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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why am I still on shiachat for after 2 years? Wow time does fly past..

  2. People take different roads to seek fulfilment and happiness, just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they're lost - H.Jackson Brown

  3. Salaam, in your religion section is that saying by you?

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    2. 3alii


      thanks again for the name, i found his lectures ^^

    3. DoubleAgent4


      No problem, glad you found them.

    4. Al-Englisi


      lol sorry, just wanted to comment about 3aliis religion section, and i saw this. That quote is from the movie marmulak LOL and i don't frequent this site to much now, but quite surprised to see a change in Hawraas views, they were very different from what i last remember lol.

  4. Happy birthday! Haven't seen you posting here for quite some time :p

    1. ~RuQaYaH~


      Thank you!!! Yes, life has been very busy!

  5. Wow...it's been too long!

    1. Khadim uz Zahra

      Khadim uz Zahra

      God save this website now!

    2. DoubleAgent4
    3. Khadim uz Zahra

      Khadim uz Zahra

      And now even Sheikh al-Mufeed is not here! :cry: And the Guardians of Light have left us!

  6. Won't be coming on ShiaChat for a few months, in need of your duas people!

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    2. Shia_Debater


      You are leaving SC too? Why are my fans deciding to leave :(

    3. DoubleAgent4


      SD, we are NOT your fans and LoA, looking forward to it :p

    4. Light of Ali

      Light of Ali

      SD: Yes. I know you're going to miss me :P

      Hawraa: LOOL I will text you before :)

  7. It's weird seeing your name in blue now....guess what?! Blue is the colour of Chelseaaaaa :D

  8. ♥ ذكر علي عبادة

  9. Unregistering from SC! See you guys when I finish all my exams! :(

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    2. -Enlightened


      LOL you're not going anywhere . you're staying to teach me farsi :P

    3. DoubleAgent4


      In June I will definitely teach you farsi. I need to start my own farsi club ;)

    4. -Enlightened


      june :'( een kheyli long !! lol

  10. Can't be bothered anymore...

  11. May God help me get through this academic year!

  12. Hey I was speaking with my mum about Bani Sadr...she said how he fled Iran with Massoud Rajavi so they didn't get the chance to kill him or anything. Did you know that he was married to Rajavi's daughter? lool

    1. S.hassan


      Either that or Bani Sadr married his daughter to Rajavi. They later divorced though because Rajavi wanted to attack Iran during the war and Bani Sadr withdrew any connections to him.

  13. I didn't want to post on your wall but I was told to pass on a message from Khahar, she said ' SALAM BROTHER'. Btw, what farsi poem did you want to translate, I saw your post on cyc but no poem!

    1. baradar_jackson


      Who is Khahar? Khahar_Jackson (AKA DayStrike)?

      Why doesn't she comment herself?

      The poems = the poems in the video

    2. DoubleAgent4


      Yes that's who I meant. She's been banned by request. Oh ok the poems weren't that special!

    3. baradar_jackson


      Why did she ban herself? Tell her salaam for me, and that I think she should come back. The poems were plenty special.

  14. Happy Birthday! Kol 3am wa inte b5eir!!! Inshallah you have a great year ahead of you full of happiness, success and eman :) xx

    1. Light of Ali

      Light of Ali

      Merci Hawraa :)

      Thank you for your lovely dua. May Allah bless you and your family and grant you success in every step you take.

  15. I guess now that you're a Haji you can share your experience on this thread: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/234938315-hajj-share-your-stories/page__pid__2130893#entry2130893

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    2. alradhiya


      i would call you chagh but no, I don't picture you being fat. I imagine you as some totally hawt white irani ;)

    3. DoubleAgent4


      Well I'm hardly skinny....but not fat either, just short :squeez: :O So only white people are hot???

    4. alradhiya


      you're short? :O i never would've guessed lol, i imagine all girls on sc to be tall and thin :P how short are you? heey, i'm paki okay! so to us, yes, only white is hot

  16. Salaam! Hope you're well Inshallah. Hopefully I'll see you in the Ghadeer conference! Do you have msn/facebook? x

  17. Salaam, hope you're doing well Inshallah. There's plenty of English lectures going on in these couple of weeks so make sure to check them out x

  18. Salaam, I remember in that chatroom we were talking about tahreef in the Quran. I went to a seminar today which was talking about this issue in depth. When they post the link up I'll send it to you Inshallah, I'm sure you'll find it informative!

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    2. Replicant
    3. DoubleAgent4


      I see, maybe you can ask them on their facebook page when they'll upload it...

    4. DoubleAgent4


      Haha noo it's only fasad if you use it in the wrong way!

  19. Salaam, I remember a while back in the chatroom we were talking about Mossadeq and you said he ordered for someone to be executed? What was the name of the person? Thanks

  20. Salaam Naz! If you want to go to the Eid al Ghadeer Cruise you can sign up from now: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/234994860-eid-al-ghadir-cruise/page__p__2276661#entry2276661

    1. Naz_


      Wa alaykum asalam hun, unfortunately I can't make it. Have other plans for that day :(

      Was looking forward to it as well!

    2. DoubleAgent4


      Ah no worries, Inshallah next time :)

  21. Salaam, hope you're well. Do you live in London? If you need any help or want to go to English Lectures there's plenty of places here :)

  22. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great year Inshallah!

  23. Salaam, welcome to SC! You're on CYC right? :p

  24. Salaam, I know someone who goes to the Islamic College who may be able to help you. If you give me your email they can email you answering your questions...

    1. ali1988


      salam alekuim isnt there a way i can send you my email in a PM im knew to this you see? :S

    2. DoubleAgent4


      You don't have enough posts in order to send PMs. You have to have 50 or more posts. If you post it here then I'll delete it so people don't see...

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