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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam aleikom, yes, i am also a convert to islam. i converted in 2005 and i got shia just 6 months later. wasalam,mahdi
  2. salam aleikom, i think people should not be thinking like this about their brothers or sisters- it dos not devalue a woman if she knows that a person might like her, but just hasnt the courage to ask her because he fears being turned down for whatever reason. Allah ho alam Wsalam,Mahdi
  3. Wow that German in your comments looks so cool being punctuated by the odd Islamic words here and there.

    This world gets more bright and interesting by the day.

  4. salam aleikom sister,

    lol i doubt that it will be your last question...but thats ok. and I really appreciate if you ask, to be honest. Yes, the age is the same among women as it is among men. You could even start your studies now, if your mum didnt force you to do highschool and stuff. Otherwise its never too late..even if you might be 25 then. Wsalam, Mahdi

  5. thank you for the information, my brother. :D

    another question (this will be the last!... i think.), is the age limit / other requirements the same for the women who wand to attend the hawza, or is it different?

  6. Salams

    You can contact me on shiachat@live.com.au

  7. salam, irani hastin?? ^^ well, my problem is more the flashing and jumping taskbar. I am living in Iran, the newest version of Windows 7 that I got was the Ultimate 7600 which they are selling as "Final" but its only the RC in my opinion. I bought it from MRT and its working fine, but it crashes with games like the sims2 and it has these issues like the flashing taskbar. I think the old Taskbar like in Vista was more easy to handle, but as we like technology I guess I will just have to cope with Win7. But what about this horrible Flashing of the taskbar? Wsalam, Mahdi
  8. salam sister,

    no problem;) no, there are not requirements, any kind of certificate from the west is enough. Even a "high school certificate" or anything like that. I learned farsi here, it took 2 years and I know it fluently now. Its a sweet language I mean surely better than German..LOL.

    Your not asking too many questions. take care and write if u have questions. wasalam, Mahdi;)

  9. loool, i know. 400 characters isn't enough!

    yeaah, i'd prefer myself to start young, but my mama wants me to finish highschool and university before i go to hawza. |:<

    nah, i'm not Iranian. i have a part-Iranian background, but i dont speak farsi or anything... i'm actually learning right now.

    does the hawza have any educational requirements? (sorry, i ask too many questions! >.<)

  10. ...(sorry this 400-symbol limit sucks) ...but I saw students here who were 55 of age.I guess you are allright with your 16years...you could wait until your 18, then youll be an adult by law it would be easier then. Are you Iranian? That would be good coz you wouldnt need a visa.

    Wsalam, Mahdi

  11. salam,

    thanks for your message. Ok, first of all there is no "perfect age" for the howzeh. I know 11 year old boys from Malaysia who are studying here. If you want to study here, it would be an advantage to start off young. You dont have to be 18 to start. In Fact I read that they prefer younger Muslims from older ones. The limit is said to be 23 (the maximum age...

  12. wa aleykom asalaam!

    thank you so much for your replies!

    i was just wondering right now, though, what is the minimum age that the hawza requires? right now i'm 15 years old, going on 16, and i sitll have to finish highschool and university.

  13. (bismillah) Salam, I was wondering how many of you are using Windows 7 and does anyone experience problems with the taskbar? I sometimes find it difficult telling whether it is an open application or a programme shortcut connected to the taskbar. Sometimes (mostly while surfing) i see the taskbar is flashing or jumping and it only stops when I klick on it. Does anyone have any problems like me? Wsalam, Mahdi
  14. Salam, unfortunately I cant vote. I am not a muazen, I pray in the mosque just once a week, and I take like 3 minutes for one rakat. I never stopped the time though. It can depend though, when I am in a hurry I rather read my prayers fast than loosing them. Mostly I am slow though. Wsalam, Mahdi
  15. Salam, yes thanks for kindly posting this problem, I do have it too. Whatever I search it wont show ANY results.. Ensha Allah it will be fixed soon. Wsalam, Mahdi
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