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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ooo what are they? what do they taste like? what is the texture? is it coconut? the little wheel ones are cute.

    They're called 'ma'mul' and they come in date and walnut fillings. Check out the recipe and video on this site:


    Ive never had it but have heard of it, that one looks expertly done. Do you have any tips?

    Tip number one: You have to have a non stick pan in order for your tahdig not to burn.

    Number two: Practice makes perfect!

    Check out this site for more tips: http://turmericsaffron.blogspot.co.uk/2010/01/art-of-making-persian-tah-dig.html

    And this one for more tahdig varieties (bread, lettuce etc): http://mypersiankitchen.com/?s=tahdig

  2. Happy nowrooz then...these table decorations are intriguing... whats the significance of the black doll? and are those easter eggs?

    I read somewhere that the black man was a Zoroastrian fire keeper so his face would get black from the coal lol

    Are the eggs just a symbol for 'new beginnings', or is there more to it? and does the red apple symbolise anything in particular, or is it just any produce of the season that is placed on the table?

    Check out post #4 http://www.shiachat....4974987-nowruz/

    Nowruz is the start of spring so that is when our year starts... on Nowruz we set a table with 7 symbols starting with the letter 'S' . This is called the ' Haft Seen' table.

    1. sabzeh(سبزه) - wheat, barley or lentil sprouts growing in a dish - symbolizing rebirth

    2. samanu (سمنو)- a sweet pudding made from wheat germ - symbolizing affluence

    3. senjed (سنجد)- the dried fruit of the oleaster tree - symbolizing love

    4. sîr (سیر)- garlic - symbolizing medicine

    5. sîb (سیب)- apples - symbolizing beauty and health

    6. somaq (سماق)- sumac berries - symbolizing (the colour of) sunrise

    7. serkeh (سرکه)- vinegar - symbolizing age and patience

  3. Sis,

    GET RID OF the PRE 1979 FLAG :mad:

    Yeah kinda knew someone who comment on it. Nowrooz is a non Islamic tradition and the flag is an old Persian symbol, that's it. Don't need people reading too much into it. I put the current Iranian flag on my table last year...not that it matters.

  4. "Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering." (Paulo Coelho)

    I know where you found that quote from! :P

    More quotes:

    The more you know, the more you realise you don't know - the less you know, the more you think you know - David T. Freeman

    ما تتعلم في االصغر ينفعك في الكبر

    Whatever you study in your young age, will benefit you in your old age.

    Nature does nothing in vain - Aristotle

    Good habits formed at youth make all the difference - Aristotle

  5. Stomach aches? Nope. Someone's been drinking this for the wrong reasons.

    What it does it says on it: "herbal tea for flu, cough, cold, cattarh, irritation in throat and fever."

    Oh yes my bad! Now that I think of it she had the flu so this explains why she had the packet with her lol. My other Paki friend said the Iranian equivalent of that would be 'gol gav zaboon' http://turmericsaffron.blogspot.co.uk/2010/03/gol-gav-zaban-persian-herbal-flower-tea.html

    Apparently it doesn't taste too good...

  6. Qarshi_Johar_Joshanda.jpg

    My Pakistani friend brought this in the other day lool...apparently it's good for stomach aches.

    Hehe I never regretted it, it's just all these topping was a bit too much. And what's Manna Dew?

    Anyway, I felt like eating crispy sweet stuff so made baqlawa:


    Only thing I have after this is loads of water.

    Inaya don't do this to me...baqlawa is my love <3 I think Turkish people make the best ones...

  7. Haven't really been in the shiachat mood, but I just watched a film that I have to share lol

    It's called 'Arranged', came out in 2008. Here's a summary I found:

    ARRANGED centers on the friendship between an Orthodox Jewish woman and a Muslim woman who meet as first-year teachers at a public school in Brooklyn. Over the course of the year they learn they share much in common - not least of which is that they are both going through the process of arranged marriages.

    I give it a 9/10, overall a good film. Acting was great, there was a bit of humour, the reality of certain aspects of life were shown (such as family reputation etc). The culture clash between our traditions with the West was portrayed and I really love how at the end there seems to be some progress/adaptation in the way marriage is viewed, as well as holding on to our traditions and beliefs. I'm not sure if there was a correct portrayal of the Jewish family. Maybe there was a slight exaggeration in regards to their hostility towards Muslims...

  8. Let DoubleAgent and Hameeda also drop in---see, what they suggest---; what about --

    6------Hookah Bar

    7------Sheesha House

    8-----ok, leave it, what I was about to suggest was a bit outrageous-----one must never push one's luck---

    Eh I see you guys already went through with the change, without my approval :o

    Haha I'm just kidding, when I got a notification for this thread I thought I didn't follow this but I read it again and was like ah they must have changed the name :P

  9. Cool stuff DA4. I do hear the UK is covered in a blanket of snow these days. The beauty of falling and fallen snow!! It's all good so long as you don't have go out and walk on pavements innit :dry:

    It didn't last for long, well at least not in London. I was about to trip the other day, glad I got a lucky escape!

    Guys if you want to post pics of your food there's the 'ate/eating/will eat' thread for that :rolleyes:

  10. IUS is pleased to bring you January’s instalment of MONDAY NIGHT PROJECT: a sister’s only monthly discussion initiative.

    The topic this month is Social Hijab.

    Join us and our panelist Sister Amina Inloes to discuss social hijab in todays fast pace environment be it at university, work, community projects. With the advent of social networking platforms being the prime means of communication have our social boundaries become increasingly blurred.

    We want to hear YOUR views, so join us to discuss these and more! Refreshments will be available throughout the evening.

    Tell your sisters, friends and cousins MNP is the place to be!

    Looking forward to see you there iA.


    The MNP Team

    Place: Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place, off Edgware Road. W1H 4LP

    Time: Monday 18;00 - 20:00


  11. twitter ? LOOL

    i never go on it..and i don'T know how to use it ...But yes I have one.

    facebook still remains the best;)

    not a twitter fan.. FB ALLLL THE WAY! tongue.gif

    Isn't twitter mostly for celebrites or whatever.... I don't really like twitter anyways.

    It's so funny how all those who said they prefer facebook over twitter are now more active on twitter. I never thought I'd see the day where I would join twitter but it did happen lol

  12. How pathetic. We need to learn to live our own lives and stop obsessing over certain members in our community. When we do that we lose the plot of what is really important. I frankly don't care about this situation but in general we always find people saying things which we may disagree with. Get over it. Instead of saying 'this man should no longer be invited to your centers to speak. for too long have you tolerated his nonsense. he goes on abtv!' you can go do something constructive like doing your own research before accusing others and stating that they should no longer be allowed to speak in centres. How absurd. Nothing wrong with criticism but belittling a known member of our community on an online forum is seriously not cool. You could have made a thread without mentioning any names. But no you decide to be a troll which is obviously expected. I thought we were rid of you. Scholars have different interpretations of what Shia Islam is, Shiism has been distorted somewhat throughout the centuries so there's no such as pure Shiism hence it's obvious that we may not see eye to eye on all matters. The only time we will have the absolute truth is when Imam Mahdi (aj) rules so I suggest everyone gets over themselves and focus on their own deeds. I'm almost glad that I haven't been on shiachat for a few days.

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