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  1. Salams, How unfortunate that that happened to you on your trip back to your homeland. Well, too bad for that "mean girl" posse; they missed out a new opportunity for friendship. I'd say the conflict is a complex mixture of things with roots going back to the times of our prophet (S.A.W) and imams (A.S.). From my experience and understanding, the hate is based of pure ignorance. Upon hearing the word "Shia", people already start making judgments about others without knowing anything about the term or what it means, leaving the history and background to another grounds. Rather than picking up a book or researching what "Shia" stems from, the people love to hate because thats what they've been taught. You didn't do anything wrong, however, what I've adopted to is introducing myself as a Muslim, not Sunni or Shia. If you look at the actions of a person and then base it back on to their religious view, people can understand that our lifestyle, if living it in a pious manner lol, stems from the people who taught it to us, the Ahlulbayt (A.S.).
  2. AssalamoAlaykum brothers and sisters, I'm confused on what the ruling is for Fajr prayers, for when they are qaza or too late to offer in the required time period, is it when you see a strip of orange on the horizon (sunrise), or like a more noticeable sunrise? I'm not really sure on the timings for when it is valid and too late to offer Fajr prayers. All and any help will be appreciated :) Thank You and may Allah bless you all and help you in your missions in life.
  3. Assalamoalaykum, MashAllah, your mother taught well :), seems like an excellent environment for kids to grow up in and adapt to our religion and values. In our household black is common clothing as well as majlis going on every day, only basic food items are cooked/eaten, nothing new is bought except for necessary food items, and we go to imambargah where shabedari is held usually every night until the 10th, along with lectures and discussions on a variety of religious topics Its an excellent atmosphere in remembering the tragedy of karbala and our imam and his family
  4. one year old?? wow, thats old!!! lool, i've only been here a month!! but welcome back to sc, hope you enjoy ur time here inshallah.

  5. Wa 3alaykom Al Salam... Welcome to SC... You're new here I presume...

  6. lool dw about it! joking, your new here i presume? dw, people are really nice, just a few that could be weird.

  7. Salams, Mashallah, Nice post, I think we all need this reminder lol, +1
  8. Salams JazakAllah bro, and nice quote from Ayatollah Khomenei, never heard it before. May Allah bless Ahlulbayt and all their followers.
  9. No problem, my car can FLY...loolz
  10. Very true indeed...this animal has no dignity whatsoever, even so it engages with its parents. Doesn't make sense in keeping an animal that is forbidden in the Quran. Us as Muslims have a much higher stage than thinking about such an animal...lol
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