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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Aleykum Brothers and Sisters I'm wondering about the 313 soldiers/generals of Imam Mahdi (as). Why is it that the Shia community of more than 300 mil. people haven't been able to produce only 313 loyal persons for the cause of Imam Mahdi (as)? Is it because something is wrong with the way that Islam is conveyed today by the Shuyukh / Marjaa, or is it because we are so blinded by dunya, that it covers our hearts from the real truth? I mean Ashura and Arbaeen are some of the biggest gatherings the world has ever witnessed with millions chanting Labayka ya Hussain. One would think that 313 true loyal shias would be easy to produce, but there must be something fundamentally wrong with our belief system or our understanding of our Deen? Share your thoughts please. May Allah swt open our hearts to the truth and hasten the reappearance of our beloved Imam (as) Ws
  2. Yes I agree with you that he contradicts our beliefs, and as I mentioned I don't agree with some of the things he says. However I believe that there is a truth in some of his beliefs. Yes he praises the Ottoman empire a lot and I have also heard in a lecture that he praises king Abdullah of Jordan, and thinks that the king should be the leader of the Ummah. He might be wrong but we shouldn't call him a devil, maybe he was simply misguided, like a lot of us are. Also in a lot of his lectures he keeps begging for Allahs swt forgiveness so maybe he was aware of his wrong beliefs but was being misled. Wa Allahu alam ws
  3. Salam I used to listen to sheikh Nazim, may Allah swt show him mercy. I didn't agree with all he said, however he had a series of lectures called Shahi Mardan dedicated to Imam Ali as. I also find this video very interesting bc he says that Imam Mahdi as is the son of Imam Askari as: Also the 1st of rajab starts tomorrow and sufyani la will appear in rajab. Let us pray that this will be the year. Ws
  4. We are in the end times. Our beloved Prophet saws was also a sign of the end times.
  5. Thank you, hope the same for you and your family. Would you say that the advent of our beloved Imam (as) is near? also if the list is completed and these people know that they are a part of the 313, why is the Imam (as) not reappearing? Thank you for your dua, but if the list is already complete and they know who they are, then I guess I'm not a part of it because I don't have a clue of being of the 313.
  6. Salam. Spend time trying to know our Imam (as) . Read as much as you can about him. Read Surah Yasin everyday and present it as a gift to the Imam (as). There is a hadith from Imam Hussein (as), which says that when you know your Imam (as) it will not matter for you if the reappearance will happen today or after your death. Also meditation and exercise will help you.
  7. Salam big brother Sami. First of all I would like to thank you for your interesting posts. You are one of the reasons that I still visit shiachat. Do you happen to know if the list of the 313 exists somewhere? and also do these 313 know that they will be a part of the Imams army?
  8. Thanks sister... maybe I can do istikhara and get an answer inshaAllah
  9. Thank you for the reply.. It won't be a problem to take care of the child or give them shelter and food... What concerns me the most is if I will be able to love that child as my own.. I want to have kids of my own one day inshaAllah, and I would hate myself if I treat my own kids differently than her daughter... I am aware of these problems, such as how much right will I have over this child? what if we disagree about how she should be raised or what to Wear? I've also talked to her about these Things a Little and she replied that the only thing she wants is a house where we can live and that I show them love and respect.
  10. Thank you for the reply.. My parents will probably tell me the same thing.. The reason that she got divorced is that her ex-husband was cheating and used to beat her and didn't treat her right,, I just feel that if anyone could give this woman the respect and love that she needs it would be me
  11. Thank you for the reply sister.. She is 22 years old.. I just feel that I am running out of options.. as a victim of the western lifestyle I have been with other girls and during the past few years I have tried to find a "good" woman that I can marry with no luck, which have left me heartbroken at occasions... I feel happy when I talk to her and she has already told me that she loves me. I don't know if I love her, but I care about her.. My friends also told me not to do it, so I'm really cofused. I would hate to brake her heart
  12. Salam Aleikum dear Brothers and sisters. I am a bit confused and feel slightly depressed sometimes because my "lovelife" have not been the most fortunate. I live in a western country, so clearly i have been influenced by the western lifestyle and have probably the wrong idea about love and marriage. Anyway i am 24 (almost 25) years old man, and i seek your advice regarding an issue that i'm facing right now. I met this girl over facebook during the month of ramadhan, and we have been talking to each other for 2 month now and we really like each other. We have only met one time because she lives about 3 hours away. Now the problem is that she was married before, and has a 2-year-old daughter from her first marriage. I really like her but I don't know what to do or how to tell my parents about this.. I'm not sure how they will react but I got a feeling that they won't be so happy about it. Besides I am not even sure if I'm mature enough to raise a child which is not my own. I don't know if I will be able to love that child as my own as I have promised her. So currently we had a litte "fight" over the phone because I asked her to take it more slow, and I told her that I need some time to talk about it with my mom and see how she reacts. It has been two days now and I havent told my mom yet and I havent talked to the girl either as we agreed not to talk until i've made up my mind, which is kinda hard for me cause we talked every day for several hours. So dear Brothers and sisters, if anybody can give me some advice to what i should do please help. Wassalam
  13. Again thanks for the reply.. So at the end of the day all we can and must do is to increase our imaan and doing our obligations as muslims are supposed to and be patient... I think that patience is the key today for muslims.. at least those who havent fallen for the satanic system.. as for me I'm stuck in the middle being dragged from one side to another which saddens me often.. I hope that I can find a way out and the same for brothers and sisters... I made some research on the net and I found some interesting stuff about the illuminati/jinns.. although it is from christian sources it still makes some sense to an extent.. They suggest that Satan/dajjal are masters in decieving humans and it is part of their plan to expose illuminati and their secrets.. in this way people will begin to see them as the bad guys and that is when Dajjal comes and calls for peace and love and tries to unite all of mankind while leading them to the hellfire..
  14. Thanks for your answer brother.. However it is not possible for me to get out right now as I am too deep in the system and so is my family.. If I told them about this they think I have gone mad.. I did not come to europe by choice as I am a refugee.. Yes the first step for every Muslim is to stick with the Deen and don't get caught up by the evil desires. This is really hard for the youth specially in the west as temptations are just in front of our houses... Here is a great book about spiritual journey that is very helpful if one wishes to travel that way... http://www.al-islam.org/LWM/ Also what is your opinion about reptilians and jinns? how big a part do they play in the messing up of our minds and world? I've been watching some videos on youtube and here is one of them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob553dEzZ20
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