasn't committed any sins. Being gay isn't haram, fornication is. Support him, this is a struggle, help him understand that.
  3. We have no choice but to choose, but what we choose we don't have a choice in.
  4. So then what's the issue, did they not help?
  5. Have you ever been in a position where the weight of the world and everything in it was crushing you and you couldn't breathe?
  6. Why do you have to be a couple to adopt?
  7. Just go to your GP and ask for antidepressants, they give them out like sweets.
  8. Adoption needs to be encouraged more in Muslim communities because so many cultures still frown upon it, it's ridiculous.
  9. Antidepressants help in the short term but they strip you of your emotions leaving you feeling emotionally flat which kind of makes you feel another kind of crap. But still its better than suffocating in your own skin. Feelings can get lost.
  10. Bro is a khanom actually. We've been programmed a certain way, we will never choose anything other than what we were going to choose, and our choices are all determined by past actions and external influences. You are never truly "free". The issue I have is mostly a technical one. I understand the points that have been raised, but my point is we throw around the term "Free Will" without understanding the meaning behind Free and Will. We need to rename this phenomenon.
  11. Salams, Has anyone here been to Lisbon? How was your experience? Any advice on where to go, where to stay etc.?
  12. Salams, The discussion of Free Will and Determinism (predestination) is ongoing. Both philosophers and theologians give their theories and insights through debates and articles and there is a lot of disagreement and controversy regarding the subject. Recently, this discussion has been reopened for me and I'm not quite convinced that we have "Free will". When we discuss this topic, we usually refer to Free Will as the ability of having the freedom to choose how to act. But I don't believe that this is an accurate description of the term Free Will. Will and choice are two different concepts. Will is defined as: "the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action." Freedom insinuates the lack of limitation, but obviously in our capacity as human beings we are very limited and constrained in what we can do. Furthermore, if we were to bring God and His will into the equation, when we want to analyse our will and God's will we see that God in His capacity is truly free to do whatever He wishes. Now when we look at our own "free will" it becomes so negligible that it doesn't even seem to have any real existence. (I'm aware that the last line opens up other avenues regarding own own existence but let's not go into that discussion atm and just focus on the idea of free will please) I'll conclude on the Hadith Qudsi that was revealed to Prophet Dawood: عبدي أنت تريد وأنا أريد و لا يكون إلا ما أريد فإن سلمت لي فيما أريد كفيتك ما تريد و إن لم تسلم لي فيما أريد أتعبتك فيما تريد ولا يكون إلا ما أريد If anyone can provide a good translation for this I'd be very grateful.
  13. Looking for a quick fix...

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      @Langar If you need help, please send me a PM. 

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      @Langar Sister, you used the words 'quick fix'. I am ready to help you in any way. If I can't help, then I will pray for you. 

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