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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I dont know about other countries but here in the UK not only knives but every single item mentioned in this thread is illegal to carry. Pretty much anything that can be used to hurt someone is considered an offensive weapon and thus illegal to have in public places.
  2. Is there anywhere on the net where we can download islamic photos/images that we can use on our own websites, publications etc without infringing copyrights? Maybe some shiachatters stock some of their own work somewhere that they don't mind being used by other shias (for non-commercial purposes of course and giving the author credit)? Or if not, maybe we can use this thread to upload such stuff?
  3. 1. They were refering to the fact that the Constitution of Medina which the Prophet prepared explicitly calls both Muslims and Jews living in Medina "one ummah" so in this sense this is true. 2. seems to be true, as someone pointed out Imam Mahdi will do the same and I remember reading that Imam Ali did the same. If you think about it, its only fair and just to judge their disputes based on their laws and not on laws they were not even that familiar with. 3. The raid on the caravan and the distribution of booty did happen.I can't recall anyone in the documentary saying this was done IN ORDE
  4. Why would they prohibited from entering Medina if the Prophet allowed them to live there and never expelled them? The Jews lived there, Christians came to debate, they even went inside the mosque. I don't get it. Also, my main question remains: is there anything in Shi'a sources that would justify expelling non-Muslims from the whole of Hijaz?
  5. wouldn't "idolaters" specifically mean the politeistic pagans? So after the peaceful conquest of Makka, was everyone there forced to convert to Islam or else they would be banished? what about Medina, are non-Muslims prohibited from entering either by Islam or by current Saudi law? And what about driving them out of the whole of Hijaz?
  6. The Sunnis have a hadith in Bukhari where the Prophet allegedly says: "expel the jews and the christians from the Hijaz". Do we believe this? Is there any islamic basis to the actions of the later khalifas who did actually banish non-Muslims from the Hijaz? Is there any islamic basis for them being prohibited from entering Makka and Madina?
  7. This documentary was intended for a general audience most of whom don't know anything at all about the Prophet and wouldn't even be interested in such nuances. From this perspective the film wasn't bad. Half of the viewers probably saw the Prophet as some madman with a bomb in his turban as the Danish cartoon depicted him and this documentary challenged that. And you will only get a documentary that presents a Shi'a view if Shi'as make it, as simple as that.
  8. If i had my tongue pierced and was wearing it 24/7 why wouldn't I see a president wearing that? I would. Not to mention a tongue piercing is hardly visible unless you stick your tongue out. In any case your whole argument is flawed - I wouldn't go to see the queen or a president wearing jeans and a t-shirt but there is no problem in me praying to God wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Analogies are usually flawed, there is a reason why analogy is forbidden in Shia fiqh.
  9. so let me get this straight - we just change our intention and everything is ok? Nothing changes about the contract, we just tell OURSELVES (one could even say lie to ourselves) that this is actually something else and that makes haram halal? How does that work?
  10. How about some prominent ones alive today? I'm assuming there aren't any in the English-speaking world or whose works might have been translated into English? Bahrain mostly?
  11. so what are we to make of this hadith? It declares all other sahaba apostates on the face of it
  12. I guess Im specifically asking about those sahaba who died after the Prophet but thanks for the list. The reason I'm asking is that particular hadith which sunnis often throw in our face, that after the Prophet all sahaba except for those 4 became apostates. Going back to Bilal though, what was his position regarding the Caliphate? I cant really remember reading anything about hos support for Imam Ali
  13. From among the most prominent companions, who apart from the mentioned 4 (Salman, Ammar, Miqdad and Abu Dhar) do we not have any criticism against? I remember reading a hadith saying that except for these 4, all others became apostates, is this hadith accepted as accurate in the Shia school? Because I'm sure there are some others we highly respect and have no issues with... like Bilal for example, we have no issues with him right?
  14. but how can it be? whats the reason for this difference, a sunrise is a sunrise after all
  15. Sayid Sadiq Shirazi's book "Summary of Logic" is in this thread:
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