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  1. I'm looking for the best accessible resources, books, lectures, for Sufi/Irfani knowledge. I've found some books by Ibn Arabi and Ghazali, but was wondering what we have from Shia scholars known for their mystical experiences and knowledge. I know there's Liberated Soul by Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tihrani, and I also know Ayatollah Behjat was known for his 'Irfan if I'm not mistaken. I'm not limited to Shia scholars though so anything you know and can share I would be very grateful for. Please share
  2. To do list for today: 1. attend my hawza classes 2. make homemade birthday card for my husband (his birthday is tomorrow ) 3. bake keto brownies because both me and hubs are on the keto diet, so the brownies will be the birthday cake alternative - I've never made keto brownies so please pray they come out right!
  3. I've done the keto diet twice so far for about 2-3 months each time and its really helped me lose weight, clear my mind, and my skin as well. It also helps majorly with bloating and when I'm on the diet I don't tend to experience my usual bloating and discomfort after eating (could be a gluten issue though). I started it again yesterday, so this will be my third cycle of it. Has anyone else here done the Keto diet, how have you found it and what foods/recipes do you like having. I need some inspiration and motivation. I'm in love with Godiva 90% dark chocolate and it's truly a God-send when I'm on keto because I LOOOOVE my chocolate and its only 14g/100g Please share your keto experiences and food recipes here! Thanks
  4. Does anyone know the best tried and tested ways to: 1. Prevent a gout attack from occurring 2. Treat a gout attack, reduce pain and inflammation Preferably dietary suggestions please. Thanks!
  5. اللّهُمّ صَلّ عَلَى مُحَمّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمّدٍ
  6. InshaAllah everyone has been keeping well in this pandemic situation. SubhanAllah, six months on and I still feel like I'm living in quite a surreal world. Anyhoo, onto the subject matter. So I've been doing a Psychology conversion masters for the past couple of years but I'm now looking to take my career towards counselling/therapy. I've been doing some research but I'm not sure what the best route would be and I haven't found a clear answer from my searches. I was hoping to get some advice from anyone who is in the counselling and/or therapy field as to what I can do, how I can build some experience, and what specific qualifications I need to become a qualified counsellor/therapist. I would really appreciate any guidance I can get
  7. Hello Shiachat! Haven't been here in years. What has changed?

    1. AStruggler


      Salaam. I believe it has. 

  8. I didn’t say it’s okay, but from a jurisprudential perspective having desires isn’t haram and you’re not judged on your thoughts (except in rare cases like suspicion). You’ll only be judged and held accountable for your actions, don’t get them mixed up. Having lustful thoughts is bad but unless you act upon them you’re not judged for them. Labelling someone as a sinner before they’ve even committed a sin is unjust and you’ll end up pushing people away from God and Islam before they can understand what they’re going through and how they can deal with it. Instead of shunning people who need our help how about we lend a non-judgemental ear and supportive hand.
  9. Keep him close, don't make him feel like he doesn't belong. As long as he doesn't act upon his desires he hasn't committed any sins. Being gay isn't haram, fornication is. Support him, this is a struggle, help him understand that.
  10. We have no choice but to choose, but what we choose we don't have a choice in.
  11. So then what's the issue, did they not help?
  12. Have you ever been in a position where the weight of the world and everything in it was crushing you and you couldn't breathe?
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