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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i hope someone repliesto this i have been having this issue for yrs and need advice.
  2. salamwalaikum. i am a sister who is married for a long time now.and happily married.mashaAllah.but a sister asked me if i would ever be a co wife and honestly i would not and could nto handle it tho i do support the patient ones who do.But i would not be able to have relations with a man who is doing the same with another women.i cant be a wife to a man who has another wife basically and would leave if that happened to me. now i cant handle it is the point and it isnt obligatory.i do my fullest best to fulfil my husband and my family affairs and according to him i do quite fine.alhamdulilah. but others will say i am wrong for wanting to be the only wife.i am not trying to be selfish my family is poor anyway.but either way its not about wealth and material that i dont want a co wife its about personal relations with my husband.i could not fulfil him and make him happy because i would be unhappy the fact he would touch another women would kill me.and i would leave.i grew up in polygamous places with friends and fam who partake in it and i support and love them and they support me too. but some say i am wrong and should get another wife for my husband. he doesnt want one so why should i? and i couldnt handle it so why take it on? im noticing more pressure from the outside then from within my marriage. but then he also says im jealous...i am.. but i also feel it is nasty to share a man sexually i dont want another womens private palce on my husband and it would disgust me and i would leave him either way. men i understand why for more reasons that sex and i admire those who do polygamay..please advice
  3. salamwalaikum.I know islam says that muslims can have up to 4 wives at a time.but it isnt obligatory on all of us.so me not wanting to be a co wife is that haram?when i believe polygamy is a blessing on some but myself would gain more pain than anything.and i would divorce my hussband if he took another wife.is this haram? i couldnt be a good wife to him if he did....i would sin if he did. but is it wrong to refuse to be a co wife? because you know you cant take that situation and would sin or end your marriage? i honestly would leave .i wouldnt waste a day in that situation.becuase i would sin in it.and rather be a mans only wife.one women is enough for most men so its not always sex thats the issue.but i just need to know am i wrong?men expect to be their wifes only partner.but unfortuanatly we cant expect the same and that causes issues with self esteem.i would seek another man if he seeked another women...please tell me something i hope im not wrong for being a better muslim if im a single wife of a man.i would not be a good muslim and as it says polygamy is not wajib,so i do not have to partake in it even tho i do support its values.
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